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Found 11 results

  1. On to my next step of my riptide terrova install anyone doing 24 volt lithium charging? trying to narrow down my charger for the 24 volt battery i purchased most charging will not be done on the boat but in my garage What is everyone using? and advice?
  2. In home power tools. Given the choice, pneumatic or battery powered if both is available at the same price?
  3. All, I have two Dewalt cordless drills. One is 14v and the other a 12v. Both batteries are dead and I get the rapid red flashing light when I put them in their respective chargers. any tips? Possible to buy new batteries or is it bend over time and basically the same price or a little more to get a whole new set up? Not married to Dewalt.
  4. New to marine electronics and could use some advice...I bought a Lowrance Hook 5 a few months back when they were moving to the new version and have finally found some time to get it installed - and am looking at different battery options. I don't want the weight of a full size battery, but want a dependable AGM unit that I can use for 4-5 hours without concern, as well as run lights/charge phone. I plan to keep it in the front hatch area of my Outback to balence weight. I subscribe to some fishing channels on youtube and came across this review from MDLR fishing. - the size is 8AU1H with 32Ah capacity and 200CCA. Reserve capacity is 48. I am not the sharpest hook on the plug when it comes to understanding battery numbers. Weight is far less than the optima I was going to use. Does anyone have experience with DEKA or East Penn Industries? Price for a comparable battery at Autozone is 120 bucks. Worth it? What does everyone else use? Any advice on how to create simple power connection would be very helpful as well. Do people wire battery to a plug on a battery box, then plug FF into box when fishing? Sorry for all the questions.
  5. I am very curious to see how all you Prowler 13 owners are locating your fish finders, transducers, and batteries. I've searched the forum but haven't seen too much. Pictures would be great.
  6. Looking to sell the items listed below. -Thule 839 Get-A-Grip Oar and Paddle Roof Rack Mount Carrier New in Package - $70.00 cash picked up / $75.00 M.O. Shipped – Paypal picked up $72.40 / Paypal shipped $77.55 -Thule 835 Hull-a-Port Pro Kayak Carrier Used in great shape/foam pads discolored - Thule straps not included this is just the kayak carrier with all the other hardware for mounting - $95.00 cash pick up only – Paypal picked up $98.15 -Power-Pole Micro Anchor Lithium Ion Battery Pak Used Twice - $120.00 cash picked up / $125.00 M.O. shipped – Paypal picked up $123.89 / Paypal shipped $129.04 I am located in Bergen County, NJ. Let me know if you would like to see any photos. Rick
  7. I'm adding a 18# thrust watersnake trolling motor to my hobie pro angler 14 this year and will need to get a new battery. I also run a livewell and a fishfinder. Last year I used a 2, 9AH batteries, one for the ff and the other for the livewell and it worked fine. Since I'm adding the trolling motor I wanted to get a bigger battery that I can use to power the trolling motor and the fishfinder, and eliminate one or both of the smaller 9ah batteries. Ideally I'd like to store the battery under the seat area to keep the center of gravity low and have the weight in the middle of the boat but I wasn't sure what size battery would fit and what i'll need for power. I usually fish 4-6 hours, but don't plan on using the motor for the full time I'm out, just to get from one location to the next. I'd like to avoid the lithium batteries because of the cost, any recommendations for where to put the battery and what size I should be considering?
  8. I picked this batter and delphi connectors off Amazon to run the lights on my Hobie Pro Angler 14. This was the procedure I came up with to make the connections water tight.
  9. To clarify the title a little bit, does a battery need just enough power to get the flywheel going around, or does it need some force behind it to get it going. I have a 1980 something 2 stroke evinrude 70hp outboard btw. I ask because the first time me and my buddy took out our "new" to use boat, we managed to run aground on a sandbar. The only way we figured out we had run aground was that when we went to leave the motor would start up but when we put it into gear it stalled, after doing this a few times, we accepted we had, had a massive mechanical failure, and decided to fish it out. After the first cast I discovered to my delight that we were only in a few inches of water and our prop was most likely suck hence why it stalled when going into gear. After that we managed to drag the boat into a decent depth, only to discover that the motor now will not start at all, after a few minutes of trying to get it started we decide it's flooded and let it sit for about 15 or 20 minutes. Now at this point we no the battery is on our last legs and are getting another as this one only gets up to 11.6 volts but we bring a jump starter on board for this trip and figure it won't be a problem. After we let the motor air out a bit we try again for a few minutes and can here the battery starting to have trouble cranking it so we hook the jumpstarter up and keep trying. Then after a few more minutes all of the sudden it starts up, seemingly out of nowhere, and we drive back to the launch not wanting to tempt fate. My question is: Could the battery being low been the problem will it not starting and the new one will fix it, or should we look into other problems like fuel delivery or the carb?
  10. Does anyone have any experience of the Garmin Striker 4 portable kit? I want to be able to remove the fish finder from the boat at the end of each trip, and this seemed to be a good solution - they don't have any information on what the battery is like though. Can anyone recommend it, or warn me off? Thanks in advance.
  11. HI All I have to replace one of the batteries on my 18' whaler this season. I have 2 on an A/B switch. Current equipment for informational purposes: - 2002 125HP Merc with power tilt. - GPS/FF combo unit - I rarely use the FM radio - Marine radio is currently handheld but looking to get fixed radio/antenna this season - I rarely use the boat at night but will use navigation lights early morning. I replaced the other battery a few years back with a pep boys marine model (I believe it was standard and not AGM). Any recommendations for brand, type that would be adequate for my needs? Thanks -Scott