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Found 37 results

  1. All I good shape and very productive. Just want them out to good use only asking $45 shipped pp or Venmo
  2. Yes, I have read almost every thread on this topic. Yes, I know that there is no all in 1 set up. Yes, I am still making this thread. My goal is to get close for an "AI1" set up that could do plugs swimmers and jigs on the cape cod canal while also holding down surfcasting around the cape, not going to do anything insane though. I am looking to pair a reel with my St Croix legend surf 10'6" MH 1-6 oz The year is 2020, and Japan has 2 hot new reels SALTIGA and STELLA. Do I need to spend 1000 on one? I can but does it mean I should? Saragosa? I want to hear your thoughts stripersonline! Suggestions for reel and size would greatly be appreciated. See you on the canal!
  3. And now we arrive at the best part of the Summer months, with the heat UP and lots of fishing activity at the Canal, as you drive along the Cape side, the stench of rotting dead fish carcasses tossed into the bordering woods is overwhelming...... Just what locals like to smell......not. ....Just a matter of time......
  4. Hey guys, first time poster here, long time fisherman. Born and raised on Cape Cod, I’ve been fishing for over 20 years, 10 of which I’d consider “serious”, and figured I’d try to make my first post here somewhat interesting and informative. * This past spring I had contacted Lou Caruso about a potential build for an all-around Cape Cod Canal rod. Something similar to a Slingshot 1328 (which I had already owned). Lou being Lou is much more in tune with new companies and the quality of the blanks being released. I told him what I’d be looking for out of a rod, what I threw for plugs/jigs/Swimmers etc, and Lou turned me onto ODM, specifically the 11’ 4-10oz Jigster. He spoke of the incredibly wide range this blank can throw, its ability to lean on fish in the tide, and he thought it would be a perfect fit for what I was looking for. I didn’t want be that guy with 17 rods in his bike, and really wanted to narrow it down to just 2-3 max (one being a lighter schoolie/albie setup). Rated for up to 33 pounds of drag and 4-10oz lures I was expecting this blank to be a heavy telephone pole, and frankly had my doubts. I contacted CMS and had the opportunity to throw their 10’ model with a variety of my stuff, and immediately put a build into place. So after being paired with a Saltiga 6500h, over the next 2 months of fishing I would throw everything from SP minnows (the 1 7/8oz salt pro) to 7.5 oz. Bill Hurley’s (paddle tail included), and even an 8 oz trolling stick shad, jigging, plugging, and taking fish up to 44 pounds in moontides, I can say without question this blank is incredible. I own Century rods, Lamiglas, Cousins/Ron Arra, St. Croix, and TFO and you can see me fishing them in any of my videos. This was the first time I felt compelled to make a video about a product just to show people what it could do. It’s not a technical video, just casting a multitude of plugs and jigs before showing the Jigster take down a #35 on a 3 oz pencil. Don’t let the name fool you, this is not a jigging only rod. A big thanks to CMS for doing such quality work, the seamless transitions and wrapping done is beautiful. So take the video for what it’s worth. This is directed mainly at my fellow canal rats as another potential option to consider. I look forward to becoming a contributing member of this forum!
  5. The sebile SLD mac is new small magic swimmer new too total 3 Stick Shads 2 magic swimmers used Mac yellow guppy sebile SLD mac sp Bullet bomber All 9 plugs for 58$ Shipped
  6. Hey guys, so I recently got into rod building this past winter. I built a ODM jigster 11’ 4-10 oz and I have been using it so far this season at the canal. I love the rod. very versatile rod but i love it especially for jigging. looking to build another rod that can do both jigging and top water. anyone have recommendations? i was looking at the Surfmachine elite 11’ 2-8 oz or a black hole just for jigging. I have attached some pictures of my jigster below.
  7. Fish around Boston and Lower Cape often. I am planning on going to the canal. Instead of going during the sunrise and low tide rush, I am planning on going at high tide in the evening. Never fished the canal before but hoping for some advice. Is the East End better at high tide? Planning on casting top-water plugs.
