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  1. If y’all could fish only 5 plugs for the rest of your life for targeting (stripers, blues, etc) what would it be?
  2. Looking for a thin distance casting braid (20lb/30lb). I heard good stuff about samurai braid but have personally never tried it. Suffix 832 holds too much water to cast very far imo and powerpro superslick has knot slips and random breakage. The top 2 I'm considering are J Braid x8 or Berkley x9. Any other recommendations?
  3. Hey y’all, attached below I’ve added a couple videos of myself (5’8) throwing a 12’ foot moderate action rod with a 3oz sinker on a spinning rod. I was getting about 95-110 yards or so and was wondering how I could get it farther? I fish at a dam and it seems like I am usually on the lower end of the people in terms of casting distance. I would appreciate some advice on how to throw further, straighter, and more consistently. Thanks IMG_4910.mov IMG_4925.mov IMG_4930.mov IMG_4928.mov
  4. Hello… I'm selling my favorite rod/blank as I just don’t have the time to rewrap it. If you are interested, I will go to my storage unit and grab the guides I purchased off of eBay a few years back that are a near match to what was used originally. They were spendy, but I will cut you a deal. It is in great shape, only minor paint loss on logo but otherwise too notch shape. No knicks, cracks, or any damage of any kind. Its a 50/50 split, blank on blank (too connects to bottom) casting rod/blank. It is 12ft long and definitely a great surf rod I do not have the line rating or power rating… I was asking $250 + Shipping (I have a tube ready, just need to get bubble wrap) I live in the Seattle/Tacoma Washington area. I prefer payment via PayPal, friends and family would be great, but I understand if you want to do Goods and services, just add the fee they charge me. I will update the post once I get the guides from my storage and add a price for those.
  5. I am a cheap rascal and I like my spinning rods. I have a few casting bulbs (plastic) and a few popping corks (from down south) and I am looking at Al Gag's Casting Egg from Tomo's tackle. I was wondering, what is your favorite setup for a teaser (splash and feather) type rig? Anyone use a casting egg? Plug? plastic casting bulbs? Here are some flies I have recently made to try (attached) Thanks for the input and Merry Christmas!
  6. I keep losing the dumbbell eyes on my clouser minnows. It is driving me nuts. Not sure if it’s a casting problem or if I’m tying wrong or if I’m using a bad batch of dumbbells but I swear nothing is more frustrating than pulling in a weightless clouser after less than 10 minutes of casting, and then to have it happen again ten minutes later. I am relatively new to shore fishing big rods on the ocean, mostly a 2wt for Brookies kinda angler, and lots of my flies have lasted me 15 years so far... but maybe this is just an aspect of the surf game? Anyone else experience this? How often do you blow through flies?
  7. I was thinking that shipping would be a big problem for non-travel rods, but this one is a two piece and it looks like shipping's not terrible. It will cost $30-45 for shipping, so there's little room to negotiate on the price. I'm the first owner and used the rod only 2-3 times. Not sure if anyone's been following by posts, but that's the trend. I'm selling things that only got used 1-3 times in the last two years. It's a Century Kevlar Nor'Easter KNE1086 C. I paid $480 originally and I'm asking for $290 shipped. It's a beautiful rod, but too much rod for the type of fishing I do these days. Has minor wear and tear. Please take close look at the pictures. I'll ship it in a sturdy TD tube.
  8. I guess it's time to unload some of my unused rods. I live in Florida, so I will be listing only the travel rods here. I'm going to try to sell longer rods locally. I estimate shipping to be around $30-$40 dollars (UPS says $42 ground shipping for a random house I picked in San Diego) for a travel rod. Depending on your zip code, I may have some wiggle room on the price. Rod: TFO Gary Loomis Tactical Series Travel Casting Rod (GTS TRC885-4) I probably fished it 1-2 times. Price: $150 Comes with Cabela's travel rod case. I'm looking to trade with light 4k/5k spinning reel to keep as loaners. I have some trips coming up with buddies and they are flying from different places. I'll probably need to keep a couple spares, LOL.
  9. I guess it's time to unload some of my unused rods. I live in Florida, so I will be listing only the travel rods here. I'm going to try to sell longer rods locally. I estimate shipping to be around $30-$40 dollars (UPS says $42 ground shipping for a random house I picked in San Diego) for a travel rod. Depending on your zip code, I may have some wiggle room on the price. Rod #1: Okuma Citrix Graphite Travel Rod 7'2" Spinning (CIT-S-724M) Rod #2: Okuma Citrix Graphite Travel Rod 7'2" Casting (CIT-C-724M) I probably fished the spinning rod once. Casting wasn't used at all. I didn't take too many pics, because they were practically in new condition - Spinning rod still has the wrap, LOL. I'm selling as a pair to make it worth the shipping cost. Price: $150 I'm looking to trade with light 4k/5k spinning reel to keep as loaners. I have some trips coming up with buddies and they are flying from different places. I'll probably need to keep a couple spares, LOL.
