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Found 16 results

  1. Does anyone have experience fishing with the Baja flyfishing company? They run trips out of both the east cape and mag bay in Baja. I'd be especially interested in experiences with them in Mag bay. I'm thinking of booking a trip with them in 2023 and can't find a lot of reviews/information other than on their website. Thanks
  2. Spend a few hours playing roulette using a "comp killer" system. That way you can stay in A.C. longer and have more time fishing! Just waste time at the tables and maybe win $5, but earn time at the table to get a comp.
  3. Can you bring a all PVC sand spike on the plane? No metal
  4. Hello Everyone. Essentially, I am hoping to build "one rod to rule them all" to fish both the area surrounding my new address in Washington, and to be somewhat practical for fishing back here in Rhode Island. In order to carry it on flights, the rod will have to be built off a travel blank, 3 pieces and no longer than 8 ft. The weight rating will will have to be roughly 3/8 to 1 1/2 oz to handle small steelhead floats, spinners, medium SP Minnows, and 1.5 oz bucktails. Most guys out in Washington seem to use their steelhead rods for fishing species like rock fish and surf perch, and some even use them for ling cod. I'm hoping to build a rod that bridges the gap between a pure Steelhead float rod and a lighter surf rod you might find in a RI surfcaster's arsenal. That means I'll also need a blank with a moderate responsive backbone and a quick taper to a soft tip. Does a blank like this even exist? Has anyone built on a blank like this before? Suggestions are much appreciated. Preferred Blank Specs: Length: 8 ft Lure weight: 3/8 oz-1.5 oz Pieces: 3 Action: medium/fast Application: (Shore Fishing) Steelhead,Salmon, Lingcod, Cabezon, Halibut, Rockfish, Greenling, Surf Perch, Stripers, Bluefish, Tog, Albies, Bonito, my cousins left ear. Other Notes: -Pairing with Stradic 4k or Gosa 5k. Maybe a VR 50 or VSX 100 bailed if I ever get back to RI. -Most likely building With BKWAG stripper and first reduction guide followed by single foot alconites. It's also worth mentioning the nearest population of ocean dwelling stripers resides about a six hour drive south of my new address, so the rod will come along to help investigate at some point.
  5. Hoping to do some fishing in Hawaii next year. Would love to charter a trip for yellowtail. I'm wondering how do you guys travel with your rods? Are you traveling with one piece rods and using a special case? Is there a baggage difficulty with this? Are you using multi piece rods? Which are good to use with a Shimano Ocea Jigger 1500PG? Will that reel do the job? Thank you
  6. Up for grabs I have an Orvis Hydros 6wt 9' 4pc rod (the blue one, I believe made on a Helios blank). Great looking and smooth casting rod. Comes with a triangle shaped cordura-covered rod tube. Rod has been fished a few times but not a ton. Still in great shape. $200 shipped
  7. Hello everyone, Backstory - I'm looking for a "general" surf rod that needs to be able to break down to travel size so I can(easily) take it everywhere I might go. Primarily fishing off NC coast though. Stumbled across the 8'8 MAG Med heavy 4 peice Loomis inspired/designed by TFO. However, can find little if any information about this rod. It also appears to be discontinued by TFO. Anyone used it? General opinions on TFO? says its rated for 1-4ounce. I considered the triumph travel but seems its a little on the lighter side, perhaps this rod is the same.
  8. I am looking into a new surf rod and reel. I am overthinking the process, which I enjoy... and would love the help! I would like a reel that can get somewhat wet/sandy without breaking. Occasional dunk/wave I am planning on using the rod on the east coast- surf fishing strippers. West coast for Corbina and Halibut. Costa Rica/Cabo for Roosters. Lures- poppers, spoons, bucktails. - all around 3/4 - 2+ ounces Most often in the 1-2 oz range Looking for something that can travel easily, along with my golf club travel bag, but I am not overly interested in a 4 piece rod. I was thinking of a 50/50 split on a 8 foot rod, but I am not sure how the feel is compared to a one-piece or 70/30 split... (70/30 seems counterproductive, as I would still have too long of a rod for travel). Current idea is: St Croix Legend 8 foot two piece Shimano Spheros SP6000SW 30LB braid Any thoughts on this setup? Any better suggestions? what am I missing?
