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Found 25 results

  1. Hello everybody I am bringing this topic to the table to discuss a straightforward question What conventional reel is good for casting on a long rod, for smaller sharks. Using castable shark rigs. I intend to use no less than 50lb braid. Using mono top shot as well I mainly fish conventional reels and not too big on spinners I have a custom surf rod being built 12 foot 6 inches rated 6 to 16 oz and looking to pair it with a good reel for casting out cut baits for smaller sharks Going for blacktips and spinner sharks mainly under 5 foot. The only that seems to make sense for this approach is the Accurate Valiant BV2-500 2 SPEED CONVENTIONAL below are the specs Thanks in advance Gear ratio High: 6:1 Low: 3:1 Max drag 30lb line capacity 425yds/50lb inches per crank High: 45" Low: 23" Reel weight 16.3oz Right handed
  2. hardly used accurate 300 Boss Valiant twin drag. asking $250 shipped
  3. Accurate 300 valiant twin drag in very good condition asking $250 shipped PPFF or Venmo
  4. WTS Accurate 600 2-speed Lefty Reel Silver My first conventional reel, only used 3 times. Bought from Tomo's Tackle in 2021 Looking for 600 Pick up in Worcester MA 01605
  5. I just came back from Yankee Capts Pulley Ridge LITE trip, which consists of fishing in 300-400 feet of water using 10 oz to 20 oz sinkers. I made it through the first day and a half with Shimano Talica 16 II and caught a lot of fish. At one point, I got stuck on the bottom and lost the bottom rig. I was tired by then and switched to my backup combo so that I didn't have to rig up again. I also wanted to test out my new star drag reel. I pulled up a fish or two and at one point, I hooked a fish, but the knob became wobbly and came off. I ended up pulling the fish up (Yelloweye snapper) without the handle and it was a PIA. I spoke to some folks after the trip and I wasn't alone. There was someone who had a Tern on the last trip with Yankee Capt, the handle came off and he said he just threw the reel in the trashcan. A couple of others chimed in who said Tern is no good. I took a glance at the screw when it came out and didn't see any signs of Loctite on it. Wondering if it's quality control issue or it's by design. At this point, I think I have 3 options: Send the reel in for warranty service (The clicker is also very stiff and hard to disengage, especially compared to other reels) Unscrew the knob, apply Loctite and just continue using the reel to see what other problems pop up Remove the knob and find an alternate knob altogether Does anyone else have Tern 2? Any issues with the reel? I had high hopes for Gen 2! Video:
  6. $550 Selling an almost brand new boss valiant 2 speed 800n or 800 “narrow”. Spooled with 80lbs multicolor metered braid. Used on one trip where i caught 2 tuna on this reel a year and a half ago, been sitting in the box since. $550 shipped via usps, only accept payment via paypal, price includes the 3% for buyer protection.
  7. Selling my black Accurate Boss Valiant 800. Awesome reel. Box included. Loaded with 80lb hollowcore braid and ~100ft of 60lb mono top shot. $500, cash and local pickup in NJ preferred. Willing to ship and do payment through paypal *
  8. Used once, 8.5/10 condition. Comes with box. Pickup Rockaways queens or you pay ship. Left handed reel. Rod not for sale. 275 OBO.
  9. Listing for a friend, Accurate Boss Xtreme 400. Used one season, 9/10 cosmetically and mechanically. Lefty. $375 shipped PayPal
  10. Selling my Accurate BV2-600 Boss Valiant Conventional Reel. Fished 3 seasons and kept in great shape. Asking $515 pp. Please feel free to ask any questions.
  11. Need some help with picking out a conventional reel. I'm leaning towards a 400-size single-speed Accurate Fury. I've noticed that there are a number of variations of the 400, I've listed them below: FX-400GS FX-400NGS FX-400XGS FX-400XNGS I don't know what these variations are so I don't what they mean. I'm looking for a versatile reel to live line pogeys/mackerel and fishing with chunk bait. 1. Can someone explain what these variations are? 2. Which variation seems the best for the fishing I mentioned above? Thanks!
