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  1. LI_Angler


    As I replenish my supply of bucktails, I was wondering if anyone finds particular brands to be more durable, or any brands that are less durable? Also, if you have any favorite types or brands, I would be interested to hear. Most of my fishing is from shore for stripers or blues. Thanks.
  2. Does anyone put eyes on their homemade smiling bill and bullet bucktail jigs? Going to start making my own. Want to see some examples. Also what size eyes would you put on a bullet bucktail jig head? Thanks
  3. What are everyone's method on labeling weights of plugs for bucktails and needle fish? I hear some scratch the weight on for bucktails. Writing the ounces with black or white sharpie on needle fish seems like another way to me. Thankyou.
  4. WTB: JOEBAGGS BUCKTAIL Blurple and White 1 1/2 oz, 2 oz, and 3 oz
  5. So they say there are no stupid questions.... Any hints on how to tell the weight of a bucktail without using a scale. I've got a whole bunch of 1/2-1 1/2 oz bucktails in my bag and they tend to get all mixed up. Any thoughts or tricks are appreciated.
  6. All Bucktails new. I would like to sell them as a lot. $80 paypal shipped. 18 Bucktails total - $4 per = 72 + 8 shipping = $80 2 Jecks 2 oz green mackeral. 2 Jecks black over red. two 2 oz, one 1.5 oz One wine 2oz Tinman??? One 1.5oz jecks Black, Olive white. Three Wine Andrus rip Splitters. One 3oz Two 4oz. Four Black bucktails. One 1.5 oz bluefrog, Three 2 oz Andrus jetty casters Four Black Bluefrog Bucktails. One 1/2 oz, Two 3/4 oz, One 1oz
  7. Selling large lots of lure, mainly canal specific. Flat rate shipping on all orders is $8, orders can be combined. Will ship within 3 biz days of payment. Pease let me know if I missed out on any rules! Linesider 69 6.5" Darters- believe these are the "fat" ones. Carried, never fished. May have a few nicks, etc. $75 for pair. Bullet Head Style Eel Skin Jigs. 3 with short hook 4 oz, 3 with long wire 4.5 oz. All 6 for $30 Fat head Style Eel Skin Jigs. (1) 3.5oz, (3) 4oz, (3) 5oz . All 7 for $35 Super Strike Little Neck Poppers, carried, may have been fished once, look new. 2 3/8 oz $25 for both (SOLD) Super Strike Zig Zag Darters. All 3 new, two custom painted, one blurple. Hooks as shown. $40 (SOLD) Super Strike Little Neck Swimmers, both new but were custom painted. $30 Sebile Magic Swimmer 228's, Gold new, blue fished. Sebile Stick Shadd 7" (believe it's floating) SOLD. These are originals, if it makes a difference. All 3 $35 2 Magic Swimmers $20
  8. Old style Shimano jig carrier including: Andrus Bucktails 4oz., 3oz., 2oz. Spro-bucktails 4oz., 3oz., 2oz. Point Jude black lure (butterfish) Felmlee rubber eel on ball 4oz., 3oz., 2oz. A-47s A-27s A few other lures/bucktails unknown Carrier case included Note: Weights are approximate Total asking $75. Pick-up only near Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn or Rockaway, Queens. Please reach out for further detail.
  9. Getting jigs made up for this season if anyone is interested. Up to 1.5oz
  10. Lot of 21 Pro Buck tail jigs as shown. $68.25 plus $8.00 shipping. Paypal.
  11. Hello all, Here I have a bucktail pouch that was made by a friend of mine. Used but in Great condition. Will hold upto 5oz bucktails. Added Plastic inserts to keep the pouch open. Asking: $75 shipped
  12. Any idea what is this line tie for? When you already have one in the middle of the weighted head? Connecting the leader to the middle line tie gives me better action than the one on the nose. Also, this is a 1oz Mustad Bucktail. Think the lure, or the hook is too large for its size?
  13. How many bucktails do you lose in a year? How many days a year are you out? Are there any major factors that cause you to snag?