  10. I guess it's time to unload some of my unused rods. I live in Florida, so I will be listing only the travel rods here. I'm going to try to sell longer rods locally. I estimate shipping to be around $30-$40 dollars (UPS says $42 ground shipping for a random house I picked in San Diego) for a travel rod. Depending on your zip code, I may have some wiggle room on the price. Rod: St. Croix Tidemaster Inshore Travel 7'6" MH I probably fished it 2-3 times. I see something that looks like surface rust on the reel seat. Please take a close look at the pics. Price: $200 I own two Tidemaster Inshore Travel rods (One heavy and one medium heavy). Decided to sell the MH. I'm not interested in trades with this rod.
  11. Well, after grabbing a new rod to cast heavier metal lips this fall I am tasked with working with a faster action rod while trying to keep the metal lip cartwheeling to violently. So.. my thoughts are to try increasing the drop on the plug from the rod tip, while making a effort to not horse the plug too much. Have any of you found that the drop length of your casting plays a role on the flight characteristics of a Danny?
  12. Have had this rod for years but only used a handful of times. In excellent condition no nicks or scratches...reel is from 4-5 years ago and in like new condition with 15-20lb braid ready to fish. I have the box and paper work that I will include but will have to fold flat to ship... lamiglas XT 864 8’6” 1/2-1.5oz 10-20lb line casting 4pc. shimano curado 200HG custom home made wood box (33”x6.5x3”) any questions just ask $330 PayPal shipped in the lower 48
  13. Was wondering if anyone who fishes ocean county beaches has experimented with bigger gear/distance casting approach more associated with OBX? Any of the guys who have been fishing these parts for decades think it's times to consider such a shift in approach? Conventional wisdom down here about fish being close when they're around and 8-9 footers being plenty of rod still hold somewhat true but it feels less so at times.. Anyway, just wondering if anyone has had the courage/audacity to walk down an NJ beach with a 13 footer yet and if you feel like it has made a difference in your success rate.. Mostly stripers and blues in mind here...and both heavy chunking and big poppers in mind as well.
  14. Selling a rod that I don't want to, but need to. Nothing wrong with the rod. It was used 3 or 4 times. I imagine it's going to be super expensive to ship. I'll sell it for $300 shipped (Paid $480 when I bought it originally). I am willing to trade with: A lefty (Left retrieve) boat reel (Tern 500, Torium 20, Saltist 40) A righty (Right retrieve) baitcaster (TranX 400A) Calstar 800H (With cash on top from me, depending on the condition)
  15. 9.9/10 Avid Salmon Steelhead rod for sale - lightly used about 4-5 times, the little bit of dirt on cork below reel seat is the only reason for 9.9...otherwise mint This is a CASTING model, 9’ Medium, 1/4-3/4, 8-12lb line Retails for $260 if you can find it, was discontinued last year... Rod definitely has that unique parabolic without being mushy action for fighting big fish on lighter lines... Only trades I’d consider are rod + cash for a Century Weapon or Slingshot you may be looking to offload. $230 cash pickup/meetup NJ, OC/MoCo
  16. Thinning closet, Selling as a set, not splitting. JDM 2015 Daiwa Catalina BJ reels. Japanese market only reels. never released in US. I bought them back in 2018. one is a righty high gear ratio , stock double paddle replaced with factory JDM Daiwa SLP power handle. one is lefty lower gear ratio with double paddle. built like tanks. essentially the same design as a JDM Saltiga BJ100 reel. in great condition with light normal usage marks no corrosion, no bad bearings, everything works, Just use it straight out of the box. filled with 20lb Sufix coastal blue line. non-disengaging levelwind for superb casting, jigging, inshore, slow pitch jigging. has centrifugal brakes inside solid 15lb drags, smooth cranking. one screw, easy sideplate removal MADE IN JAPAN. IMHO much better then a low profile reel of same size. inshores, lexas, F all that made in thailand, vietnam crap. and looks a hell of alot better in machined aluminum. When released, they cost me about $360 each. +$70 for the power handle. I junked the stock handle as it sucked. boxes and all. $425 shipped insured.
  17. Hoping someone can help me sort through some thoughts. Although I fished saltwater when younger, I have not surf fished much at all. I'm now looking to get into it primarily fishing the NC coast and Outer Banks. I recently bought a Penn Squall 30LW and paired it with a Penn Battalion II, 10ft, 15-30lb medium heavy. However, I came across several articles saying the SQL30LW is not the best choice for casting/surf fishing. Reasons cited include, weight, LW which hinders casting distance, designed for trolling, etc. I chose this reel because I thought I would need a LW as a conventional reel beginner however I did look at the Squall Star Drag as well (I don't mind taking the time to learn to use conventional reels). My plan is to use this rod and reel set to cast live bait past the breakers and place it into rod holder. Not targeting a specific fish so want something for about anything. I'm also going to purchase a spinning rod and reel to use for lures while my conventional sits in the rod holder. I've looked at the Spinfisher and the Fierce III options. What do you think and do you have any advice? Am I on the right track with the Squall 30LW or should I get a 20LW? Perhaps there is something I'm not considering? Should I ditch the whole conventional setup if my focus is on surf fishing? There is so much information out there its hard to sort through. Thanks.