  12. Brand new. Never registered. Spooled with 300yards of 30lb jbraid grand. 5.1 gear ratio with clicker. Please note, serial number on reel and box do not match. Was flip flopped with other reels in the store. Will not cause any warranty issues. Can be registered using number one the reel. $415 shipped $400 picked up Queens/Nassau
  13. For sale. Tern 400 in the low gear. Special blue/black color. Never fished. Purchased last week. It has been registered. Warranty is transferable. Spooled with 30lb jbraid. Only selling because I should’ve gotten the 300. Smoothest clutch on a Tern I’ve felt so far. Beautiful reel. $300 shipped
  14. Have a Lami tri flex 7030 that I use for bottom fishing and currently have a penn fathom 15 on it which I like but the reel is slightly to wide for my liking. I'm looking to take the jump into the higher tier of star drag reels but I'm really looking for one that has a smaller profile specifically having a narrower spool. Does anyone have experience fishing one of the smaller Daiwa saltigas, Shimano trinidads/ocea jiggers or Accurate Terns on a Lami triflex 7030 and can let me know what they think. Thanks in advance.
  15. New. Never fished. Spooled with 30lb jbraid grand. Silver/blue with clicker. 6.1 ratio. Disclosure. This reel has been registered. There is also the slightest hairline mark by the lever when at strike. Don’t know how it got there. This hasn’t been out in the car, on a boat...phantom Mark. Dont have the box with the corresponding serial. Store misplaced it. Have a different accurate box. Has no bearing on anything. This is one of the last originals with clicker. This reel in my opinion is made better than any of the newer ones since accurate started manufacturing their own gears and coming out with custom colors. Little tank. $360 OBO shipped
  16. Looking to get into tuna fishing and wanted to get you guys opinion on these two reels. Thanks in advance!
  17. As the title states, I need a blank to have a rod made with that will work well with the Accurate BV-300 (being fished with 30lb braid for use with fluke stripers and tog) in terms of proportion. It is a small reel but I am committed to it and do not want to use a thin nano carbon blank with it. I have the United Composites CE700L and M. I love these rods but they are a bit too thick to use with this reel. Also, the L can hold up to 12oz of lead without being stressed and without the rod tip being too sloppy which makes it the benchmark for me as an all around inshore rod. Seeker inshore lite. I've seen them built and used with the BV-300. I've tugged on it and do like it. My concerns are those days when I'm fishing montauk and I need more than 8oz. I've heard 10oz as the upper limit but feel i'll run into many situations where it isn't enough. I could use 20lb braid to keep the drag down but I think I'll run into trouble with stripers and blues. I do like the tip on it. Also not sloppy and while it shuts off a bit sooner than the CE, still a nice bend to it. Thinner butt diameter. Maybe there's a way to modify the tip to handle more lead without ruining its action? RodGeeks XC733/734. I've tugged on these before. I felt that the tip was much softer/sloppier than the two above. I've learned a bit more about fishing and fishing braid since I first saw them. I would give them another look if they could fill the role I need for them. Also a thinner butt diameter than the CE. I think the 733 falls more inline with the inshore lite, which brings me to the 734. Would this be too stiff a rod? Would it work well with the BV? Opinions please. And @Billy 40 since you've worked with all three (I know your preference), please let me know what you think in relation to my criteria. Thank you
  18. Brand new. Never fished. 5.1 ratio with clicker. Spooled with 30lb jbraid. Slight factory imperfection, there’s a bit of blue paint missing from a part of two letters. This is minor and can be seen in the photos. And for full disclosure, the reel has been registered. $390 shipped
  19. Fished once. Perfect condition. Low gear 5.1 with clicker. 30lb Jbraid spooled on. $330 local pickup Queens/Nassau $340 shipped
  20. Already have the BV-300 in the 5.1 ratio. Couldn’t help but pull the trigger on the older (2011) version of the Ocea Jigger in the power gear. I’ve already fluked and togged with the BV. It was effortless. Casts pretty well as well. Holds the same amount of line. I know it’s not anywhere near as smooth. I’m curious if it is indeed that much more powerful than the Ocea Jigger or are we just looking at drag numbers? Which will hold up better over time, which is more protected again bearing corrosion (rinsing down the reels after each use taken into consideration)? I know it’s apples to oranges in and lever vs star comparison. But for fluke, striped bass, tog, which is the better overall reel? And does the Ocea Jigger have enough power and drag to wreckfish with?
