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  1. I have to imagine we love catching, and seeing other people catch, on the lures we make. There's nothing wrong with innovative style, fancy paint job, or a deep glossy top coat. But I always end up asking myself: will that plug catch? In order to answer that question and to provide opportunity to show off our handiwork, please post pics of this year's fish attached to a lure that you, or somebody you know, built. I live between incredible hold-over rivers, so I catch all year long. Catching on a hard-bodied lure is tough in January and February, but true to form, as March approached I started throwing and connecting with small wooden lures. Here's the 1st picture I took of a '23 fish caught on one of my own hard lures. Last year you guys lit up the '22 thread with pics of fish big and small, on lures of many varieties, from all over the east coast. I cannot wait to see what is caught on our custom lures this year. Thanks in advance for participating. (lure in 2nd pic is same model, not same lure)
  2. Hey y’all I have a 13’3 surf rod in which the butt is way too long for me. I plan on cutting it 2-3 inches near the butt so it’s easier for me to handle and jig. It is 29.5”from the middle of the reel seat (where my hand will be) to the bottom of the rod. I have never cut a rod before or have done any work on one. What is the best way to cut it and can I reuse the butt cap after I cut it? Thanks
  3. I had a custom Batson 1418 built in October. It is 11'9" total length. Rated 4-7 and bait. It is a conventional light heaver. 30" to center of trigger reel seat. All Fuji Aconite guides. Cork tape handle. These are great rods. Any questions let me know. Unfortunately I have damaged left shoulder and can no longer fish conventional gear. My loss someone's gain. Prefer local pickup, but can make other arrangements to ship. It's been a while since I was here. Life happens. I will have other tackle up in the next few days. $300 plus shipping. Location is in NC.
  4. I recently got into throwing custom plugs! I am was curious what everybody’s favorite set up is for this! I’m usually using a spinner because I’m out at night. I can’t be experimenting with a conventional just yet at night with these plugs! So, I went out for my first outing recently with a SS darter with a 8’ 1pc Tica2 and conflict 5000 loaded with 50 pound super slick original with 50 pd flouro as leader material. I’m not gonna lie, I really didn’t like not being able to feel my plug thumping away. I know they say that there’s not a lot of action to these darters, but I basically really couldn’t feel anything while slowly retrieving it back against the current! I was even trying to work it like an underwater slash bait and still didn’t feel the side to side action! I’ve been other places during a run and I noticed that it looked like they were mostly using 10-11 ft rods! Is this technically the norm for throwing these wood swimmers, needles and darters? Are they doing that for distance or does having the longer rod affect the way the plug swims? Many thanks in advance! EA
  5. So, I’ve decided to get my feet wet and start fishing some custom plugs at the advice of some other members here! Although I don’t like to admit it, I don’t know a whole lot about custom plugs! I’m definitely learning what some of them are and who the makers are! I’ve played around with a couple different plugs, mostly top waters, as I love to work pencil poppers and always have! So, I don’t really need any help with the pencils! I guess my big question is, what plugs should I start out and stick with? I know everybody’s big on metal lips and darters and I think swarters lol, Pikies! I know there’s a bunch of different types of wood swimmers and such! So if anybody has any advice on what sizes and weights to start out with, I pretty much know what colors work around here! But, I would love to hear what most of you feel are the most productive costums, here in the Jersey Shore waters! And if it’s been asked before, apologies in advance lol! Thanks! EA
  6. Fiberstar Composite Predator blank with Fuji and American parts custom wrapped. Blank is about $220, parts/materials about $150, labor about $200. Reel is a new Penn Torque II 5000 with 40lb power pro line $700 Take the total package for $800 before the season start.
  7. Want to trade my custom Lamiglas gsb. 108 1 m. 9 foot medium. For an OdM evolution 9 foot.
  8. Selling my custom lamiglas gsb1081m rod. Cosmetically 9/10. 1pc. Pick up only and I am located on the east end of Long Island, NY. $260
  9. Did you catch a fish on something you or somebody you know made? Can your plugs out fish mine? Who caught what on custom wood? We work so hard making them, let's show off the results! Below is my first fish of 2021 on something besides a jig head bounced along bottom. Not a behemoth, but it broke the 2021 seal. Mini darters do well for me (and with respect to Heavy Hooksetter, who starts a similar thread in the Main each year)
  10. I am looking to upgrade my 9 ft. set up and I would like some advice. From most of my research, I am thinking of a Lamiglas blank (I was thinking either nightshift 10ft and cut down 6 or 12 inches or the skinner 9ft). When it comes to a reel obviously a VS is the gold standard and I would think a 175 or 200 would be good enough for a 9ft. rod. The problem (as most of us have) is the price. Here are my questions: 1. Are there any recommendations out there for a custom rod builder in NYC/LI? 2. Are there any other rods/blanks/reels that compare to above at a better price range? I plan on doing mostly plugging and live eeling with this rod. Mainly on rock jetties/sandy beaches, and inlets. Please let me know - any advice is much appreciated.
