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  1. Looking for a thin distance casting braid (20lb/30lb). I heard good stuff about samurai braid but have personally never tried it. Suffix 832 holds too much water to cast very far imo and powerpro superslick has knot slips and random breakage. The top 2 I'm considering are J Braid x8 or Berkley x9. Any other recommendations?
  2. I recently got a new surf pole a 9.5 foot ODM DNA with a 5500 penn spinfisher. I put 300 yards of 30 lb power pro braid on it and it has been breaking at very unusual times. After cast on the retrieve. It has broke multiple different times throwing only a .5 oz NBLN paddle tail. And randomly breaking on the retrieve while the lure is like 20-40 yards still left to retrieve. Line seems to be breaking at my pole, not at the leader line or near the lure at all. Any ideas what could be causing this? An issue with the eyes on the pole? Faulty line? I have never had this issue before. I am casting the lures very far and hard and throw plugs on it that are 2 - 2.5 oz. So I am putting a lot of strain on the line. But I have never had this issue before with other line/poles. I did notice some of the braid fraying. What would you do? check the eyes on the pole for chips? If no issues with the pole reline with 50 lb braid? Thanks
  3. How do yall rank your top 5 braided lines? This debate comes out time and time again but I wondered about y'all's opinion for overall castability and knot strength ignoring price. (Not including braids over $80 for 300 yards or so) The top 5 that I have tried are Suffix 832 PowerPro Original Berkley X9 Daiwa J braid (tends to get wind knots sometimes) PowerPro Superslick 8 v2 (knots tend to slip+castability decreases significantly after a couple uses) Do not like:Nomad Design, Spiderwire, BeyondBraid, Piscifun, Yo-zuri BTW, how does fireline and Diamond Braid handle?
  4. Three 300 yard spools Suffix Performance Braid. Two green, one yellow. All are 30lb test. $75 shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking
  5. Want to trade 3 spools for some heavier braid please let me know what you have thanks
  6. I fish mostly for blues and stripers in relatively clear water in LI Sound back bays and off of beaches. I use braided line with mono or fluorocarbon leaders of usually about 3 feet. I typically use a green/moss green color braid. I was considering using a brighter, more visible color so I could see it better and perhaps make knot tying a little easier. So I know what difference it makes to me but will a brighter line color make any difference to the fish? I am thinking that the leader puts the lure far enough away from the braid that braid color might have little to no effect on the fish, but am looking to ohers' knowledge and experience for opinions on this. Thanks.
  7. My 30 lb 4 strand Hercules is listed as .28 mm, measured .30 mm ( .012") and broke at 18 to 20 lb 15 oz. My 40 lb 4 strand Hercules is listed as .32 mm, measured .35 mm (.014") and broke at 25 to 31 lb 7 oz. All were using double loop uni knots (Fish N Fool knot) so it is testing far weaker than the label states in the 1000 M spools I received. I dread laying out 100 yds and testing it up to 15 lbs and 20 lbs respectively. Not very optimistic about it being fishable at all if it is this weak before any wear at all. Is this typical strength of braid in these diameters or did I get a bad lot?
  8. How do I figure the right size Mono to use as backing on spinning reels. Should it be based on diameter so the Mono and braid match or are close? Or should it be based on line test rating? Or something else? The way I fish from the beach and back bays, I never expect to get past the braid to my backing, so instead of line test rating, diameter would seem to make mote sense so the braid is less likely to get buried in tbe mono should I ever even get close to that. Anyway, looking for some guidance here. Thanks.
  9. Hi everyone, Any suggestion for the strongest braid with the smallest diameter ratio for striped bass fishing. I want to use 30lb, but a braid with the smallest diameter at that and also with the best reviews by you guys. I was thinking about going as low as powepro 20lb to get the diameter so I could cast further, but I am afraid if I hook into a 50 incher striper I could lose it. Of course it depends on where I am fishing, for example on a jetty or just open beach. I do mostly open beach fishing at night and I know I can catch that monster fish of a life time, so I want to be prepared but I also want to cast far. The maximum weight I generally casting is around 2.5 oz average. Any suggestions and guidance would be great from you experienced striped bass fishermen. Thanks guys.