  8. Adult heavy duty trike, in excellent condition. perfect canal bike 200.00 firm was 419.00 new
  9. I recently bought a Shimano Saragosa 8000 and am looking for a surf rod in the $130-$230 to pair it with. I would prefer it to be on the lighter side (so I can cast for hours) but still strong enough to handle canal slobs. What do people recommend?
  10. I'm selling my canal bike. It's a pre-1990 Specialized Hardrock. I converted it to single speed. Asking $200 picked up. Cash or check with state ID preferred. Located in Providence RI. -Frame size: Large (usually good for people from 5'10" to 6"2. I'm 6'1" and that's the seat height I ride in the pic) -Condition: Used, but in perfect working condition. -Gear ratio: Low enough to ride on compact sand, but high enough to ride efficiently on road. -Bag (plugs not included): I made it with a home sewing machine; The stitching looks awful, but it is durable (2 layer sail cloth). -Also Included: Rack, rod holder, water bottle cage, and kickstand.
  11. WTS my backup new Custom Century Stealth S-2 1326 11’ - 2-5oz Rod built by Chris Abut. It was wrapped with Fuji’s best Torzite guides. The rod is super light and can handle big fish in big current. It’s a parabolic rod that takes less energy to cast compared to the Slingshot series. $485 Stella 3000 Reel 9.5 out of 10. It includes everything that originally came with. $375 I would consider trade for other quality fishing products.
  12. So I am looking into replacing my surf king with an insane surf because the tip broke and is less effective now. I am interested in the 11’ moderate action 2-6 oz spinning rod they offer for the insane but was wondering if anyone’s used it at the canal? My only issue is it being enough power to bring in some big boys, as the surf king took some effort to bring them in (fun as hell through) any comments or reviews help! P.S 11’ is a foot more than my 10’ (9’6” now) surf king, also wondering on the size being too much for me, I am 5’8/5’9 thinking it could be a little too tall for me but i’m looking forward to what you guys say, tight lines!
  13. - Big Fish 3oz Pencil Regular Herring ($25 Shipped) - Big Fish 3oz Pencil Canal Style Blind Scaled Herring ($25 Shipped) SOLD PP Only
  14. I need a new Canal rod because of my mojo breaking. I’m thinking about buying the TFO GIS SURF 10’6 rated 2-8 oz. anyone out there use this rod and is it cable of 6oz jigs? And how true is that 2-8 rating. Does it have enough backbone to cast far? Does it handle the current when fish is on. Last questions has anyone dealt with TFO’s warranty program. Thanks
  15. Hey folks, i saw there're two different versions of MS one came with 3 hooks and the other one is no middle hook, which one is better and what color is good for Canal night/day time? what other plugs you recommend for Canal? i have few SP minnow but the fish don't like them Thanks
  16. I'm wondering if it's going to be too big and cumbersome. I used to use a 18K I think but have use the 10K size reels for at least the last 6 or 7 years only. I do have the hunch that the 10K Saragosa is up for the abuse but opted for the bigger brother as I do go off shore a few times a year at least and sold the Stella's. Hoping to be able to jig with this for years but also through plugs. thoughts? experience? thanks
  17. Good afternoon everyone, I fish the canal for stripers a couple of nights a week but I wanted to try something new tonight. I have my father here all the way from Europe and I am looking to go fish for some Black Sea bass. I was planning to hit the canal on the west side as it easily accessible for him but I never fished sea bass there. I was wondering if anyone had any luck catching them there at night (saw some reports in previous years posts). Alternatively I would welcome any suggestions around easily accessible jetties/piers that I could hit in the buzzards bay area with potential to produce some sea bass. I am traveling from Boston and I am not very familiar with the area outside of the canal so I would welcome any suggestion you are comfortable making as I would like my dad to have a good time tonight. Thanks a lot!
