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Found 24 results

  1. 2 Cordell pencils - (1) bone, (1) blue over silver 2 16A Bomber - (1) mother of pearl, (1) black, NIP 1 17A Bomber - (1) black, NIP 2 SP Minnows, floating - (1) chicken scratch, (1) bone All out of package plugs are in like-new to excellent condition. $70 shipped. PayPal ok.
  2. Supreme small bag (used once) $30 7 bomber type plugs (5 bombers, 2 unsure) $25 10 bucktails (3 new spro) $15 3 jars uncle josh (open, few missing) $10 2 atom poppers $10 9 metals $20 Assorted teasers, fluke rigging stuff $2 5 jig heads $3 Everything for $100 Shipping/PP for whole lot add $10 Pick up in Red Bank, NJ
  3. Plastic Lot. $40 Shipped w tracking. All hooks Sharp, Some rust on Northbar bottle hook eyes, but still good. PayPal preferred. Bomber 16A: School Bus Jointed Bomber 16A: Red/ White Bomber Longshot 7 (the big one): Blue Mac YoZuri Mag Darter 165F (the big one): Bone Rebel Wind Cheater (the little one): Blue over White Rebel Wind Cheater (the little one), Black over White Northbar Bottle-Darter: White/ Pink hue/ White Northbar Darter: Yellow, Pink Hue, White
  4. Lot of 316a never saw the one color its new bottom and other is hard color screwtail alittle used middle top one is new schoolbus lite..pp Shipped $45
  5. Hello, I would like to sell six various plugs: Tsunami Poppers, Rebel Windcheaters,SP Minnow, Bomber, etc. QTY:1 Plug: Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow Size: 6 3/4" 1 7/8oz (sinking) Comment: Like new, never used, no packaging QTY:1 Plug: Bill Lewis Saltwater Rat-L-Trap Size: 4" 1oz Comment: Like new, never used, a few hook marks, no packaging Qty:1 Plug: Rebel Windcheater Size: 6" 1 7/8oz Comment: Like new, never used, no packaging, newer Bomber version Qty:1 Plug: Rebel Windcheater Size: 6" 1 7/8oz Comment: Like new, never used, opened package, original USA made Rebel, not Bomber version QTY:1 Plug: Tsunami Talking Popper XD Size: 6" 2 3/8oz Comment: Good condition, a few hook marks, was in storage for awhile, split ring on nose has some surface rust QTY:1 Plug: Tsunami Talking Popper XD Size: 5" 1 5/8oz Comment: Good condition, a few hook marks, was in storage for awhile, no split ring on nose QTY:1 Plug: Bomber Magnum LongA (16A) Size: 6" 7/8oz Comment: Like new, never used, a few hook marks, belly treble removed, no packaging $40 for all, includes shipping. Free shipping for U.S. only (excludes Hawaii & Alaska...sorry).
  6. Greetings, I just joined and was interested in those who collect lures and what screw tails Bomber Long A's any one had. I have over 200 and I know I am missing 80+ colors. Bomber made so many variants on top of all the different color patterns. I am still missing a Pumpkinseed color.
  7. Looking to sell or trade. Selling: prices below for each lot or take everything for $150. Cash pick up in Red Bank NJ area. Trades: interested in a for a 2 or 3 tube bag (flatlander, odm, gearup, etc), 9-10 foot rod rated about 1/2 to 3 (odm, fsc, lami, etc.) or pliers holder that will fit Sargent Sportsmate pliers. I can add cash to the deal to make things fair. Lot 1 (hard plastic plugs) $100 Lot 2 (unrigged rubber) $10 Lot 3 (metals) $25 Lot 4 (trolling- metal is not included) $15 Lot 5 (wood) $15 Lot 6 (shads) $15
