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Found 87 results

  1. Looking to trade the following 8ft weapon jr 7’10 1/4-2oz for either 8ft genisis or 8ft evo , 9’6 stealth s1 1-4 oz for 9’6 frontier x , 2021 11’ genisis 1-6 , 2021 10’ genesis and last but not least 9ft weapon 1/2-4 for 11’ evo will get pics later looking to stay local to central Jersey
  2. 11’ Century Surf Machine Elite 3/4-5oz custom built by Mike at advanced fishing, 23.5” butt to center of reel seat, 60/40 split, torzite guides, great rod, only selling because i just dont fish much anymore, maybe when my kids get older, my loss your gain! $850 shipped within the cont 48 or $50 off for local pick up in the san francisco, bay area
  3. Looking to buy a 9’6 slingshot in good condition. Currently at Rutgers in NJ so preferably somewhere in state.
  4. A buddy liked mine so much he wants one for himself! Customs builds are fine as long as its set up for A VSB150, Shimano 6K series reel or similar. Preferably one in good condition and shipping is a must, I'm west coast in Northern California. I also have a Edge Surf 1165-2 that I can offer as partial trade if interested, Thanks.
  5. 11 foot genesis ..2-6oz 10 for DNA ..3/4-4oz 10.6 century slingshot ..2-5oz ...... What do yall recommend for vsx size on these rods .. I was thinking a 200 is perfect for all 3 but I've been told I need a 250 for the 11 n 10.6 .. how true is this?? Opions please .. hope there isn't such thing as to many posts
  6. As the title states, looking for a rod between 9’6-10’6. My main rods were all blown apart by my tonneau cover breaking free and blowing them up in the rack the other night. My preference is the odm NXE-105 but I’d go as long as the NXE-116 for the right deal. Can pick up in the philly, Delaware, jersey areas. Let me know what ya got - tight lines
  7. Selling a rod that I don't want to, but need to. Nothing wrong with the rod. It was used 3 or 4 times. I imagine it's going to be super expensive to ship. I'll sell it for $300 shipped (Paid $480 when I bought it originally). I am willing to trade with: A lefty (Left retrieve) boat reel (Tern 500, Torium 20, Saltist 40) A righty (Right retrieve) baitcaster (TranX 400A) Calstar 800H (With cash on top from me, depending on the condition)
  8. Wts 9’6 1145 slingshot for $360 if your willing to pick up. Rod is in excellent condition. I’m located north shore, Ma.
  9. Alright, I’m going to try and move up to a great rod instead of trying all the mid levels. I am looking to purchase a Century slingshot 1265. Anyone have one that they might be looking to part with? I am in 01940. Shipping or pick up welcome. Thank you.
  10. A buddy liked mine so much he wants one for himself! Customs builds are fine as long as its set up for A Shimano 6K series reel or similar. Preferably one in excellent condition and shipping is a must, I'm west coast in Northern California. Thanks
  11. Want to trade my weapon jr 7'10 for the weapon 7'10 would like to stay local notooking to ship thanks in advance
  12. After looking around online and throughout the site I still have not been able to form a clear answer. For anyone who has experience with both of these rods, what are some significant differences? Is there anything one does significantly better than the other? Both rods are designed for different reasons, but looking at how some people use them added to my confusion. Which of these rods would you personally recommend for fishing plugs up to 2oz and similar buck tails and metals?
  13. Currently out of the country for a few months and have a friend buliding me one of the 8'6" two piece century weapons. Those of you who have one, or have seen a friends, what reels did y'all pair them with and how did they balance out? 90 pecent of it's life it will have a 2 oz bucktail tied on to it to throw at visible cobia so i'm not concerned with being able to eek out every single yard on a cast. Nor am i super concerned about needing hundreds upon hundreds of yards of high test braid. Just looking for what worked for you weight/balance/feel wise and what you were using it for.. I hate to ask questions like this as I'd typically buy, sell, and trade my way around until i found what I liked. Unfortunately that's not an option and i would like to come to a top three pics by the time I get home so i can already have some options delivered to the house by mid summer.
  14. Hello all, I am sure this topic has been brought up a lot, I apologize in advance. I have two custom builds that I love, a LamiGSB 9’6” and a Bushido 8’6” The Lani I use for relying and bigger plugs.. the tips isn’t really sensitive so it’s not great for SPs, Bombers, Needles etc. I had the Bushido built to handle the nights when I’m throwing the smaller stuff... I am looking for something a little bigger in 10’-11’ range, I would like it sensitive enough to toss some smaller plugs at times but be able to handle the occasional bigger plugs or rigged eels. I mainly fish RI and a Southern Ma. This bigger rod would be specifically for BI and if I have a chance Montauk this year... Thank you for any input and recommendations. I will be pairing a VSX250 or 275 with this as well. Tight lines!
  15. Trade ZX22/20 rotor and ZX22 Spool, both are like mint. The spool doesn't have the ZX22 label but I compared the diameter and size next to my 1st gen ZX22 spool and it's exactly the same size. I'm looking to trade for ODM or Century 10'-11' rod, 3/4-4oz.