  21. Was just wondering if anyone has used this reel for distance casting from the shore/bank. What your experiences were. I only want to know about this reel please leave out any other distance casting reels. Thanks and merry christmas.
  22. Up for sale is a like new BV-300 in the 5.1 gear ratio with clicker. It’s been taken to the pier once for a few casts and then cleaned off. It’s spooled with 30lb jbraid. $350 local pickup Queens/Nassau $360 shipped Will also trade for a Saltist 20P plus cash my way.
  23. A question, and a speculation, on "twin drags." This comes in response to Kilsong's preference for the IRT Dual Drag reels, but isn't limited to them. I don't own anything with dual drags. If you do and have a comment, make sure you tell us what reel it is that you own. I have assumed, all along, that the real value of a dual-drag or twin-drag design isn't the ridiculously high loads you can place on the reel. The gain is in drag smoothness as line is taken, the diameter of the loaded spool shrinks; since the lever arm (distance from the surface of the loaded spool to the spool axle) shrinks, leverage declines, and the actual drag load increases. However contra-intuitive, you'd have to reduce the drag as the diameter of the loaded spool is reduced in order to maintain the same load on the drag. A related thought or two. First, current braids are skinnier then those of just a few years ago, never mind mono. This reduces spool shrinkage when Moby Whale climbs on, and takes off. So there's less need for twin drags then there might have been. Second, modern reels can, with a single drag setup, exert ridiculous amounts of pressure on a fish, enough to pull me over the side of any boat, if I'm careless. There's a Torque 300 in my basement, lined with a solid braid for jigging tuna. I never used it ... the box says it can exert 29 lbs. of pressure. Having played with it, I believe the blurb. Zcoker has remarked that he catches blacktip sharks on a Stella 8000, with a rated top drag of 60 lb. SIXTY LBs on a surf reel? That's wild. That last anyone would see of me, with that much drag on a surf fish, would be the drag marks of two feet and a belly. And my nose. Do those of you who fish an Accurate reel with two drags, Avet or Maxel with what they call two drags, Okuma Makaira, IRT DD or anything else, feel you're getting something for your extra bucks? I suspect that Accurate, AFAIK the first twin-drag user, shows the best result. They put a drag washer and pressure plate on each side of the spool, on their lever drags. No doubt they fenced off their design with lots of patents, as broadly written as possible. Avet has had - I suspect - to step around that arrangement. Maxel, I think, got in a patent fight with Accurate, and lost. The Makaira gets great love on Alan Tani's site, but that may or may not be because of their drag design. Accurate's TwinSpin spinning reel did not get love from Alan Hawk in its' first iteration, and user reports are few. Ladies, Gentlemen, persons of indeterminate gender, those who are confused, the floor is open. Kilsong, I'm going to start another thread with IRT - specific questions.
  24. This question is inspired by Beastly Backlash's "Reels for Sharks" thread, which, as of this post, is still on the page. Also, it's 11 F outside, and college football doesn't interest me. Accurate was, AFAIK, the first firm to the American market with dual drag surfaces, one on each side of the spool. Okuma liked the idea well enough so that the Makaira reels also use a dual-drag system. (I don't know whether Okuma licensed Accurate's patents, or whether they developed their own, or whether they're too big and rich for Accurate to be able to afford a courtroom fight over patent rights.) A question for those anglers here who have fished with either a Makaira or one of Accurate's dual-drag products (Boss Extreme, Dauntless Extreme, or ATD). Do these reels actually do a better job of tiring and landing fish? The design superiority of braking a spool by washer pressure on both sides is clear. But does it show up in real-world usage?
  25. Hey SOL, I was looking into buying a reliable, durable and just as important an accurate scale. I was thinking of going with the good o estaboga 60 lipper/scale but its hard to justify hat price for the product in my opinion, but then again I have never handled 1 myself. I recently seen a fishing friend with a Manley scale that he used to weigh a nice bass I caught and it seemed like a very accurate and durable scale with some other telling me the same. So my question is how good are these Manley scales? Do they rust easily? Are they very accurate? if so, I might just purchase 1 for myself =]
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