  8. closed lack of interest
  9. Casts like crap! Took the hardware off and binned this one - you've been warned!
  10. Selling by lot only. Paypal payment + shipping. PM for payment information. Please, include the lot number, your name and your shipping address in the PayPal payment message. Only serious inquiries, please. Thanks. UNLESS A LOT IS MARKED AS SOLD (WHEN PAYMENT IS MADE), IT'S STILL AVAILABLE. LOT 1: RM Smith Danny & Waverer - $40 LOT 2: RM Smith Custom Plugs Jigsmith (Zombie Mackerel & Chickenscratch) - $40 LOT 3: Large Musk mania Doc and squid plug - $28 (SOLD) LOT 4: Sebile Magic Swimmer , 5oz 9", slow sinking - $45 LOT 5: 2017 Sebile Stick Shads Sinking - $26 LOT 6: Sebile Magic Swimmers, 5oz 9", slow sinking, (2017 and older model) - $28 (SOLD) LOT 7: New Canal Magic Swimmers, 5oz 9", slow sinking - $16 LOT 8: Canal Perfect Swimmer, 6", 1.3oz - $8 (SOLD) LOT 9: Guppy Pencils and Left Hook Popper, about 5" 1.25 to 2 oz, slow sinking - $36 LOT 10: Creek Chub Wood Wooden 8" Pikie Metal Lip Diving + Herring Danny - $18 (SOLD) LOT 11: New Papi's Pride handcrafted wooden danny plug, swimmers. 6.5" long, 1 1/4" wide and weigh roughly 2 oz. - $18 LOT 12: Likely new Washed Ashore swim darter 8" 2oz (squid) and Spook 5" 1.5oz - $38 LOT 13: 2 new and 1 likely new Bomber Magnum Long Shot A, 5" 3/4oz - $13 LOT 14: PK's Canal Bombs - $29 LOT 15: Jesse Koder's bombs - $35 LOT 16: Two Guppy Pencils (6" and 5") and 1 Left Hook Popper - $45
  11. Most are lightly used except new storm shads (small and large), Rebel shows signs of wear and use, One of the Bombers is slightly warped. There are 7 Bucktails around 1oz with weed guards, yellow and purple. 45$ shipped for the lot
  12. Hello SOL Do to complications with my shoulder I am looking to sell a few lots I have hardly used. All prices are shipped PayPal. No splitting at the moment. Bomber lot various sizes windcheaters, jointed $40 shipped
  13. Plug Lot. LIFISHVT needle (new), JNSKI metal lip (used), Bomber Long A (new, hook rust) and small Bomber(new) $38 Paypal JNSKI has couple of scratches
  14. All Lots are Priced shipped to the lower 48. Lot 1: (5) F80 and (2) F90 Plug Lot $110.00 Lot 2: 1 Bomber A-Salt, 2 Salt Pro Minnow 15 F, 3 Rebel, 1 Bomber 16 A $35.00 Lot 3: Metal Lip Lot: 1 Black Striper bite jointed eel, Creek Chub Wood Pikey $70.00 Lot 4: Al Gags Needle, 2 Mag Darters, 1 Magic swimmer 145 fast sinking $30.00 Lot 5: Top Water Lot: 4 Wood Skippers, 1 Bomber pencil popper, 1 Gibbs pencil popper, 1 Striper Strike 2100, 1 Strike Pro popper $50.00
  15. $60 takes this mixed lot. Prompt PayPal preferred. All are new except the Conrad.
  16. For sale, a lot of five (5) plastic plugs in excellent to NIP condition. $45 shipped. No splits. Left to right: Rebel T-20 Jumpin' Minnow 4½", ½oz. in bone; Bomber Long-Shot 5", ¾oz. in chicken scratch; Bomber 16A, 6", 1oz. in black; Tactical Anglers SubDarter Jr., 5½", 1¾oz. in white; Daiwa SP Bullet, fast-sinking, 6", 2⅛oz. in translucent lime.
