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Found 24 results

  1. CMS Built Rainshadow SW 1208 AND Shimano Saragosa 10k combo. Reel just returned from Shimano service. New 50# super slick. $450 obo
  2. Hi, I just bought a Penn slammer 3 5500, it can hold 340 yards of braid 40#. I am pairing it with a rod that I am quite frankly not to confident in right now as I have not tested it and hard to find reviews on it online, it is a graphite Tica 9 foot medium heavy UEHA surf spinning rod. My biggest concern is that my reel won't be able to hold enough line for if I hook onto a monster in a strong current or if my rod will just snap. The rod costs 100 bucks so I'm hoping it can perform and I cannot afford anything more expensive than it right now, only reason I was able to get a slammer reel was because my mom paid for half. I'm just concerned I will go there and leave disappointed. It's not my primary fishing spot as I live up north and got this set up primarily for the beach and docks but I do want to get over there a couple times this summer. Please let me know if you think this gear will hold up. Thank you
  3. Hello, I am new to this website and I am an avid 14 year old fisherman. I go to the canal probably around twice a year. I have not caught a fish yet and have only been twice. I think my gear is not good enough because I can't cast very far and I don't know any locations. Is the TFO GIS Mag Surf rod a good option? Could anybody drop an easy but good location that I could get to. Also could anybody give me recommendations on rods that can cast 5oz plus jigs and poppers. Can somebody also explain to me the new/full moon and the breaking tides thing and when that occurs. Thanks so much!
  4. Hello, I am 14, can somebody please explain the breaking tides and when that occurs. Also drop some good locations on the canal and what time of the year to go. Thanks
  5. Hello, I am 14 years old and currently have two surf rods that I share. I have a 9 foot Daiwa, (FTS902MFS) medium heavy. I also have a Hurricane MAKO, (1002SRF) medium heavy. The line recommendation on the hurricane rod is 17-40. Currently, I have 50 lb zebco line spooled on but I believe the line diameter is too thick thus not creating long casts. The weight rating is 2-6 oz also. I was wondering if this is good enough for the canal to start out with. I am new to the canal and live about an hour and a half away. I was wondering if I should minimize my line strength to 30 creating more line capacity on my spool and thinner diameter. What lures should I use on my two rods? Could somebody explain to me when the best time is for fishing? I heard something about a new moon tide and breaking tide but I don't know how to recognize it and don't fully understand it. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Hi boyos I'm 24 year old 1 year into fishing I just got a new setup got my okuma Coronado CDX60 and okuma longtitude 10 footer graphite I'm planning on hitting the canal for the first time this summer and I'm prepping mentally and physically already and it's only March. So I noticed my reel says slow oscillating and I'm concerned that will be bad for the current in the canal do I need to get a new reel I'm 3500$ in debt with no job but I will if I have to! Please let me know I'm coming into the canal like a storm and practicing good catch and release of I see anybody taking over the limit of stripers we're throwing hands on the spot not playing!!
  7. Batson Rainshadow 1209. Built by CMS Tackle to their standard specs. In great shape, fully functional. The rod is about 5 years old, used for only a couple seasons for jigging in the Ditch. Built with fuji k-guides, Fuji reel seat, cork on handles. $275 Cash and Pick-up only. Willing to meet if location is convenient for me.
  8. Hey guys, so I recently got into rod building this past winter. I built a ODM jigster 11’ 4-10 oz and I have been using it so far this season at the canal. I love the rod. very versatile rod but i love it especially for jigging. looking to build another rod that can do both jigging and top water. anyone have recommendations? i was looking at the Surfmachine elite 11’ 2-8 oz or a black hole just for jigging. I have attached some pictures of my jigster below.
