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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all. I am a recent transplant to SF from Chicago. I moved out here May of 2021 and was really looking forward to getting into some striper action, being a lifelong largemouth and smallmouth bass angler in the Midwest. Unfortunately, one year later and I have yet to find success from the surf. I'm hoping for feedback on what I have tried so far. Places I have fished: * (all from the surf) Setup: Shimano Saragossa 6000 with a Lamiglas Carbon Surf 10'6" M Mod/Fast Terminal: 30lb Power Pro with a 2ft flourocarbon leader and size 7 snap Baits: I have mainly been throwing white Spro bucktails between 1 and 1.5oz as well as Kastmaster spoons, but have given floating SP minnows a shot too A majority of my time has been spent at Ocean Beach * . Some important notes about my strategy that I think are in need of refinement: Time of day - I normally fish 2 hours before and 1 hour after midday high tide. Casting distance - I was told that Ocean Beach is shallow and that I should go no heavier than 1.5oz. However, even with the 10'6" rod, my casting distance is limited to 50-60 yards max. I have waders that allow me to extend this a bit, but the breakers and rip current prevent me from gaining significant distance. It feels like most of the time my bait is either swallowed up in the breakers or getting caught up in the rip current, and if I could cast into the trough in front of the offshore sandbar, my bait would spend more time in more promising water. Identifying fish-holding beach features - This has been the most difficult thing for me. The waves during high tide have been so rough that it has made it hard for me to identify any breaks/sandbars/troughs/holes within casting distance. I'm mainly fishing blind, walking up and down the beach in hope of hitting a productive spot that fish are stacked up on. Any and all feedback on my setup, tackle, strategy, or location is greatly appreciated. I'm hoping to make big progress this spring and summer season and finally land the first striper. Tight lines.
  2. So I recently just bought an ODM DNA Backbay 7'6" and only had it for a week and took it out this morning and found this?! Haven't even hooked up to anything big that would cause it to be under pressure for the epoxy to crack. I was shocked when I looked at it and saw that the epoxy had cracked all the way around the reel seat. I hope this is covered under their one year warranty? Anybody else's rod have this defect?
  3. Hi all, I was thinking about the 2017 fishing season and was wondering if any of you know of any hotspots for big stripers? Thanks, saltyfishing
  4. Hey guys, so yesterday I fished this skinny/shallow inlet throughout high tide (low tide is inaccessible for fish) and I found schools of bunker cruising the surface with their mouths open, along with small unknown baitfish. I had fish this area once a month ago and caught tons of schoolies, I came back today knowing that bigger baitfish were here with potential bigger stripers. I threw everything in my bag (even a live eel) with no hits. Am I doing something wrong? Or is it possible that no predators were in the area? Are striped bass known to go in shallow water, or are they hidden in the deep pockets near the rocks? I spent hours trying to figure out what was the problem. If you want to know the spot, PM me. Its somewhere in Peconic Bay, NY.
  5. Hey guys. I live on staten island close to the water and do just about every kind of fishing here. I fish from the kayak, from the bay, midland beach, conference house, great kills, by the pier, off the jetty's, night fishing, day fishing, plugs, chunks and everything. The spring season I got a few nice bass of the yak. This summer I got some doormat fluke of the yak also. Lately I haven't heard of much action if any going on anywhere locally mainly cause its dead this time of year. Here and there I hear some reports of a bass picked off. The thing that stinks about staten island is that there isn't a great fishing community so there is no reports or websites for reports. I travel a lot down to Riis park for the surf but lately the fishing stinks over there also because of the whales and seals in the water pushing the fish away the past 2 seasons. Once the fall rolls on in I take the worthy 3 hour trip down to Montauk for a few days and go to LBI here and there. Also off the boat in jersey and etc. However there are times when I still catch bass off staten island plugging. Most people look at me like I have 3 heads when I try to explain what a lure is lol. The people here have mostly no clue what they are doing. Occasionally you will run into the real fishermen who know and they usually have an idea of what the fish are hitting and where. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a staten island fishing report of some sort. Once mid September hits, I want to be out as much as possible all the way through December in the staten island, new jersey area fishing. Thanks a lot guys !
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