  14. 1. Does your favorite bucktail jig have eyes? 2. If so, what style is it? (holographic, foil, red, etc.) 3. From the above pictures, which eyes would you prefer if you were making your own bucktail jig? Or none? I am deciding on the eyes to use for my homemade bucktail. I am leaning toward the foil eyes (right). Thank you for your input.
  15. Hey guys recently got an 8'6" inshore rod with extra fast action rod rated for 3g-12g lures. Living in MA, I have plans to fish smaller species- namely, schoolies, flounder, and blues. Have been looking to increase my inventory of light surf fishing lures. So far, I have some Spro Bucktails rated from 7g-14g and a Smithwick Suspending Rattlin Rogue 3/8oz Jerkbait. Having casted the Smithwick jerkbait, I noticed that it's quite poor at casting- the lure seems to tumble quite a bit... I was wondering if you guys could recommend me some sub 1/2oz minnow baits/poppers that are more capable of going the distance. Ideally, the plugs are less than 10 dollars each. It seems that the heavier lures have the internal weight transfer system, while the lighter ones don't. Some lures I've been looking at are the X-Rap series as well as the Yozuri Crystal Minnow series, but I'm curious to as whether you guys have found any cheaper alternatives [ideally anything under 10 dollars] I've seen tons of cool looking lures on AliExpress, but don't have any experience with them, so if anyone has any lures that they swear by from Ali, I'd be open to hearing about it!
  16. Show your best/worst terminal failure. Let's see how that one big fish owned you and what it left you with. Provide a short story and if possible a picture included. Will also be interesting to see what brands fail more than others. Ex: hooks, split rings, swivels. Here's mine. This is a mustad 34185 8/0 jig hook bent out by a very big fish. Fish ate it me at my feet (thought I was stuck in rocks). Gave two sharp rod snaps and it took off with no turning back. Tried to set the hook couple more times and it ran faster, even with a tight drag. It rounded the bolder point I was on and spit the jig before I could catch up with it. left me with a bentout hook and seaweed on my leader for extra insult.
  17. Ok i have three big lots i want to get rid of, i haven't done much salt water fishing the past two years. Slimming down what i have. I am located in RI if you want to pick up. I accept paypal or cash. Plug lot $250 picked up, $265 shipped. Jig lot with diamond jigs and bucktails $140 shipped. $130 picked up. Soft plastic lot $140 shipped. $130 picked up. Willing to do $400 picked up on everything.
  18. The last three years I've been using Blue Frog "Original" Bucktails w/swing hook more & more from Jetties. These are the best Bucktails on the planet IMO...they present well with pork/fat cow/otter/paddle tail tips, are really well made, strong reliable hooks, hold up well clanging the rocks...those of you who fish them know of what I speak. Since June, the B&T shops that I frequent in NJ & LI have been saying they are struggling to get inventory, most recently this week up on LI...Some have sold out completely, others only have 1/2 oz. & 3 oz. sizes left on the rack. Anyone know what's going on? WHERE TO GET THE 1.0/1.5/2.0 sizes? Thanks!
  19. Just received my first Tinman bucktails. Omg you guys were spot on. These are definitely the best bucktails I think I’ve ever got. This year I wanted to really stick to fishing bucktails. Always felt like I had to retrieve them too fast to keep them off the bottom and never seemed to catch. But these bucktails with the amount of hair they have. Holy crap. Is this why you guys slay them with bucktails? Quality! Heading out tonight to a damn where the stripers are on herring. Hope to stick something. Let’s here your opinion on these bucktails.
  20. Hello, I would like to sell nine various bucktails and one jar of Otter Tails Long Tails (black): QTY:2 Bucktail: S&S Rock Hopper (Diesel) Size: 3/4 oz Comment: One is brand new in package, the other out of package is Like new, never used, but has crushed barb, no packaging QTY:2 Bucktail: S&S Rock Hopper (Diesel) Size: 1 oz Comment: One is brand new in package, the other out of package is Like new, never used, but has crushed barb, no packaging QTY:1 Bucktail: S&S Smiling Bill (Midnight Magic) Size: 3/4 oz Comment: Brand new in package QTY:2 Bucktail: Blue Frog Bucktails (White) Size: 1 1/2 oz Comment: One is brand new in package, the other out of package is Like new, never used, but has crushed barb, no packaging QTY:2 Bucktail: S&S Smiling Bill (yellow/chartreuse) & Glider (yellow/chartreuse) Size: 1 1/2 oz Comment: One is brand new in package, the other out of package is Like new, never used, but has crushed barb, no packaging QTY:1 1 jar of Otter Tails Long Tails (black) Comment: Never used, it looks like there are 8 tails inside $40 for all, includes shipping. Free shipping for U.S. only (excludes Hawaii & Alaska...sorry).
