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  1. Amazon says they are imported. Where did you get yours?
  2. Thanks. That’s what I thought and had.
  3. Just sent my breathables back to Bean. Seams shot but have had them for quite awhile. Don’t have the receipt but hopefully they will do the right thing. What boot foot model are recommended?
  4. Please let me know what you have. Thanks.
  5. Rob Boswell 631-988-8873
  6. Ok. Sold. Thanks SOL.
  7. AYC 2x2 sold to BigFischer. Other wood available. Thanks SOL.
  8. Ok sold to Lee. Pm sent.
  9. Ok. If I don’t hear from LeeSHF tomorrow.
  10. Ok. Will sell to you if meeting can be arranged in Smithtown NY. Can ship it for $20 if you want. Lmk.
  11. Sure. It is finished to be viewed from one side, like I have it shown, or it can attach to a wall. The parts you can't see is not painted.
  12. 36” half mount made by zzfish still has tags on it. New on website $120. Will take $75. Can bring to Ward Melville show tomorrow.