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Found 130 results

  1. WTB Ron Arra Surf Pro Series Rod(s)
  2. One of my rods has the cork tape coming unbuttoned. Any shops at the cape that can re wrap the tape on with short notice? I got the tape wrapped on with some thread as a quick temp fix.
  3. For trade some plugs and uncle Josh will trade for a boat road 6.6 ft to 8 ft heavy I am in queen ny let me know what you have thanks
  4. WTS my 7ft Medium Spinning Legend Inshore - $240 Price is firm. Im in rush to sell. Purchased last year so it still have 14 years left on the transferable warranty. Great condition. Local pick up in South/ Central Jersey preferred. I will consider shipping if it is still around in a few weeks or you buy more than 1 rod. Also have for sale: Legend Inshore 7ft MH Spinning (LTIS70MHF)- $250 Avid Inshore 7ft 6" M Spinning (VIS76MF) -$190 I can take $10 off for each extra rod
  5. So, I currently have a TICA 8 footer medium-heavy action rod that's an absolute winch with striped bass, but I'd love to be casting further especially during windy days, as well as when that bait is just out of range. But, I still want a rod that makes catching schoolies a bit entertaining. Same goes for the reel, a baitrunner might be nice. Any suggestions? Fish from shore and boat, this would probably be a shore rod/reel combo. Thanks!
  6. So I recently just bought an ODM DNA Backbay 7'6" and only had it for a week and took it out this morning and found this?! Haven't even hooked up to anything big that would cause it to be under pressure for the epoxy to crack. I was shocked when I looked at it and saw that the epoxy had cracked all the way around the reel seat. I hope this is covered under their one year warranty? Anybody else's rod have this defect?
  7. Has anyone fished these rods? I was looking at the 9' med-light for a light surf setup (1/2-3/4oz jigs/plastics for fluke and small stripers). I'm wondering how much it weighs and what taper is really like but also overall impressions. Listed as fast but I'm concerned It might be a little too soft with that length and listed lure weights. I'm also hoping it's pretty light (around 5-6 oz) so I can bomb it all day. Thanks
  8. Hi all this was 5ft with a wooden Handel and big wire guides I have strip it I like the action of the blank
  9. Looking to buy a shimano speed master surf spinning rod rated 2-6. I'm pretty shore it's 11" thanks
  10. I am looking for a Tsunami Airwave Elite 8'8" MTSAWESS-882M either shipped or not extremely far from NY. Let me know if you are looking to sell one!
  11. Any rod recommendations that pair well with a vr125 would be appreciated. I was thinking of getting a 9’6 saltx rod but feel that for the money there are better options.
  12. Didn't find a thread with any buzz about the new bass rod dropping soon from SC. I am guessing that they may drop the series name and rod specs tomorrow but we'll see. They really aren't great at marketing. Anyway theres a couple teaser vids on the website/Youtube you can check out. Based on the videos, the series is going to be a USA made SCIII/SCVI hybrid blank with a focus on light overall weight, strong backbone, and to address complaints of tip heaviness in other series. Sounds like it'll sit between Avid and LTB, or just replace Avids. Tough to say though, since Avids aren't marketed as a technique specific series and this new rod is going to be a FW bass series. You can catch a few glances of the rod in the videos they've released so far. Looks pretty sharp with a split grip design that looks similar to some Dobyn's rods. Pretty excited to see if the series delivers. Took some screen grabs to avoid posting links but it's all easy to find. Got my hopes up for a 7'1"-7'4" extra fast bottom contact offering. What are your thoughts?
  13. Selling a 10' Tsunami Trophy Series surf spinning rod. 50/50 split. 3-6oz lure weight. 15-30lb line weight. Great condition. Lightly used. Great 6&bait rod. $50, pickup/meetup only in north NJ area.
