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Found 40 results

  1. WTS Case Snakewood Slimlock knife (paid $193). When I bought it years ago, with the exception of maybe carrying it a couple of times, it has been sitting in the box it came with. The knife could use a polishing but other than that it is in excellent condition. Its 6" overall with a 2.5" blade length. The steel is BG42. I'm asking $125 or OBO for it.
  2. I purchased a Penn 1000 at a consignment shop. After researching this real a found out that it was the first low profile real made by Penn. It was made in early 1980's. Only about 3 years of production before discontinued. It was made in China and said to be the reason behind the low selks leading to stopping the production of the real. I was amazed by how well this real cast. I use Lew reels and this reel cast as good as my Lew lite. Does anyone know if this is a collector item or is it just a good reel to take to the lake and enjoy?
  3. Hey Sol, Need some help, buying the following off a private seller for $75 bucks. Is it worth it? Vintage 50-60's Reel is a flo line Lou Meyers the entire base swivels to cast & retrieve Rod is a early St Croix Fiberglass
  4. Hi guys, greetings from Australia I wouldn't mind some advice from some of the more knowledgable members on this forum, basically I'm doing a bit more "bigger game" fishing off a buddies boat and considering all the outlay and the increasing frequency I thought it would be rude of me no not bring just the beer and lunch but also my own reels and rods. Like a lot of the bigger trawling boats he has a collection of Tiagras and but has never used anything else. My current dilemma is that it is a huge outlay for me to buy a couple of these but having said that I have no objection compared to sponging off someone generosity. Tiagras if and when they do come up on the second hand market carry a huge premium and or are pretty well travelled (I can't eBay because of the shipping); but since I leave on the peninsula surrounded by beaches Gumtree (Australia's Craigs list) has a decent amount not very used older model Penn Internationals and very occasionally some older Fin-Nors. My reasoning is that if they worked back then, then they still should work just as well now? but purely from a cost point of view I can buy 2-3 of these older Penns for the price of a used Tiagra here My questions are then has anyone ever used or is still using some of these Penn reels (the first model with the globe engraving)?, What do you guys think? should I fork out for the Tiagras which are reliable as all hell or give some old kit a new life? Kind Regards G
  5. I inherited an old two piece bait caster ( i think its a bait caster) in an old vinyl or leather sleeve. Its not like anything I've ever seen. The handle looks to be solid aluminum and theres a grommet and brass threaded connector to attach the rod to the handle. I'm hoping someone can help inform me as to what this rod is, it's age, and it's rarity. any help would be appreciated. Thanks...
  6. Looking for a Penn Black 711 but bot the Z ! These were made right before the Z ! Willing to pay immediately check , cash or Pay Pal Thanks Mike K.
  7. I am new to rod restoration. The only rod repairs I have done have been replacing broken tips. I am asking for help on 7 rods that I have acquired over the years that have outlived their ability to function as fishing tools. I want to restore them to the point of looking restored for the purpose of retiring them to a place of honor on the wall of our home. They do not have to be fully functional, but I want to make them look good. I have made measurements and taken four pictures of them and made a list of the repairs I want to make. 3 are thick bamboo saltwater boat rods (I have labeled as A, B, and C); 2 are either fiberglass/graphite boat rods (D -spinning and E - trolling/casting); and two are hexagon shaped bamboo boat rods ( F and G). All rods will have reels attached - 6 old saltwater open face reels and 1 spinning reel. Rod A - is a complete thick Bamboo rod 107" long. My questions for this rod are: 1. Should I add 1 - 2 eyes? and where are the best sources for finding them?; 2. Thread material and size for re-wrapping the fore grip? 3. Finishing coat varnish or epoxy for bamboo? 