  16. Sold my Century C3LD here last year. Now its my Century TTLD. I used both rods together TTLD for 2-5oz work. C3 for heavy work, 5-10. Rod is 13' long. Does not have a reducer. Was not designed to use one. Mark1 generation. Bought when it was first released. This was a big deal as most beach rods were 25-30mm diameter then. This debuted at 19mm. Much slimmer but with similar power of the fat version rods. Even today, its still a slim rod compared to newer ones. Awesome slim rod (hence low diameter name) for 2-5oz and bait. Easily does powerful pendulum casts with bait. Really put baits far out. Basic casting styles will handle up to 7nbait, still puts bait extremely far out. Has nice rod action. Best description is heavy power, moderately fast but not too fast. Lightning quick tip recovery like all Century UK beach rods. Its a good fishing tip basically, not too stiff. Itll handle very big fish and wont fold over. Ive done big rays in the summertime on it that weighed up to 80lbs. Has normal usage marks but no crazy stuff. Some of the shrink tubing on handle got torn off when i was putting stuff away for the season. You can replace or electrical tape it for simple fix (then use tape as a ruler marker) I took pic of lifted piece. No damage to butt. Regardless this LD rod is extremely well built as all century UK rods. Durable as heck. Apparently a quick search indicates locally US shops sell similar range models at $800+ in shops. And no stock. Wow... Im selling $380 shipped fedex. $350 local in NYC. Edit. Added pics Note please do not go by century website pic. That is a mk2 model which is also discontinued. Just added for its spec. Mk1 uses fuji bhng guides. Also it has 2 coasters cause the sliding seat sucks and long removed.
  17. I'm looking for a Century Slingshot SS1145 9'6" in very good condition. Meet in NJ, not willing to buy unseen.
  18. Had Ryan White from Advanced Fishing/Century/Hatteras Jacks in Rodanthe North Carolina custom build this rod with the grips, holographic striper decal and it’s 10’6 which it launches anything. Rod is in great shape and guides are great and reel seat is great! I’m located just North of Boston near the Southern NH border so if your willing to pick it up come n get it!
  19. Hey SOL, As the title states, I am looking for a Century Weapon Jr for the primary purpose of tog jigging (1-2 oz jigs) with secondary use as a kayak rod/sod bank wading. From what I've read, the Weapon Jr Mag Taper would be the most suitable for my intended purpose, although I haven't personally held these rods in hand so your input and suggestions would be appreciated. I would prefer the rod to be between 7'2" to 7'6". Just wanted to see if anyone had one for sale that would fit the bill before I go the custom route. Also, if interested in a trade, I have 3 NRX Inshores to offer, you can choose which one you'd like: -NRX 803S XMR -NRX 843S MR -NRX 883S MR I'm Southern NJ and would prefer a local transaction if possible. Thanks, Cy
  20. I just picked up a VS250—thanks to HusonFirst! Now I need a rod for it. This is my bigger water and Montauk combo but it be nice to still be able to throw 1oz BTs and smaller swimmers if needed. Looking for a Lami GSB 132m or 120m with newer style guides. Open to 132L too. Also open to other rods: Legends, Avids, CTS, etc. Would like to pick it up this week. Heading to Montauk on Thursday night. Can pick up in PA, NJ, and Long Island.
  21. Looking to see what is available. Fast action, need something to throw down to 1.5 oz on occasion for Tarpon, etc. but need enough backbone for around bridges. Probably something in the 3-8 range that can handle around 25-30 lbs. of drag. CTS S8, jigster, nano, rh customs. Shipped to Philadelphia or meet up. Not trying to go above $350. Rod must be in good/great condition.
  22. Rod purchased here on SOL 2019. Great rod, used once, but I need something stiffer and more backbone. It's still new & I’d like to get what I paid for it, $300. I’ve got shipping tubes. Depending on your location, will ship USPS or FedEx. I’ve attached the original thread with specs and pics...
  23. Just looking for some info and reviews of anyone who has this rod, specifically the 9'6" version as I haven't found much on this model. Is it fast or moderate? i'm looking to use it for 5/8-2oz lures with my vsx150 on the beach. Any input from anyone who has this rod or knows about it, I'd appreciate it.
  24. I bought this rod new roughly about a year ago. I’ve used it a dozen or so times for some light plugging and eeling. Been doing the boat thing this season. Would like to get at least $280. I’m located in Beverly, Ma
  25. Century C3 LD, C Curve Low Diameter, mark1. 13 feet , almost 14' with reducer. One of the best rods Ive ever used. Ive caught most of my fish over the last years with it. Bass, sea robins, gator blues, skates, 100lb rays, black trash bag, seaweed balls. dont it all. I used to have 3, Im not fishing as much now so it needs a better home. the rod looks exactly like the one in the following pic. fuji shock guides. mk2 uses fuji K frame, which i find no difference if you use a casting reel. rod still in good-great condition, shrink tube has usage marks. everything above it looks great. below are specs i copied from the manufacturer's site (old stock pic when it was still listed on Century's website) this rod is super slim for the amount of power it hides underneath. straight parallel butt in at 24mm, sliding reel seat. put reel wherever youre comfy. this rod can hammer the hell out of 4-10oz + bait. 200+ yards is possible. YMMV. its a slower parabolic loading rod, compared to centurys many other J shaped fast action rods which dont really suit our fishing style in the US coasts. OTG, hatteras cast, unitechs, mid swing, high swing pendulum, flat arc pendulums, thumps. this rod can handle it all with an easily and its very forgiving of user error. just SLOW down your turning speed and let the rod load up before hitting it. please youtube 'century c3 ld' youll find alot of videos old and new. locally, the mark2 version (last version) sells about 750? and ive notived mk2 isnt as strong IMO as mk1. ill do $430 shipped in a tube or $400 local NYC. reel is not included, for picture purposes only to show rod bent at full load. fighting a fish (my truck tow hitch.. ;D)