  18. A refresher on canal etiquette. In the last year or so I’ve had the good luck to fish the canal regularly and heavily. I'm definitely no expert on fishing the canal. The canal is certainly a steep learning curve, from gear to the tactics to fighting a fish. Its truly a unique and important part of the East Coast striper fishery. Its also constantly discussed. Unfortunately one of the most important topics regarding fishing the canal often gets overlooked. How to behave along the banks of the ditch. How do we fish it ethically. Most everyone knows that the canal experienced outstanding fishing in 2017; almost anyone lucky enough to fish the ditch was rewarded with fast action and big fish. Unfortunately as good fishing will do it attracted a certain free-for-all attitude among some individuals. 2017 reminded us all that we need to appreciate our ability to fish this unique spot. This means fishing morally, ethically and legally. Sharing the canal- When you’re on the canal your sharing it with others, fisherman, boaters and members of the public all use the canal. Remember this! Proper spacing - Don't crowd people. At the canal spaces are first come first serve. If you want a certain spot get to it early, if someone's already there move along. When there's plenty of room you shouldn't setup right up next to guys already fishing. Normally a pole away is a safe distance from your neighbor. If you’re dealing with crowds and want to fit into an area consider asking politely. Manners can still go a long way. Whatever you do don't mug a spot, expect others to respect your space and respect theirs in turn. If worst comes to worst and a spot gets crowded pack up and move elsewhere along the canal. The fish move, you can to. Casting order - Time your casts. Casting order dictates that you wait until the guy down current from you makes his cast before making yours. You should also wait until your neighbor has retrieved his plug in at least halfway before making a cast. Respecting casting order is important. When done right it allows anglers to fish even when close together. When done wrong it results in crossed lines and angry people. Whatever you do, if a blitz starts, DON'T be the guy casting over others heads from the service road or higher up the bank, this is both rude, stupid and dangerous and there’s simply no need for it. Tactics - In a crowd you're going to have to follow others approach. If everyone is jigging throw a jig, if they're plugging, throw plugs. This prevents different tactics conflicting with each other. It also means that if you got 20 guys throwing surface plugs, don’t think it’s alright to set up in the middle of them and start deadsticking a chunk. Fighting a fish - When someone hooks up its common courtesy to stop casting until they have their fish under control. This also means that as the guy fighting the fish it's your job to fight it effectively and land it quickly. This means fishing with appropriately heavy tackle and a tight drag. Lights - Ok, the light conversation. Not much gets guys angrier along the ditch than bright lights shined on the water and in people's eyes. When you’re out fishing at night a light can be a great tool, it can also be a PITA for others around you. You don't need a 1000 lumen white spotlight on the ditch. A red light will give you all the visibility you need while preserving your night vision and not pissing off your neighbors. And whatever you do, please don't be the guy who shines his headlamp on the water and into the eyes of every guy he passes. It's just not necessary. Pedestrians - Whenever you’re fishing the canal you’re sharing it with other members of the public. Sure at night there might not be many people but during the day the service road is shared with bikers, joggers, dog walkers and kids. This means you need to be careful and thoughtful. Look behind you before you cast, keep your canal cruiser and gear off of the service road and don't cast from the road during period of traffic. Also remember a group of fisherman on bikes can easily block the road. If you want to stand around with your bikes and talk then by all means do so, just keep the road open and free. Again a little common sense goes a long way. Keeping it clean - We are lucky to have such a unique place to fish. In turn it's our job to keep it clean. The old camping adage “if you pack it in, pack it out” applies to the canal. This means cleaning up your empty lure packages, line, Dunkin cups and whatever else you have. This also means that we need to try an avoid covering the service road in blood, scales and leftover bait. This is just unnecessary and leads to complaints. While you’re at it, it doesn't hurt to pick up some of the trash left by others. In the end it's better for everyone. Parking - Use some common sense when parking, if it's not a parking spot you probably shouldn't be parking there. That's how complaints begin and how we eventually all lose access. Spot Burning - Ok, I get it, fishing the canal