  18. Bought one of these rods to check out and loved it so I bought two more Time to sell off one of the extras. $60 for pickup in NE NJ, or plus shipping cost. Sensitive and Solid Construction - Using 30T Japanese carbon fiber blank, enlarge the signal in water. Carbon fiber reinforced material for improved performance-action and increased sensitivity. High-Quality Guides - Stainless steel mixed with ceramic guide makes it more smooth, aviods line stucking in the guides, minimize friction for smooth, long casts, while also enhancing sensitivity by transferring vibrations from the line through the guide to the rod and to your hand. The guides are precisely aligned, along the bottom of the spine of the blank which is perfectly straight and true. Non Slip Rubber Shrink Tube Handle - Non slip rubber shrink tube handle with tapered rear grip Tip over butt ferrule connection for maximum strength and durability Machined tapered hood transitions above and below. Extreme Exposure Reel Seat and Cork Grip - Wheel seat with stainless steel tapered hood transitions above and below reel seat protecting cap. With high quality cork grip, for comfortable and traditional look and feel. ONE YEAR WARRANTY - We offer 1 year warranty and full money back guarantee.Just feel free to contact seller if there is anything wrong with the Fishing Rod,we will solve your problem as soon as possible.Excellent Design - Precise data calculation and the perfect combination of performance presents a cost-effective pole. Compacts down to 33".
  19. Been fishing forever with a spinning reel decided I'd give baitcasting reels a try since it seems everyone loves them and it's been one rats nest after another. I've watched a ton of videos on set-up etc...... but still a mess. When putting the line on how much tension are you using when putting the line on. I'm thinking maybe the line is just on the reel to loosely. Thanks, and tight lines
  20. Century C3 LD, C Curve Low Diameter, mark1. 13 feet , almost 14' with reducer. One of the best rods Ive ever used. Ive caught most of my fish over the last years with it. Bass, sea robins, gator blues, skates, 100lb rays, black trash bag, seaweed balls. dont it all. I used to have 3, Im not fishing as much now so it needs a better home. the rod looks exactly like the one in the following pic. fuji shock guides. mk2 uses fuji K frame, which i find no difference if you use a casting reel. rod still in good-great condition, shrink tube has usage marks. everything above it looks great. below are specs i copied from the manufacturer's site (old stock pic when it was still listed on Century's website) this rod is super slim for the amount of power it hides underneath. straight parallel butt in at 24mm, sliding reel seat. put reel wherever youre comfy. this rod can hammer the hell out of 4-10oz + bait. 200+ yards is possible. YMMV. its a slower parabolic loading rod, compared to centurys many other J shaped fast action rods which dont really suit our fishing style in the US coasts. OTG, hatteras cast, unitechs, mid swing, high swing pendulum, flat arc pendulums, thumps. this rod can handle it all with an easily and its very forgiving of user error. just SLOW down your turning speed and let the rod load up before hitting it. please youtube 'century c3 ld' youll find alot of videos old and new. locally, the mark2 version (last version) sells about 750? and ive notived mk2 isnt as strong IMO as mk1. ill do $430 shipped in a tube or $400 local NYC. reel is not included, for picture purposes only to show rod bent at full load. fighting a fish (my truck tow hitch.. ;D)
  21. After years of surf fishing using worm and other cut bait I caught my first fish with a plastic lure. Berkley S minnow. It was on a high low rig with the weight on the end. I wanted to be able to cast out a little further and wanted to know which is best using a jig or a drop Loop rig with weight on the end. if I use a jig head how heavy can I go and which minnow would match up with it? Is a 2 or 3 oz jig head too heavy for this type of application? I'm mainly fish for blues, Striped Bass and Porgy from Rocky and sand beaches mostly on Long Island.
  22. So I recently noticed that if you leave a decent about of line [2-3ft] between the tip of your rod and lure, the lure feels a lot lighter... the casting doesn't feel as stressful on the rod, and it seems to take less effort to get it to the same distance. Do you find this to be the case in terms of rod stress? If so, could that possibly mean that a rod could throw slightly heavier lures out of its rod rating without imparting as much stress?
  23. I've been fishing for years with my goto Uni & double uni knots. I ran across a YouTube video of an older guy tying braid to mono with a knot that had a loop that goes through the eyes first with tags that pointed down causing minimum friction going through the eyes when casting. Anyone familiar? Can't find video and wanted to try it.
  24. Hi, I hope everyone is healthy and having a productive fishing season. I'm wondering what everyone likes in terms casting finger protection. I've been using Mechanix gloves for the last few years but they tend to wear out. I also sometimes use duct tape, but I don't like the tactile feeling on my fingertip with the line. I've seen some people using what looks like an ACE bandage finger condom kind of deal, what are those? I've also seen people using golf/batting gloves. Protecting the casting finger is key to throwing long but I'm tired of blowing money on work gloves. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.
  25. Cleaning out my closet. These reels don't get used anymore. They work excellent, some minor boat rash. Line included. Will ship to you. I accept paypal. Abu Revo STX first Gen, left hand retrieve, 30 lb PP: $50 shipped Abu ambassadeur 5500c, right hand retrieve, 15 lb Berkley big game: $40 shipped
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