  9. Hey guys, I have a 7 foot shakespeare alpha rod with 20lb test line and I want to catch a fat cow striper in the cape cod canal in a few weeks. I've heard that you need a 10 foot rod to fish the cape cod canal, is this true? I dont have the extra money to get a new set up but i was thinking of throwing a live eel on the hook and throwing it out as far as i can and let the eel swim around and hopefully the stripers will eat it. Has anyone ever fished with a rod under 10ft in the canal? I have a primal urge to catch a fat cow fish and cook it up and eat it with some panko fried in the oven and i really need to make this happen. Can someone help me out with my shakespeare 7 footer whats my best bet to catch a fatty? *whats the best set up for me?*
  10. This is my first time posting on this page. I Fish the Cape Cod Canal regularly consistently throwing jigs, plugs, swimmers etc usually ranging from like 2-6 oz. Previously I had owned the St Croix 10'6 Mojo 2-6 oz but have had problems with it the first it snapped while fighting a decent striper right above the handle. I got this replaced and fished with it again for like a month but then this time it snapped below the handle fighting a similar sized fish. I have seen many St Croix's breaks around the canal from local tackle shops. Currently, this rod is going back out for warranty and is going to take at least a month. I am done fishing the canal with this rod and was looking for any advice on blanks that are suitable for the Canal. So if you have had a custom rod made for the Canal and information on them would be greatly appreciated. I've read up on Lamiglass and ODM and think they might be the best fit but any specific Model numbers or advice would be helpful. This rod will be used with a Saltiga 6500.
  11. What reel for canal might get torque 7 or 9 which is better and what length rod 11 or 12 my old setup was spinfisher 950ssm with 12 foot uglystick and recommendations?
  12. Hey everyone, let me take this time to forewarn you that I am a jersey guy who is popping his cape cod canal cherry. Once you are done with the usual comments, I would like some advice: I just picked up the St. Croix Avid 10' 1-4oz, which replaced my avid 9'6" 2-6oz. Well a few days after I got the new avid I found out that the cape cod trip is going to happen. I haven't caught any fish on the new avid yet but I have casted it with various lures and it handles them very nicely. My question to you is: can I be confident enough to use the avid in the canal, or should I save my lunch money and pick up a cheaper rod rated heavier (probably the 2-6oz airwave)? I think that the avid will be okay but without experience there I just dont know if I should trust having only that. Thanks Guys!
  13. I’m posting this here because this group has a lot of info on fishing the ditch. Im looking for a maker or a mold possibly of pyramid heads to use for savage jigs. The savage heads are just so expensive. Pictured below is the head style I’m looking for
  14. Which do you guys prefer, especially at the canal. I hear a lot of guys using the sinkers but I’ve always had my best luck with a floater working down tide with a pop periodically. Am I missing something?
  15. Do you guys think this will hold up for plugging the canal. Does it have to backbone to turn fish in current?
  16. I started posting here on SOL when I was 15 y/o in 2001. Since that time, I've caught some OK fish, but never any monsters. This summer I had the good fortune of being able to fish Cape Cod all summer. I caught more fish in about 2 months than I had for the last decade. One of those was this behemoth, 46 lb, 50". I learned a lot of things up at the Canal and became a better fisherman. And I had a ton of fun. And because it's 2017 and not 2001, I had the ability to capture this awesome moment all on video. Enjoy. Please leave feedback/comments, and tight lines. I hope everyone has a chance to catch a slob like this at some point. Rod used: TFO 10'6" Mag MH http://amzn.to/2wDVvmm Reel used Daiwa BG 8000 http://amzn.to/2gExx0T Lure: Sebile Magic Swimmer Slow sink http://amzn.to/2xN8Ze2
  17. I have hit the canal more than I ever have in past years, but today was my last trip. Honestly it's been pretty tame and most guys have been accommodating when others hook up. Today was a zoo!! I watched the guy next to me slow creep down with his buddy and as soon as my nephew went to his bag for a new plug, BOOM the guy and his buddy were right on top of him. 10 minutes later guy hooks up into a nice fish we wait he lands it and keeps it, so be it. Next cast he hooks into another solid fish, we wait, he lands it and keeps it!!! At this point 2 other guys come down and plop themselves right next to me, in a 15 yard window between me and another angle. That was it, packed up and left, on my way out I informed the guy who kept 2 he was only allowed 1. In broken English he said it's ok he's with his buddy so they can keep 2. I explained that's not how it works only to be ignored, and maybe cursed at in another language. Anyway it's been great on the trips I have gone there but I think it's time for a break. Walking out counted 12 guys hooked up, all 12 kept their fish kinda bums me out. Anyhow hope every one has a great fall run, stay safe!