  14. Hi everyone will 5 minutes epoxy work for a inshore fluke rod built will it be strong enough
  15. Interested in picking up all-purpose rigs I can wield from the kayak to catch schoolie sized stripers, weakfish, and fluke with. I'd also be using these in land-based backwater situations. I'm a spinning reel guy, but only because that's what I use all the time. I wouldn't rule out a conventional setup. I'm in South Jersey but can help with shipping for non-local deals. I'm thinking of a setup that can throw light (3/8 oz.) bucktails and jigs, but also throw up to, I don't know 1+ oz. Something that would take 15-20 lb. braid nicely, have enough feel to work the light bucktail for fluke while having enough backbone to handle the occasional nice-sized bass. I'd consider the right 8' setup or down to 6'6". I don't need anything crazy nice/expensive and I'm not terribly picky. I have kids that like to fish and we need general purpose gear, so I'm looking for value. A decent, lasting setup at a decent price, or a known cheap but properly functioning setup at a cheap price.
  16. After a decade of not building rods, I have decided to sell my rod wrapper. It's a Custom Power Wrap, made in the USA. This is the top model with the lathe chuck and drying motor. I also added another 4' track and another dual stand, making the bed 12' long. I also added the tool rest for turning grips. It's in perfect working condition and includes new o'rings for the rollers (though most are fine), 3 complete wheels and some other bearings. I'm missing the top of one of the supports but this has no effect since you never would use the dryer and the wrapper at the same time and the dryer can be used without it anyway. This wrapper and parts are still sold by Anglers Workshop and others. This set up new is about $1400. Selling mine for $600. As a bonus, I will include a 12' drying box that I made. The photo below is one of (3) 4' sections that get screwed together with strips of wood. It has a drying motor and simple chuck installed. The doors are hinged with plexiglass windows. I used the single stands from my wrapper as supports, but you can also make a couple of wood v blocks. I used to have a couple of light bulbs inside to heat the box. Given the size, this is available to pick up only on Long Island (Northport). I get around a little and happy to meet around NYC or at a bridge depending on where you're coming from.
  17. Shot in the dark here but does anyone have one they'd part with? Located in Hull MA thanks
  18. WTS LEXA 400 HD 8:1 LEFT HAND RETRIEVE $210 SHIPPED. Hasn't seen much use at all. Comes spooled with 40 lb. power pro. Great real, I just don't have much use for it. WTS OCEANMASTER 10' 4-8 conventional (Rod). $110 Picked up. Located in Providence FUJI components, shrink wrap grip. 60/40 split. Same deal, hasn't seen much use. Excellent Condition. There is a bit of paint missing from stripper guide where I hung my jig.) Take them both for $280 picked up.
  19. This rod is very light with a thin diameter kind like these slow pitch jigging rod they have today did a Google search and find nothing what happens to this company
  20. Need help with a rod it's fiberglass but very light cork tape butt plate real seat I have to measure look like 8 1/2 foot have post this in the tackle collection as well
  21. Need help with a rod it's fiberglass but very light cork tape butt plate real seat i have to measure look like 8 1/2 foot
  22. I have a Canon DSLR 60D that was hardly used (less than 1,000 shutters) then it just sat in my closet. I have receipts and boxes for everything. The package comes with the DSLR Body, 3 batteries, two chargers, 430EX Canon Flash, Canon 24-405mm L Lens, Sigma10-20MM Wide Lens, and Canon 50mm prime lens. It also comes with Polarizer for the L and the Sigma lens, side grip, and the camera bag. I am looking to trade for, yes surf fishing gears. Bags, reels, rods, lures, plugs. Let me know what you have. Or looking to get $800 for it. The L lens alone cost me $900. Thank you!
  23. Was thinking of giving tog fishing a shot. I don't have a boat so I'm stuck with fishing docks as well as the occasional jetty. Any suggestions on a setup?
  24. I'm looking to buy a new fluke spinning rod. I'm between the St. Croix Premier 7mh fast action, the St. Croix Triumph 7mh fast action, the Lamiglass black inshore 7mh fast action, the Dark matter 7mh fast action and the Jigging world nexus 7mh fast action all spinning rods. I'm going to be pairing it with a Shimano Shpheros sw 4000. Right now I have a tsunami classic. Or if you have any other suggetions that would be great.
  25. Want to buy a spinning rod from 6.6 ft to 8 ft i am in queens and work in Freeport sometimes