  17. Cleaning out the ol' stash and have plenty of new to barely used plugs. PAYPAL ONLY!!!!! I will cover paypal fees so the lure prices are the actual price, no fees added, as per the new rules. However please add $5 to the total of your order for shipping... If you want more than one lure, i will combine the lures into one package to keep the shipping cost at a constant $5 The lot lists will list each lure from top to bottom, left to right. ok, now for the goods. LOT 1: Head Lures Spook - NOT AVAILABLE (decided to keep) 7" Tsunami Talkin Popper 3 3/8oz in Blue Mack - $SOLD 5.25" GuppyPRB125 Pencil Popper 1.25oz in Yellow/White - $SOLD 6" Tactical Anglers Sea Pencil 2oz in Chartreuse/White - $SOLD 6.5" Ron Arra StrikePro Flat Bottom Pencil 2.75oz in Pink Mack - $12 SOLD 7" Tactical Anglers BombPOPPER 4oz in Chartreuse/White - $SOLD 8.5" Tactical Anglers Large Sea Pencil 5oz in White - $12 SOLD 6" Lights Out Flat Bottom Pencil 2.75oz in Bone - $SOLD 6" Yo-Zuri Surface Cruiser 1 5/8oz in Holo Blue - $SOLD 4.5" Tactical Anglers Crossover Stalker 3/4oz in Mullet - $4 SOLD 4.75" Yo-Zuri Sashimi Popper 1.5oz in Bunker - $SOLD LOT 2: 4.5" Shimano Waxwing 1.5oz in Bone - $10 SOLD 6.5" Sebile Magic Swimmer 1.5oz in Yellow Perch - $8 SOLD 7.25" Sebile Stick Shadd 5.25oz in Blue/Red - $SOLD SP Minnows (upgraded hardware) Blurple - $SOLD Ghost - $SOLD Bullet in Sandeel - $8 SOLD 7" Bomber Long A Magnum Jointed 2oz in Blue/Chrome - $4 LOT 3: 7" Bomber Long A Magnum in Black - $SOLD 7.25" Northbar Bottle Darter 2.5oz in Black/Chrome - $SOLD 7" Tactical Anglers SubDARTER 3oz in Gold/Yellow - $12 9" Ron Arra StrikePro Ultimate Needle in Black Diamond - $13 SOLD 5.25" SuperStrike Super N Fish 1oz in Copper - $10 LOT 4: ALL SOLD
  18. 2 Brand new in package Jointed Long A Saltwater Grade Bombers. Ones a red head with silver flash in the middle and the other is smokey flash (gray spine with silver flash in the middle). All payment accepted. $18 shipped (PayPal add 50 cents)
  19. 8 plugs total: -brand new Heddon Zara spook it's a little over 5" -brand new bomber long a 15a in baby striper 6" -brand new bomber long a 15a in silver flash with blue back 6" -Redfin jointed swimmer blue and silver a little over 5" -top dog purple spook 4.5" -unknown clear spook a little over 4" -Redfin foil swimmer VMC hooks, dressed single tail hook little over 5" -brand new but out of package rebel jumpin minnow almost 5" $33 shipped all payments but PayPal buyer covers fees.
  20. Two new in package salt water grade bomber heavy duty long a in blue Mack. The 16a three hook model.$20 shipped
  21. Selling as a lot only - I'd call the ones out of package as "carried". $38 takes the lot - shipped to CONUS. Prompt PayPal preferred.
  22. PayPal only. Buy as many as you want, add $4 for shipping if you buy one or all of them. 1. Rebel F80 (I believe), trout color. Good shape, a couple small scuffs or chips in the paint here and there. $15 2. Super strike bullet, white. Little neck popper, parrot, 6" 3oz. Maybe carried. Matching dressed siwashes. $12 each. 3. Bomber windcheaters. 4" black/copper/orange, 4" green/chrome, 6" green chrome. $4 each plus $3 shipping or all three for $12 shipped. 4. BAP plugs. Two polaris poppers and one pencil popper. Lightly used. Take them all for $6. 5. SP minnows. Laser chart rainbow and yellow pearl. New, maybe some storage marks. $7 each. 6. Bomber A-salts. Mother of pearl and chrome. Lightly used, some chrome chipping off the bottom one. $4 each. 7. Creek chub 6" surfster and 6.5" pin popper, squid color. New in package. $10 each. 8. Tsunami timber lure danny and Llyod's Lures metal lip swimmer. Both carried/very lightly used. $8 each. $10 shipped 9. Yo-zuri Crystal Minnow (floating) mackerel (some hook rust) - $5. Shimano Waxwing 88 Boy mackerel (like new) - $10.
  23. Lot 1, BM Jr & Bernzy Commander - $48 Lot 2 Sporting Wood Lures bottle darter, Bomber 16A & 16J - $24 Prompt PayPal preferred.
  24. Like the title states, I'm looking for SPs; floating, sinking, or bullet. I've got a new and beautiful J. Stirpe (waverer?) that's to nice for me to throw. Also, a never wet Bomber 17A with vmc 5/0 siwash tail and a new 5" chrome CC redfin. I'd like to trade all three for some SPs, or maybe something else? Let me see what you've got.