  10. Girlfriend and I were on the Potomac last night. Blue cats are my favorite fish here. This one was 45”. We also caught the 12lb one at same time (which is about my average size fish. caught on a 4oz piece of channel cat penn battle 4000 7’ penn rod 30# runcl braid from Amazon , 7/0 gamakatsu octopus, 60# big game leader, wind was nasty, but otherwise beautiful day had to use 4oz lead i included a pic of how I fish. Lash a 1.75” pvc to doc post. Carry it all in a wagon from Home Depot. Still angry when released! IMG_1034.mov IMG_1038.MOV
  11. I just had a quick question on braid choice. Ive got a penn battle ii 4000, and i do a bit of inshore/pier and soon mainly kayak fishing. I was considering 14/20lb fireline braid? I was thinking of the 20lb and not the 14lb because I’m going to be fishing by rocks and structure. I was just curious if you guys had any opinions about this or recommendations? Btw mainly going for stripers,blues, fluke
  12. I have a question about braided line on VR and VSX reels. Is there any reason why you would not recommend deviating from the published line recommendations? For example, will 15# braid cast better than 20# on a VR50 with marginally less strength? On the other end of the spectrum, will the small cup of the VSX150 be a problem for 40# or 50# braid when throwing artificials for snook or tarpon. I normally wouldn't care about experimenting, but braid is expensive and there's a ton of smart anglers who can answer my question and save me a few bucks. I just moved to FL so there is a lot of different fishing going on, not just surfcasting (who knew).
  13. Jdiesel

    Suffix 131

    I got a email from rapala about their new toy, Suffix 131 ( 13 braid) pulled specs off their site for a look see: 832 braid specs 6 / 2.7 0.0060 / 0.14 2 8 / 3.6 0.007 / 0.18 3 10 / 4.5 0.008 / 0.2 4 15 / 6.8 0.0085 / 0.22 5 20 / 9.1 0.009 / 0.23 6 30 / 13.6 0.011 / 0.29 8 40 / 18.2 0.013 / 0.33 10 50 / 22.7 0.014 / 0.34 12 65 / 29.5 0.016 / 0.4 17 80 / 36.4 0.018 / 0.45 20 131 braid specs 6 0.006 10 /0.008 20/ 0.009 30 0.011 40 0.013 50 0.014 65 0.017 80 0.020 Looks like same diameter. Did you get any to test Scooby?
  14. Anyone ever deal with braid line smelling like ****? I have a TranX spooled with 50lb Power Pro. I use the reel on jetties, so I need thicker braid to handle some abrasion and there are some big fish where I go, so I need heavy line. Anyway, I always rinse my reels with freshwater after coming back from salt/brackish water trips. Few trips ago, I started to smell something pungent and realized that it was coming from the braid line. I rinsed my reel/line for a minute after my last trip to see if that would help... But It still stank today and I was taking my line off because I saw it as a sign of braid line going bad. Then my wife suddenly says "Is that you?" then closes her nose and says it smells like a wet rag... Lol. She walked out of the room. So I know it wasn't just me smelling it. I have braid on most of my reels and I treat them the same... But I don't remember ever having to change my line because of the smell LOL. I did fish stinky brackish water last season (Green algae maybe?)... Not sure where I picked it up and wondering if anyone else had a similar problem.
