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Found 4 results

  1. The plans to go trout fishing today where ditched as an acquaintance had posted a pic of a large chub recently caught on a dry fly. So it was off to the chub stretch hoping I could spot one of the big ones. En route I had looked for fish in the surface but every spot I checked was empty. I had hoped to spot mayflies but did not encounter a single one. Chub fishing was best with mayflies or hoppers around. I went directly to what I figured would be the best spot to encounter chub. When I arrived I spotted two chub just moving out of range in the shallow water. Lucky for me one of the fish doubled back and came into range. I dropped a small dry fly in path of the fish and it went for it. The fish moved to the fly stopped for inspection and then inhaled it. This time I was patient enough to strike just at the right time. Not a monster fish but a nice one on the four weight rod. The weather had been nice but clouds where accumulating. In the afternoon showers where forecasted so I had to seek shelter in advance. I went to my old watering hole which I now called the African pub because the cook named Flora came from there. Just as I entered the pub it started raining, perfect timing. I had done some fieldwork and had noticed that the menu was online so I knew what I wanted to order. The menu was a bit pricey for the hillbillies of the village (including me) but what the heck … we had to try. I opted for the feta cheese hidden in puff pastry and covered by honey based sauce as starters. The main course was a pasta dish. To finish it all off I had the gooseberry cake with a cup of cappuccino. And it was good … I liked it. When I went out again the rain was heavy and thunder could be heard in the distance. Ideal conditions to sneak out to a place where fishing was not allowed. And yes … I hooked that trout but it came off. I soon was back in legal water and with the rain falling the bite was on. Nymphing yielded no fish but the squirmy did the trick on the roach as the water filled with debris flushed in by the rain. As I was fishing a shallow pool I suddenly spotted a large fish racing into my pool from very shallow water downstream. It had a brown colour and I was pondering what the heck it could be. A large brown trout in that shallow stream … hard to believe. The fish hid somewhere in the pool and the squirmy was not intercepted so I had to try something else. One of my friends had a lot of success recently with streamers. I tied on a heavier tippet with a big black woolly bugger and made a cast into the pool. That one cast was enough to get a hit from the trout and oh boy it was a big one. The fish took me all over the place and many times I believed it would come off. Miraculously the trout stayed on and after several hair raising runs I could beach the fish. 60cm of brown trout, my personal best ever and that out of the local stream. You could not wish for a better end of the day.
  2. I caught this trout last month in Pennsylvania. I caught one rainbow al week long. All of the rest were brown trout. THis one, however has strange making for a brown trout. Is this just an outlier, or could it be a brown/brookie hybrid? I know that there are a few brookies in this stream. I caught a couple here last year.
  3. These fish are being hesitant and its surely the cold water and ****** weather.. this is the time of year the trout should be reachable for shore fisherman as they lurk the shallows and a lot of people I have been in contact with at various spots cannot say they've landed more than 2-3. Even on my best day at one of the Metrowest area stockings me and my buddy landed 6-7 fish together. Not a good start to the year I would say and this bs is deff. gonna effect the striper migration for us itching to be back out on the surf. Anyone having any luck thats different to what I've been hearing/experiencing? PS. Kastmasters and lures are almost impossible to get them on these days and the guys that do slay have been using worms in various techniques.. Good luck all
  4. I was out last week on a local DHALO Trophy trout creek and did pretty good for 1.5 hours fishing. I landed 7 and lost a couple. Had a really nice trout follow my lure right up to within a few feet of me but wouldn't eat it. I got a good look at it and it was a 25+ fish. I did manage one brown that went around 21" or so(pictured) and one of the most colorful rainbows I've landed all year unfortunately the camera didn't quite do the colors justice. Get out there...they still biting!