  11. Open to all trades for Mikes but preferably looking for a commander, jointed troller, jointed eel, nightstick needle, z glide and headbangers.
  12. Hey all... did a search on SOL and found that the late Billy West was a good man was amazing at making plugs. If anyone has one of his plugs, I would buy one. Reason being, I have one of his personal reels, and would like a plug to just to be with the reel. Thanks all.
  13. Mikes Custom 7 1/4” Mag Swimmer With A40 Lip White Pearl Blue Eye looking to trade for other Mikes Custom Plugs. New With Package
  14. Really hate to do this but I need the funds for another build. The 1m is an original pre-2005 that was rebuilt by Chris at Aubut rods. It's got Fuji k guides built NGC. The 136 Is a conventional and I've only used it two or three times. You can cast a BRICK with this thing! Asking 300 for the M and 200 for the MH (VS and Abu not included). Located in Hull MA but if I can borrow my buddy's pickup, I can meet on the south shore or near the canal. I'll post more pics when I get the chance. Thanks for looking
  15. This is kind of a weird question. Lamiglas back in 2011 had a rod line called the Alberto knie extreme series. I wanted one bad when they came out but with a $600 dollar price point, it was way out of my budget at the time. I'm gonna try to have a GSB built with the same type of handle and guide layout. If anyone owns this rod, is the material woven graphite with shrink wrap over it? Or is it something else altogether? If it helps here's a pic I found on the bst forum. It's the bottom rod.
  16. Hey. Asking here first for fellow members before i need to look for a woodshop. Which is crazy hard in NYC. Im looking to have a wooden wheel made. End product looks like a bushing. A big donut shape. Square edge is best. No need for round sides. Does anyone here turn wood or have the tools to make a few as a hobbyist? I have basic wood tools but cant make something like this. I need it to be about 7" in diameter. Inside hole about 4.75" About 1.5"-2" thick. Somewhat like a roll of tape shape. See picture. I wanted to take a chainsaw to chop a tree limb but dont have the tools to make this nicely. Even thought about repurposing a old cutting board. Lol. Please let me know if anyone wants to make a few extra bucks.
  17. 40$ shipped 2 lures they just don’t fall Into rotation
  18. WTS RM Smith Jigsmith I would be horrified to lose it not sure on the color name 30$ shipped
  19. Brand New never used custom Lamiglas fishing rod. Local pickup Islip terrace, Ny $450 Length: 9' Pcs. 1 Line Wt. 12-25 Lure Wt. 1/2 - 2 Butt Dia. 0.690 Tip Size 6.5 Avg Wt. 5.0
  20. $60 shipped - Twenty-two bucktails, various weights, weight them before you use them. Some have been retied and painted. Some are retied with synthetic hair or flashabou and have different sink rates. Including some soft plastic tails.
  21. Starting to list my gear, keep an eye out for other stuff I will be posting. Everyone feels that their setup/system is good here is my setup: Pliers sheath combo $125: This kydex sheath fits the 8" hansom pliers perfectly, they slide in a lock by friction fit. No worries that they are horizontally mounted they only come out when you pull them out. The reason for this orientation is that if you are really moving around/swimming/jumping they won't jab you in the wetsuit. They are mounted parallel with your belt. Fits 2" belt from Gear up, which I will list separately. Hansom pliers have had the edges melted (filed and sanded). They are comfortable either left or right hand but I had it setup for left hand draw since I am right handed and would use that hand land the fish. I have hours of kydex jig setup on the sheath and file work on the pliers. Please no low ball offers on this. If you are thinking "Hey I'd like one of those for my pliers" PM me, i'd have you ship the pliers and belt and I'll mould them to the tool.
  22. $35 shipped I am adding another post since someone already has bought one of the lots. This is a mixed back lot of needlefish and other plugs. Some custom plugs that I made from salty's kits and finished. Two were bought. Note that the foil wrapped plugs have a little krinkle too them and have an epoxy dipped coating. Not factory but the fish haven't said anything.
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