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  1. WTS new large wadd cool black white Mac pattern 58$ pp ff Shipped
  2. WTT have these 2 old red heads. 7” needle is new, bottle appears new, unsure but has some storage marks. Let me know what you’d be interested in dealing.
  3. 2 New Beachmasters Wadd (large) and metal lip $60 each shipped or $115 for both PP
  4. Posting this as a lot to start, but willing to consider splitting it up. Most all plugs lightly used (I don't collect), or new but stored. Happy to take more / better pictures if someone would like to see them. Plug List Below: Afterhours (AH) Lobster A40 - Basically New Twisty Lures Stubby Needle Unknown Trolling Metal Lip -- (I'm throwing this one in at no cost if someone wants it) AH Midnight Black Chunky Needle AH Black over Olive Sinking Needle AH Block Island Green Sinking Needle Lemire Plugworks Spook BM 3 hook Black over Olive Darter BM 3 hook Yellow Darter $300 Shipped Takes it as a lot
  5. WTS New BMs eelie and Spin atom 60$ Shipped Each pp ff
  6. Have some nice plug lots for sale here just in time for the striper run! Can only accept M/O as I don’t have PayPal. I am not splitting as with shipping prices it’s just too costly to ship too many plugs. If you need any more pics feel free to ask. Thanks for looking! Lot 1 $90 Shipped: BM Eelskin Lil guy (sticker eyes added), BM Eelskin Stubby needle, and BM Stubby blurple needle. (The 2 eelskins are new, the blurple needle is lightly fished) Lot 2 $60 Shipped: Big Rock Spoon lip Smokey Joe, Big Rock Spoon lip Blurple. (Both are fished and have pointers) Lot 3 $110 Shipped: LiFishVT 2oz Darter White/pink, Afterhours 2oz Darter Blurple (sticker eyes added), LS69 Darter Schoolbus (sticker eyes added), Mike Fixter Darter Bunker. (LiFishVt darter looks unfished but may have storage mark or two, same goes for LS69 Darter. The Afterhours and Mike Fixter are lightly fished) Lot 4 $95 Shipped: Wally's Danny swimmer Yellow/white, Loki 6.5" Glider chickenscratch, Jigman Bottleplug Black 2oz I believe and sticker eyes added. (The Wally's is never fished and free of marks, Loki and Jigman are unfished but have storage marks) Lot 5 $65 Shipped: Super Strike Show Special Green Mackerel Popper, Super Strike Darter Transparent Amber - said to be a great squid color. (The popper has a very small scratch that I tried my best to capture in a pic and is missing hooks, Darter is NIP)
  7. Want to buy eelys preferably new run with eyes. slope head or regular all colors
  8. Hey hey hey, looking for BM trollers in anything but black and chart... patterns, scales, dots, etc, white... anyone?
  9. Brand new/great condition 7” BM pencil. Little over 1.5oz. $56 shipped pp/f&f
  10. This is the VS repairs and hobie parts are crazy expensive sale! Can only accept M/O as I don’t have PayPal. I am not splitting as with shipping prices it’s just too costly. If you need any more pics feel free to ask. Lot 1: Beachmaster jointed slopehead, Bm Maple Spin atom, and 2 stubby bm needles, one being an eelskin. The blurple stubby and spin are lightly fished. $130 shipped. Lot 2: LifishVt darter, LS69 darter, Tattoo 2oz darter. Lifishvt looks unfished but might have storage mark or two. Tattoo is lightly fished and LS69 looks unfished but has some pointers from storage (added sticker eyes to LS69). $80 shipped. Lot 3: Rare Super Strikes. Show special green mackerel popper, and translucent amber darter. Don’t know where the hooks went for popper. Darter is new in bag and popper looks clean but missing bag. $110 Shipped. Lot 4: Greenpoint sharp eye swimmers. The white is lightly fished and the black spot on it is a sharpie, has some bleeding from epoxy. Yellow/bunker color is unfished but has a very small amount of bleeding from epoxy. $55 shipped. Lot 5: Random lot of some hard to come by stuff. Mega bass JB150 black/silver lightly fished. Bernzy Surf howdy lightly fished. Surf Asylum Jr looks new but might have storage mark. Scabelly mini glider lightly fished. $105 shipped.
  11. Brand new BM Spin. $50 shipped f&f today.
  12. Need to feed the beachmaster addiction. Cowboys (reg & jr) ,torpedo, needles, spin, jr new or light use. Thanks!
  13. Looking for 1 or 2 of these BM darters in this color pattern or very similar. Not sure if he did any other lures in this color but if he did send them my way thanks
  14. Looking for BM Danny,lil guy and wadd show me what you got fan of their bunker, greens, orange and copper/gold paint schemes. thanks
  15. Looking for a couple BM Torpedos to fish. Being up front I'm looking to be no more than 35 per plug shipped, ideally less, not looking for rare/collection colors, used is fine depending on condition. Thanks!