4. Finish coat same or different for wood handle? Rod B - is thick Bamboo rod 97" long from tip to end of male ferrule, without a handle assembly. Male ferrule is 1.03" OD at the base where the bamboo enters and the length of the base is 3/4" before the flare reduces to .975" OD at the tip, which is 2 1/4" long, making the total ferrule length approximately 3". For this rod I need help with: 1. Wooden foregrip or other foregrip suggestions; 2. Chrome reel seat size recommedations and best sources for finding; 3. Wooden butt and some type of gimble Rod C - is the same type as Rod B and is 101" without a handle assembly. It needs the same components as Rod B, and the Male ferrule measurements are .88" OD at the base where the bamboo enters and the length of the base is 1.0" before the flare reduces to .83" OD at the tip, which is 2" long, making the total ferrule length approximately 3". In addition to the same components of Rod B, I need to find a replacement tip as well, so any sources you can pass along would be greatly appreciated. Rod D - is a 75" fiberglass or graphite spinning rod without a handle or male ferrule. It has a wooden fore grip, and the ID of the blank is .54" with OD of .86". For this rod I need: 1. Reel seat and butt handle assembly and gimble suggestions (i.e. wood? or some other economical wrap other than foam); 2. Replace 1st eye and re-wrap: 3. Blank finishing epoxy. Rod E - is a 85.5" fiberglass or graphite casting boat rod without a handle assembly. It has a Male ferrule which measures .96" OD at the base where the blank enters and the length of the base is 1.0" before the flare reduces to .93" OD at the tip, which is 2" long, making the total ferrule length approximately 3". For this rod I need help with your suggestions: 1. Reel seat and Handle assembly; 2. Should I replace the tip? 3. Thread material, size and finish for re-wrapping the eyes. Rod F - is a short 73" split bamboo two section casting? rod . 1. I'm not familiar with the tip, should I replace it? ; 2. Should I add 2 or 3 additional eyes? spacing? size? Rod G - is a long 103" single section split bamboo boat rod. 1. Should I add 3 eyes? 2. How do I remove "caked on" dried finish? 3. Same rod finish as the other bamboo rods A,B, and C, or different? I have watched many videos and read many articles, but I have not been able to find out how far the reel seat will fit on the male ferrule on the top or how far the butt male ferrule fits into the reel seat. I am excited about these project rods to get a feel for building my own rod or two for fishing once I get these under my belt. I hope you are able to help with my "rookie" questions, or if you cannot, at least point me to any sources you can where I may be able to get answers. Thanks in advance for your kind cooperation.
  8. My grandfather gave me this reel a couple days ago. On the foot of the reel, there is a number 2 stamped. Also on the body of the reel, there is a number pictured that reads 325755. I'm assuming that is the serial number but I'm not positive. My question is, how old is this reel? And How much is it worth?
  9. 9 original Atom 40's for $70 shippedBottom 3 don't have hooks. Bottom plug is a skunk Atom with amber on top and white on the bottom. Somebody painted it blue years ago.
  10. First is a rare Cap'n Bills "Thinfish" $35 shipped!! School of Cap'n Bills swimmers $60 shipped!!
  11. 3 original Floyd Roman plugs for sale! 1 large Nike (early make, before heavy clear coat was used) 1 new skin diver (new never used. A couple small pointers and small paint chip near hook hanger. As nice as they come) 1 Slick Nike (paint off belly weight) Please view pics to judge condition All 3 for $75!
  12. Hey Guys, Was wondering if anyone had any pics of vintage Pickups with slide in campers on the Beach? Still saw quite a few in early 2000's down near MD & DE beaches......but as the years go on sadly I see less and less and the guys I saw had them, the trucks are now gone..... Something like this...any make or model lets say mid 90's on back.....thanks! looking forward to seeing some oldies
  13. Hi everyone I have acquired a Penn 716 spinfisher spinning reel with box, catalog, manual, wrench and lube all in really good condition the reel does have some paint rubbed off on the back upper rear body, stand and foot with a hairline crack in the handle. I am not too familiar with the vintage spinning reels but I have begun collecting quite the assorted collection including Mitchell Garcia, Heddon, Bronson, Horrocks, and others anyways I was curious as to how collectable this reel is and what it may be worth because I think I over paid for it. Thanks Phil
  14. Anyone have the MH or H version of the older G.Loomis Escape 8'3" travel rod that they are willing to part with? I'm mostly interested in the spinning version but might consider the casting versions.
  15. Story goes like this: Original new in box never used 1966 Penn 705 with instructions, tools, etc. I saw a forum not long ago about people "faking" these reels/ refurbing and calling them original for instance taking an original 706 modding it and calling it a z. 1: Is there a way to verify? and 2: If so what do I need to look for once I receive this reel? Like I said I bought this out of good faith price was fair refurbed or not but what do you guys think?