  15. Wondering how everyone splices braid? UNI to UNI most common but the weakest and slips with smooth braid Bimni to cats paw to bimni long knot Fg or albright to mono and then another fg or albright
  16. Has anyone had experience using Berkley pro braid. i'm looking in to switching to this line. 50,65,80lb
  17. Hi all. Looking to up my game and get 2 new casting setups that can throw at least 8oz (maybe up to 10) for Assateague. Currently using 11ft 2-6oz Penn Battalion setups but had trouble holding bottom last time. I cant always pick best weather when I get a chance off to head down from Baltimore. Looking to spend medium to decent money... maybe 600 total but dont hold back on more $ recommendations. Prefer options readily available somewhere and on short notice (maybe even buy by Friday or Sat. Rods- any recommendations on 11, 12, or 13fters? Glass or graphite? Need to be 2 piece cus I roll in a wrangler tj. Reels- im new to conventional casting so what reel is best? Considering 2 Abu Blue Yonder 7500s cus the mag cast control. Anything cheeper that still has mag control and good? I have heard Mono is prob best for conventional. 20 or 25lb? Colors like hi-vis Green KastKing ok? I usually use a 50lb big game shock leader for my 6oz setups... do I need to go to 80 or 100lb for throwing 8 or 10ozs? Lastly I am also planning on getting 4 long beach spikes... the ones that hold reel at chest level. Any instructions for self making or a guy that makes and sells them? Cheers Guys!
  18. Hi all anyone used this line
  19. Hi All, I've never really had a big fight where the fish pulls much line/runs and was wondering if you could give some insight on proper drag adjustments and line test weights for when I (hopefully) hook up with a cow. I am using a 4000 sized reel with max drag of 13 lbs according to the specs. Does this mean that if I use 25lb test braid there is no chance of the braid snapping even if I crank the drag down as much as humanly possible? If that's true, I did have my line snap once so assuming that was from frayed line? Even the 8000 size reels I see have max drags of 25lbs. Does that mean that if using 25 or 30lb test, breaks should be near impossible in pretty much all cases? Nobody's ever really explained drag to me and I just set it by 'feel' when pulling a bit of line with my hand since I'm worried it would snap if too tight.
  20. Trying to match a braid to penn slammer 3 4500 paired with my 11ft odm genesis 1-4oz rod .I’ve tried about 6 different braids so far mostly expensive ones in the 30# range the only one I haven’t tried so far is power pro All the braids I’ve tried are giving me little distance and lots of wind knots I’m at the end of my rope here and ready to sell reel at this point
  21. If i want to use plugs to fish everyday , what action is better and braid, im trying to not break the knot and make the plug fly away, i see some post saying that is for the action of the rod and the braid relation, this time will be a 9' rod woth 1-4oz rate
  22. Hi All, thank you for your time. I surf fish in NY and usually chunk fish finders with clam or sand turtles (sand fleas/crabs). I recently picked up a few Daiwa SP minnows online and had some good luck hooking up (small/medium sized blues) but so many fish were lost just before we got them to the sand in the final wave. Dad was fishing with: 8ft Okuma Longitude w/ Penn Battle I 4000, 25lb braid I was fishing with: 10ft Penn Prevail w/ Penn Battle II 5000, 25lb braid The lures were 7", Sinking, colors: Bone and Blurple I am wondering if they were getting loose because of the treble hooks, since I've never really lost fish using circles. Does anyone know why we were losing fish or suggestions/best practices to keep them on? I loved fishing with lures. It was lots of fun. Thank you!
  23. What is everyone’s favorite type of braid to use on their saltwater fishing reels from the surf? Like what do you feel gets you a longer distance? Thanks
  24. Anyone have an opinion or know the difference between these 2 braids? Ive been using the V2 and it feels nice and strong. Does anyone use both of them and can compare?
  25. I fish predominantly in the northern midwest in lakes that are very clear, there is more vegetation than rocks, and the predominant target species are LMB, SMB, walleye, and northern pike. I have been fishing for years, but I have yet to use braid and I would like to give it a shot. Is there one that is known for being particularly easy to handle/beginner-friendly? Also, is there a generally agreed upon best connection knot for braid to relatively light fluorocarbon leader for finesse applications (~6 lb, for ned rig, neko, tube, etc.)? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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