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Found 2 results

  1. Some time ago, I saw Ann Coulter interviewed by some talking head on CNN. I'm not sure if it was a CNN regular or not, it might've been someone from the NYTimes. The interview followed some occasion when President Trump was thought to have wavered on whether he'd insist on Congress funding the Wall or not. The gist of the interview was Ms. Coulter's warnings that the single thing most essential to President Trump's most devoted followers was the Wall. If he let that slide, then he needed to fear their vengeance, not merely their failure to vote for him a second time, but their vengeful, active resistance to his second term campaign. The chance that he will relinquish his Wall appears to be gone. The whole point of separating children and parents is to force Congress to fund the Wall's prompt construction. Ms. Coulter is back on track with him and says the crying tots we see on T.V. are child actors. A question for the Trump supporters. Would you agree with Ms. Coulter that the single most important part of the President's commitment to his voters is the Wall?
  2. Ann had a funny tweet. After Nickki Haley warned against speech that discourages people from feeling that the GOP has a place for them, there was some conservative blowback for the perceived criticism of Trump and / or Cruz. Ann Coulter's tweet: "Trump should deport Nikki Haley." There is no requirement that a VP candidate (or POTUS, for that matter) be someone currently in office, or who was in office. It just happens that way most of the time. Ann Coulter might uniquely fit in as a Trump VP candidate for two reasons. First, the party primary electorate doesn't want a knowledgeable technician; the failure of technocrats like Kasich to be competitive demonstrates that. The primary electorate wants a culture warrior, a fire eater and not a coalition builder. (Coalition building = compromise = treason, and condemnation as a RINO.) Second, Trump himself doesn't always play well with others. He runs, and likes, a one-man show. That works fine in business, and it's his business, and for all I know he may have a brilliant string of advisers who stay back to avoid betting between Trump and the cameras. Why not Coulter? She is not going to compete with him for the Presidency, so no bruised feelings from the primaries. She is an attack dog, which is one of the traditional functions of the VP. She's certainly better informed than Palin was. Trump has his fans here. What do you think? P.S. Maybe I should say it: this is not an endorsement. But I'm curious as to how the idea sounds to the gang.