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  1. Very nice work. I didn’t think it was stock.
  2. Can I ask what mold you are using for this style?
  3. Payment received. Ryan picking up tomorrow. Thread closed. Thanks Tim.
  4. Available again for anyone interested on BST forum.
  5. Available again. Have not heard from buyer.
  6. BST general.
  7. Sold to Ryan $450 pending payment.
  8. Ok. If you want to buy please State so per forum rules. Thanks.
  9. For the plug builders I put up a FS listing for AYC, birch, maple and mahogany.
  10. For sale as a lot. Located on Long Island in West Islip. Pickup only. Nice clean wood for plug building. Will also be listing a jet full size lathe with Vega full size duplicator with carbide cutter and delta midi in the near future if there is interest Alaskan Yellow Cedar: 1.5x1.5x 48” qty 11 (44 feet) 1.5x 1.5x 35” qty 1 1-3/8x1-3/8x 6” qty 11 1-7/8x1-7/8x 6-3/8 qty 1 2x 5-7/8x 60” qty 1 2x 2x 30 qty 1 2x3-3/4x 30 qty 1 Birch pre drill on center on CNC: 1.25x1.25x 10” qty 40 Maple pre drill on center on CNC: 1.25x 1.25x 11-3/4 qty 8 Maple dowels 7/8x 36 perfect for needles qty 11 Mahogony 4-1/8x 6-1/2x 60 Beautiful wood- couple of hundred plugs easy from this. Not splitting. $450
  11. Agree with Dan. The Collins molds I have used have never had flash. Check to make sure you are using the correct hook and wire diameter. Oversized in any mold can keep it from closing fully and cause flash.
  12. I have a Jet 1236 with the 36 inch Vega duplicator with Steel Pulse’s carbide tool holder that I’m considering putting on the BST forum. If you would like to see the duplicator mounted on the lathe I’m on Long Island and happy to show it to anyone looking to buy a new one. Steel Pulse’s carbide insert holder is great.
  13. Sold. Thanks SOL!! Thread closed.
  14. Ok. Reopened. Sold to flyfshr60 pending payment. Can do tomorrow or when you take a trip in the area. I’ll hold it for you so don’t make a special trip.
  15. If you can pick up I’ll reopen. Not going to ship.