  21. For sale, new and unused. 3 6oz S&S John Skinner bucktails 2 4oz Spro bucktails $35 shipped
  22. Two lots 6 white deer tails each. Decent quality tails, hair generally 3-4", not the thickest tails but hair is generally pretty soft. $22 shipped per lot or $40 shipped for both, PayPal preferred.
  23. Anyone know where I can buy bulk deer tails for tying bucktails?
  24. 6 big bucktails 4 spoons/tins that I think are Sling Jigs, but can’t swear to it 1 Viking cod jig The two black bucktails jigs are bug-eye style, 7.5” long and 5.5 oz. each Chartreuse is 6” long and 11 oz. Red/black is 7.5” and 3.5 oz., with what I'll call a tri-lobe head Chrome head is 7” and 6.5 oz. Purple parachute is 11” and 5.3 oz. The black, chartreuse and red/black ones have fixed hooks. The purple parachute jig hook is on a bead chain. The chrome head has a swinging hook. Sling Jigs are ~5” long and ~6 3/4 oz. Green Mackerel has seen some water and rocks. Two have tackle-box storage wear and the Goggle Eye pattern has only three very small (< 1/16”) chips on the very top. The body of the Viking jig is 8" long. It weighs 9.9 oz on my scale. After cleaning it up a bit, I found that under the chrome plating is copper, because chrome does not bond to lead, I just learned. Thus one needs three metals to get chrome onto lead: Lead>copper>chrome. $95.00 plus shipping for all. Any payment type is ok. These will all fit into a USPS Priority Flat Rate Small Box, which means that shipping is $7 for two- to three-day delivery time (according to USPS guidelines), includes tracking and $50 insurance. More insurance is available upon request at extra cost. If you’re in MA or RI, I’ll be happy to meet you somewhere from PVD to the ditch, and I’m occasionally in Boston.
  25. WTS PayPal or USPS MO only please Lot Prices include fees + shipping - take $10 off if buying multiple lots LOT 3 SOLD - TAKE THE REST, LOTS #1+2 for $80 ! Lot # 1 SOLD -pending payments LOT #2 LEFT FOR $45 SHIPPED Take them all for $110 shipped priority !! Some new, most lightly used - besides a few BTs, these are all in great shape, as seen in the pics - many were carried and never thrown LOT #1 SOLD pending payment LOT # 1 - TSUNAMI HEAVY SWIM SHADS (8) + Brand New SAVAGE HEAVY SAND EELS (2) + (3) Rigged Jig Heads = 12 pcs = $45 shipped - 6.5" HEAVY SWIM SHADS - 2 NIP, 3 or 4 others are new also - SAVAGE - Brand NEW - heavy 8" 5 1/3oz - 2 x Kalin Jigheads w/ RonZ + Gags tails - I think these are 3oz, maybe 4oz - random white eel - freebie LOT # 2 - RIGGED JIGHEADS - (2) 6oz Kalins + (6) 5oz Kalins + (4) Al Gags 3-4oz = 12 jigs = $45 shipped - 6oz new - rigged w/ Gag's, RonZ, and Sluggo tails - not 100% on the weights of the Gag's jigheads, see pics LOT 3 SOLD pending payment LOT # 3 - BUCKTAILS - (3) ANDRUS Cape Cod Jig-It Eels + (9) Assorted Bucktails 2-6oz = 12 pcs = $35 shipped - Andrus - 2 are New, blurple has been thrown - approx 4oz +/- - BT's range in weight, 4oz bank sinker for reference, including Andrus + SPROs - 2 are brand new LOT # 1 - $45 LOT # 2 - $45 LOT # 3 - $35
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