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Found 11 results

  1. Flat bottom Gag's/247 pencil is 7.25 inches and 2.7 ounces. This is an older version of the 247 Sea Special pencil. Vinnie's Custom pencil is 6.5 inches and 2.3 ounces. $37 shipped to you. Payment by Paypal F&F.
  2. 25 each, all new except for 24/7, please add 5 for shipping.
  3. $52 PayPal Shipped. All were thrown. Top to bottom: Billy D green wadd 8.25”, Billy D blurple stubby 8.25”, Billy D BI Green stubby 8.25”, 24/7 Montauk yellow 8.5”, 24/7 Montauk white 8.5”
  4. 4 used needles for sale, Al Gag's or 24/7 Lures. Smaller ones are about 7" 1.75oz, big one is around 9" 3oz. At least one of the little ones was refinished. $45 shipped, PayPal preferred.
  5. MINIMUM PURCHASE IS TWO PLUGS* Weights are for the plugs as shown in pics. Prices are for immediate (= same day or next day) PP and include USPS First Class shipping. SS: 1 Bullet, red eye, black over white w/red chin and Siwash tail. NIP. $25 1 Yellow eye, all black, ~6.5” long and 1 ½ oz. Appears to be new. $22 SOLD 24/7: Both are 7 ¼” long and weigh 1 ½ oz. One is black/purple belly (I only see all black on their website) w/red eye, and the other is olive/white belly w/red chin. Both are new. $24 each. Choopy: Wonderbread/cloud color, body is 8 ½” long and 2 oz. Appears lightly used (couple of pointers and some light oxidation on grommets and swivels, see pics). $25 SOLD LIFISHINVT: One all-blue with light silver sparkles back and sides. Body is 8 ¼” long and weighs 3 ¼ oz. Casts like a rocket, great for heavy conditions. Lightly used. $16 MINIMUM PURCHASE IS TWO PLUGS* *Apologies for shouting redundant messages, but some folks here cannot—or choose to not—read.
  6. Selling 4 lots. Not splitting the lots. All plugs listed are new, never carried. Take all 4 lots for $220 shipped/paypal. Individual lot prices are shipped and PayPal. Lot 1 $100 - Big Fischer Jointed Danny - Black Talon Jointed Swimmer Lot 2 $55 - 1 LIFishVT Medium Darter (Yellow) - 2 LIFishVT Small Darter (White & Black) Lot 3 $30 - 2 Gibbs Darters (Yellow & Black/Purple Belly) Lot 4 $55 - Winch Dagger - 24/7 Pencil - Gibbs Pencil
  7. Happy Friday to all! Looking to sell these 6 pencils as a lot, All are new, $130 shipped CONUS, PayPal preferred or Money Order. I'll split if buyers take at least two plugs at the prices below. Prices below are shipped for any pair, PayPal or Money Order. If buyer takes 3 plugs, I'll take $5 off the total of the 3 plugs. Gibbs: $20 Winch Dagger: $30 Striper Mainiac: $15 Hook'R: $35 24/7: $15 GooGooMan: $35 Thanks for looking! ********* UPDATE - Gibbs, Striper Mainiac, and 24/7 Pencil still available. $45 shipped PayPal for all 3.
  8. Paypal only Shipping and PayPal fees ARE INCLUDED! Reorganized my lures and narrowed it down to what I actually throw on a regular basis. These were left over after narrowing, get em at a steal price -Northbar bottle darter in white/pink haze -SS little neck popper 3oz sinking yellow over white -24/7 lures flipping Mullet in parrot -heddon Zara spook saltwater version Prefer to sell as a set $30 shipped and including PayPal fee. NB and spook are like new, 24/7 and SS have never been used.
  9. ****PAYPAL ONLY**** In honor of black Friday sales and the generosity of the Thanksgiving spirit, I'm offering up some sweet deals on plugs. And here's the best part... to encourage you to buy more than one lure, I will take 1 dollar off the combined price for each additional lure. For example, if you buy 4 lures at $6 each, the total is $20 instead of $24. If you buy 3 at $10 each, the total is $27 instead of $30 ****SHIPPING INCLUDED! I COVER THE PAYPAL FEES!**** Please no low balls, these prices are already a steal... All lures in Lot 1 are $14 each All lures in Lot 2 are $10 each All lures in Lot 3 are $6 each Lot 1: AH 11" Floating Needle Sebile Magic Swimmer TA Sea Pencil 5oz Workhorse wide darter Workhorse Conrad Sr. AH swimmer Sr. Lot 2: Gibbs 3oz Pencil Northbar bottle darter yellow Northbar bottle darter black over hello Lemire needle BM Cowboy Jr Gibbs small Danny Loki skinnie minnie Loki sea slider 24/7 pocket rocket 24/7 squidzee Lot 3: Yozuri Mag Minnow Rhode island lures Atom striperswiper Tsunami Talkin popper Tsunami Talkin popper Sp Minnow blue Mack Sp Minnow yellow black Sp Minnow yellow black Sp Minnow yellow black Sp Minnow blue Mack Rebel jumpin minnow Savage eel, not sure weight Shimano waxwing
  10. Adding a couple plugs to the leftovers of a previous thread... PAYPAL ONLY!!!!! I will cover paypal fees so the lure prices are the actual price, no fees added, as per the new rules. However please add $5 to the total of your order for shipping... If you want more than one lure, i will combine the lures into one package to keep the shipping cost at a constant $5 per order I will list each lure from top to bottom, left to right according to the picture. ALSO, if anybody wants the 300yd spool of 30lb test power pro in red, just add an additional $10 to your plug order. This was intended to go on a lure i no longer have so i figured id give someone a good deal now that i have no use for it. Got it at Dicks, not the auction site.. too many bad experiences with that stuff. (if its against the rules to have the spool of line in the WTS PLUGS thread, please someone let me know so i can put it in its own thread.. didn't see anything about this in the rules but i may have missed it) *******SPOOL OF PP IS SOLD*********** 5-1/4" SuperStrike Little Neck Popper 2-3/8oz (sinking version) in Neon Yellow - $12 **SOLD** 7" Bomber Long A Magnum Jointed 2oz in Blue/Chrome - $3 **SOLD** 7" Tactical Anglers SubDARTER 3oz in Gold/Yellow - $12 **SOLD** 5-1/4" SuperStrike Needle 1oz in Copper - $8 **SOLD** 7" Random Custom Spook Plug (estimated 2oz) in Gold/Orange - $7 **SOLD** Ive thrown this lure a few times to test it out, casts and swims as good as any other wooden spook, reminds me of a 24/7 Mully. Seems well built but not sure the brand, got it in a trade. 8-1/2" Tactical Anglers Large SeaPENCIL 5oz in White - $10 7-1/4" Northbar Bottle Darter 2-1/2oz in Black - $8 **SOLD** this plug has seen some use (and some fish!) plug is in pretty good shape but the hooks might need replacing soon, hence the short price. (3) 7" Redfins (unloaded) with VMC 3x Hooks. 2 in chrome/blue, 1 in redhead - $4 each **ALL SOLD** 11" (including tail) 24/7 Squid-Zee 2-1/4oz in Amber - $7 **SOLD** basically a plastic needle lure with an Al Gags whip it tail on it. Casts a mile! (4) SP Minnows (floating version) all with upgraded hooks and hardware. top 3 are Laser Shiner, Bottom is the new Translucent Blue Mack color top 2 (slightly used) - $5 each **SOLD** bottom 2 (new) - $7 each **SOLD**
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