  18. Hi guys, I'm new to this forum but I have been using the page for years and basically have been a part of the website but just this year I took fishing the canal to a higher extreme. Noticing guys hit past half way and nailing fish sucks when you're probably 20-30 yards off giving it your all. I was passed down this set up: 10' Medium action Lamiglas SurfKing with a quantum smoke reel (30) and I have caught some big fish on this set up but the reel needs to upgrade. I was thinking about what you all think for reel options, what i've read and checked out says Daiwa Saltist, Shimano Saragossa, Daiwa Emblem Pro and Penn Battle. Keep in mind I love fishing light as i've been used to it lol, the lighter the option the more likely i'll attract to it, I fish plugs and light jigs to 3 oz in the canal with my current set up but i'm a plug guy so jigging isn't my main concern. I would love to hear what you guys think, happy fishing
  19. Hello everyone. I would like to first thank everyone on this site for providing such a great source of knowledge. I have been looking extensively through old posts and the information I have gathered has been invaluable. I have been fishing for years (since 4 years old) and have enjoyed decent luck in both fresh and salt water. Now that I am in high school and have my license I am hoping to expand my fishing opportunities for this coming season to include more surf/canal fishing. I live on Cape Cod within walking distance of some of the South Side beaches and a short drive from the Canal. I want to fish both the canal and the surf this year. Up until now all my surf rods have been cheap Walmart type combos. I am looking to upgrade to a better rod and reel this year. I am looking to spend between 200 and 400 dollars for a rod and reel capable of fishing primarily the Canal but also along the Capes beaches. I hope to mostly throw plugs and jigs (Sp Minnows, Red fins, Pencils and bucktails). For my reel I have been seriously considering the Penn Spinfisher V 6500 and loading it with 40lb braided line. I have also looked at the Penn Battle and am open to any other suggestions. I am looking to pair my reel with a suitable 10 ft. rod capable of throwing 2-5 oz. Any advice on my rod and reel and other gear would be greatly appreciated. I am not new to fishing but I have a lot to learn about fishing the Canal and the Surf. Any other tips for getting started would also be welcome. Thank you all again for your advice and help and I look forward to participating more on this site.
  20. Hello , I am going to make a solo trip down to the Canal Friday with my bike; and I am planning on pitching a tent at Bourne Scenic Park. I am new to fishing the Canal but had such a great time at Striperfest(not a ton of luck), I wanted to venture down from Portsmouth and experience the Canal and Cape once again before winter laces in its icy cold fingers. I was going to fish some Mackerel I pulled from the Odiorne/Jaffery point on Sunday(vacuumed sealed fresh) on a heavy 8oz weight on a fish finder rig as well as try some Squid I caught in Kittery Point Maine(the only luck I had during striper fest was on my Squid). Any advice would be very well received(I am not even set on my camping location). I would hate to make this trip and get skunked(but I know that’s all part of the game as well). I have been an avid fisherman my entire life, but pretty green with the striper moving to the seacoast from VT in Febuary 2015(accepted a job at Timberland PRO after ten years at Burton Snowboards). I am fully hooked and have logged as my hours as possible kayak, jetty and surf fishing the seacoast since the move and have had some great luck with a few 40”fish(all released). Thanks all! ~I am def. not trying to blow up anyone's spot.
  21. Looking to buy a lot of 5 oz Jig heads. Preferably rounded heads but most 5 oz heads will work. New or used. Will be for use at the Cape Cod Canal. - Al
  22. Hello my name is Andrew Im 14 and I'm new to surfcasting and I was wondering if I could have some tips for the cape cod canal thx
  23. Was wondering if anyone had any input on the Stradic Saragosa SW 8000 before I purchase one. If I do, I will be pairing it with either a 10'6" MOJO (2-6oz) or a 10'6" PFO (2-8oz) for fishing the Cape Cod Canal. My concern is the Saragosa 8000 is overkill as everything I've read tells me theres a big difference between the 8000 and the 6000. Anyway, if anyone has experience using either, or both, I would greatly appreciate your input. Thanks in advance!
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