is no secret. People from Virginia to Maine make the trek every year to get in on the action. And that's a good thing. It's a resource for us all to enjoy. That said, do you really need to plaster reports, pictures, and pole numbers all over social media? Do you need to walk into the nearest tackle shop and tell anyone who will listen about your mornings “monsta”? Button your lip, it's better for everyone. Following the laws - Before you hit the canal make sure you understand Massachusetts fishing regulations. This means understanding striper size and bag limits and purchasing a saltwater fishing license. All this can be easily and quickly obtained online. Poachers - Simple enough, DON'T poach. If you see someone poaching or suspect them of poaching the best course of action is to call the mass EPO’s (environmental police) and make a report. Confronting guys often won't end well for anyone. EPO Dispatch # (800) 632-8075 Protecting the resources - This means understanding that striped bass aren't an unlimited resource. It's time that we start working to protect them. This means releasing many of our fish correctly and safely. Certainly you won't be faulted for keeping a fish for the table but catch and release needs be practiced with more frequency along the canal. Ethical catch and release means landing a fish quickly, handling it safely and reviving it if necessary. Its also important to understand that the trophy bass are also the population’s breeders. A picture and a quick release is worth more to the species than another dead 50 on a scale. The simplest thing to remember when on the canal, common sense. We all have it to some extent. Use it. Be a good guy, be ethical, be smart, be safe and have fun. This is by no means a static or complete set of rules. More can be added and updated to make everyone's experiences fun and productive along the ditch. And just remember “there's no fish in the ditch” Good luck and Tight lines in 2018.
  19. Hey everyone. I'm new to this site but not to fishing. I'm 18, and I live about 2 hours from the cape(1.5 from the canal). I've been fishing on the cape every year since I was a little kid, now that I can drive on my own I'm looking to start going down with a friend or two. Naturally, I want to start fishing the canal as well and I need advice on a rig. Right now I'm thinking the Penn SSV 6500 paired with the Okuma longitude 10'(not sure how good it is, but it's super cheap). I'm also looking at the Diawa BG 4500 and the Penn Prevail 10' or 11'. I'm looking to make at least 1 trip down a week. I'll be throwing topwaters, sluggos, kastmasters and whatever else you guys recommend. What does everyone else think? Should I pick a better rig, or is mine fine(I'm a little on edge about the rod)? Other advice is also appreciated. Thanks, John
  20. Built last winter at CMS with Fuji K-Guides. This is a phenomenal Canal rod, IMO. $325 picked up near the Canal. Happy to meet at Canal so you can test cast if desired. Will ship for additional $25. Happy to provide any additional information and/or photos.
  21. Hey all ~ I will be visiting Cape Cod in early July, I have rented a house in a canal, not the main canal, though. I'm planning on targeting striped bass, I also want to target any fish I can off the dock, so I'd like to ask if there are any lure recommendations for stripers, and any lure recommendations and guesses for what fish might be living around the dock? Thanks Josh
  22. Anyone have a preference for high or low tide at the canal? I agree that there are some spots that fish great on a West tide and not so great on East and vice versa but from my experience I have much better luck during low. What are your thoughts? - Al
  23. Anyone have any recommendations for wading pants/boots for the canal? - Al
  24. Hey everyone, Thought I would start a new thread exclusivly focused on action on the south side of cape cod, pretty much from the RR bridge to naucet beach. Just trying to help out those fishing the south side find some productive water Anyway, Fished a south cape beach last night which is in barnstable last night, very crowded. my buddy got a schoolie, saw a dude pick up a blue and I caught a massvie alewive on the fly (ate a 1/0 baitfish imitation)
  25. Hey guys so I am new to salt water fishing on the Cape, for the last 2 years I have just been using an old Ugly Stick that would constantly break and I've decided this year to upgrade and really get into it so I was wondering if you had any suggestions for setups that are reasonably priced and would last some time. I have been fishing for 5 years now but only freshwater so I have some experience. I live in Dennis on the cape so I will be fishing at Chapin beach 10 minutes from my house so if any one is familiar with the beach I would love all the help I could get. I am also looking to do a little Canal fishing so should I buy a new rod and just switch the reel or do I need to buy a whole new setup. Thanks, I appreciate all the help I can get.