  9. Hey everyone, My wife and I are headed to Melbourne Florida and we were wondering if anyone had some tips on fishing gear to bring and maybe some hidden gems to check out. (not secret spots of course as I respect the locals) We will be there for 6 days and we would love to cast a few lines. Cheers Neil
  10. Looking for 7'6" St. Croix Tidemaster Travel Casting Rod... Probably not many of these around, but I thought I'd check just in case. I may consider similar inshore travel casting rods, but I'm 80% sure on this one. Thanks. I will be paying via Paypal, shipped to Baltimore, MD. Please price accordingly.
  11. I am selling a Tsunami Travel Surf Rod that is 8'6", 3-piece, and rated for 3/4 - 3oz lures and 12 - 25lb test mono. I bought this rod for a trip that I never ended up going on and I only test casted it once (still has original packing on it). Price is $65 including shipping/paypal. Thanks for looking!
  12. Anyone have the MH or H version of the older G.Loomis Escape 8'3" travel rod that they are willing to part with? I'm mostly interested in the spinning version but might consider the casting versions.
  13. I would like to request some tips as far as traveling with fishing gear goes. I have read many of the other travel threads which has led me to wonder whether I would need to buy a travel rod or whether I could bring a 9 ft 50/50 split 2-piece and be okay. I have read about other travel tips such as packing the spool in the checked bag and rest of reel in carry on, and obviously would not carry any hooks on the plane. My main question is whether I can travel with the 9 foot, and if so, how? Any specific rod carry case recommendations? I would be worried about it breaking in the cargo area of the plane. I could borrow a 7 foot freshwater rod from a friend if that is more appropriate, but the lure weight is below 1 oz and I'm afraid the reel could not handle some of the species. Secondly is the reason for my question- I will be traveling to St. John in March. I will be staying near Great Cruz Bay not far from the Westin St. John Villas. I have read some about fishing from shore there, but it still seems largely mysterious. I understand dawn and dusk are my best bets and that I cannot fish in the swimming areas but is there anyone on this site that has first hand experience shore fishing there and would be willing to give me a good idea of what I can expect and where? I read that some small jigs, metals, and plastic swimmers along with a few small topwater plugs are good ideas. I have little to no experience with tropical saltwater fishing and mainly have gear aimed toward striped bass and bluefish. I would much prefer catching fishing on my own to paying for a charter even though I understand that would be the easier route. I have recently been thinking about purchasing a 4000 series reel to pair to a 7' or 7'6 rod for back bay fishing in DE and NJ. Should I just go ahead with this plan and make the rod a two piece with the plan of this being the best setup to bring with me?
  14. So I am about to go to Hong Kong in less then 24 hours. I was wondering if I should spend some time fishing there. I will be with the wife and I have decided that this time, I am not going to bother for this 3 night trip considering that I am taking my wife to Disney land there. So I want to open this dialog for places in other countries where people might have fished. Example, I live in Cebu, Philippines now and I can tell you about my fishing experience. I can tell you what you need to bring or even offer suggestions on types of fishing there are here. For now, fishing locals that catch fish do not use traditional US fishing gear. Local hooks here do not even have eyelets. You can find some fishing gear here but it is cheap stuff good for one to three seasons max. Now if you want a unique fishing experience, bring some wet shoes that are good for walking on sharp rocks and some mud. Be ready to get wet and walk in the sea at night. You get a head lamp and a over sized fish tank net and during low tide, go catch crabs/shrimp/and some fish! You go out for around 3 hours and it is vary fun. The problem with here in cebu is that there are a lot of trash in the water and if you want to catch larger fish, you must book a boat! I am about to go out on a boat and take my first fishing trip late this month. So I will have a better idea of fishing here then! Give me you info! Where have you fished?
  15. Wondering if any other philly area guys are trying to make it to jersey this weekend with the Pope visit. Any thoughts? will it be possible, I worry about the ride home on sunday. I take the turnpike to Ocean county.
  16. FIgured I'd check in with you guys, As partial as I am to Northeastern striper fishing, I need to head to Tampa for business in a couple of days - mid August. I 'll have a free afternoon/evening or two, a rental car and looking to bring some gear along and try my luck. Anybody know of any decent surf fishing in the area? I want to avoid the piers and other spots where the tourists will be, maybe cast for some drums, lady fish, sea trout or --- if lady luck is upon me -- a tarpon or pompano. Any advice on spots, gear, tackle is appreciated. Thanks in advance.