  16. Prices are firm, wasn’t planning to split but willing to with a minimum 2 plugs. Thanks for looking Lot #1 - $100 Shipped SOLD BM Cowboy $35 Z shore slim donny fished 2-3x $30 Winch Mullet 5” fished once $30 Lot #2 - $85 shipped Alans pencil $25 Ocean borne thrown $15 Sebile Stick shad FL 155 $25 Mag darter $12 Bomber 16A $8 Lot #3 - $110 Shipped SOLD Z shore mini Pikie $30 SS Stubby needle $15 Fatty Jr with rattle (fished) $35 LS69 Needle $30 SS needle Lot #4 $85 Shipped or $16ea. SOLD 3oz Bone 1.75oz Eely 1.75oz Green/white 1.5 oz Olive green/white 1oz bone
  17. Want to sell old Beachmaster spin atoms. Never fished but show their age. $50 shipped for the pair.
  18. Used BMs… $115 plus 5 for shipping…
  19. Beachmaster lot… Bottom two are new… others have been carried, or thrown but in excellent shape! $130 plus 5 for shipping.
  20. Lot #1: Super Strike Darters, all new with some storage marks. $125 shipped Lot #2: Wood darters, carried but in good condition. Top is Saltys 3oz, middle is Trickster around 2 3/8oz and bottom is a Tattoo darter. $85 shipped Lot #3: Top is Tattoo jointed eel, next is a Beachmaster Gibbs on steroids, next is an Afterhours Sr swimmer and bottom is an Afterhours AH 54. $115 shipped Merry Christmas everyone!!
  21. Wishing you a Merry Xmas with BMs...including some old/unique colors I've had since the 80's. Thinning out more of my 45 yrs of plugs, which never got off the bench. ALL NEW & UNUSED BMs. ***2 PLUG MINIMUM. Can combine any way. Shipped prices are based on shipping at least 2 plugs together...will discount if more. Prefer pick-up...cash, but can do PP Shipped. I'm on Long Island...Montauk to Nassau; or in the Paramus NJ area 1-2x a week. Cowboys Sr / Jr 1. Cowboy Sr - Orange / Gold / White - $45 p/u...$50 shipped - Pending 7 Rivers 2. Cowboy Sr - Hot Pink / Silver / White - $45 p/u...$50 shipped - Pending 7 Rivers 3. Cowboy Sr - Herring - $45 p/u...$50 shipped - Pending SS Needle 4. Cowboy Jr - Solid Black - $35 p/u...$40 shipped - Pending 7 Rivers 5. Cowboy Jr - Olive / Blue / White - $40 p/u...$45 shipped - Pending 7 Rivers 6. Cowboy Jr - Reverse Eelskin / Lime / Chartreuse / White - $40 p/u...$45 shipped - Pending SS Needle Gibbs Style on Steroids (Large Needles) 7. Gibbs - Hot Pink / Silver / White - $45 p/u...$50 shipped - Pending 7 Rivers 8. Gibbs - Orange / Gold / White - $45 p/u...$50 shipped - Pending 7 Rivers 9. Gibbs - Chartreuse / White - $45 p/u...$50 shipped - Pending Rockfish666 10. Gibbs - Reverse Eelskin / Chartreuse / White - $40 p/u...$45 shipped - Pending 7 Rivers 11. Eelskin Gibbs - Reverse Eelskin / White - $50 p/u...$55 shipped - Pending Rockfish666 12. Eelskin Gibbs - Eelskin / White - $50 p/u...$55 shipped - Pending Rockfish666 Atom 40 / Jr 13. Atom 40 - Light Orange / Gold / White - $45 p/u...$50 shipped - Pending 7 Rivers 14. Atom 40 - Orange / Gold / White - $45 p/u...$50 shipped - Pending 7 Rivers 15. Atom 40 - Olive / Blue / White - $45 p/u...$50 shipped - Pending HC Rambler 16. Atom Jr - Olive / Blue / White - $40 p/u...$45 shipped - Pending 7 Rivers 17. Atom Jr - Reverse Eelskin / Rose / Silver / White - $40 p/u...$45 shipped - Pending 7 Rivers 18. Atom Jr - Black / Blueish Scale / Black - $35 p/u...$40 shipped - Pending HC Rambler Danny Jr 19. Danny Jr (rigged) - Hot Pink / Silver / White - $40 p/u...$45 shipped - Pending 7 Rivers 20. Danny Jr - Olive / Blue / White - $40 p/u...$45 shipped - Pending 7 Rivers 21. Danny Jr - Black / Grey Scale / Black - $35 p/u...$40 shipped - Pending SPCFudgie Wadds (Large) 22. Wadd - Blue Mackerel - $45 p/u...$50 shipped - Pending Nevanjn 23. Wadd - Red Mackerel - $45 p/u...$50 shipped - Pending Nevanjn 24. Wadd - Silver Grey Mackerel - $45 p/u...$50 shipped - Pending Tucker 25. Wadd - Black / Rose Scale - $40 p/u...$45 shipped - Pending Tucker
  22. Here we have 2 BM stubby needles, a maple BM spin (sinks/deep), and a Wally's Danny. The blurple BM stubby was cast a couple times and put away so might have a pointer or two, the eelskin is new never thrown as is the Wally's (removed rear flag at some point so replaced flag, might have storage mark or two at most). The BM maple spin has been swam and put away, no fish on it, but it does have a couple pointers on belly. Can only accept M/O. Price is $110 shipped. Not splitting. If you'd like more pics, just ask. Thanks for looking!
  23. Black Talon has been carried- 90 BM spin is new $40 take both for $125 prices are shipped/pp f&f
  24. Old run, both used both 3oz, and both have plenty of life left in em. 80 shipped for both. Thank you and tightlines.
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