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  1. Covid closet cleaning yielded various and sundry bits of fly fishing gear that we have not used in years. With 2 fly fishers we have accumulated a lot of gear and we are now "fine tuning" the collection to those items that we really use. Between us we have more than 70 years of accumulating! All proceeds from the sale of used gear is going into a) guided trip(s) or b) more gear.
  2. I have no idea. I'm too busy fishing to notice
  3. My DH compares my fly reel collection to Imelda Marcos' shoe collection. Instead of buying high end shoes and handbags, my taste runs to Ross and Tibor.
  4. Several have commented they would like to hear from some lady fly fishers. So, here's one... I was lucky that my DH took me fly fishing, talked me into getting casting lessons and gave me the space to make my own mistakes and learn. Over the years I have heard some of the comments that came his way whenever I was around. And, some he shared with me late at night. My favorite is the guy that empathized that it must be really difficult to have the wifey around when he's fishing. His response was "No, she's fine. It's my father-in-law that drives me nuts." I have never felt threatened on the beach, in a boat or standing in a river. I strive to carry my own weight, don't complain about being cold or having to pee (yes, plumbing is difficult). I have been handed more "beginner rods" than I care to count, instructed in the fine arts of casting by bumbling idiots and other insensitive behaviors. Fortunately, I have also felt the pride of quietly out catching the guys on a charter and then hearing the Mate extoll my success. If a gal spends the time to learn and love fly fishing she earns respect. She knows when she's being treated "right". She also knows when she is being treated "wrong" and fun is made at her expense. She is taught by other women to never fish alone. We teach personal awareness and safety. Back to the original question; I understand the names and the bawdy humor. And as long as that's all it is, OK, call it what you want. I'll have my own nick-names for them. But, if it takes a different direction and real people get hurt, that is a different story. And, to all the guys that taught me fly fishing, "Thank you from my heart!" I've sold some gear and I'm adding to Imelda's Fly Reel collection again
  5. Found a rod. Thanks for the suggestions. Thread closed.
  6. Sold - Thank you for looking!
  7. Moving listing. Thank you for looking.
  8. Very, very tempting. Where are you in SE PA?
  9. Depending on the canal, it might have tarpon in June. Been down there twice at that time and we've seen them rolling on the surface in the canals. Fished the area around Big Pine and No Name on our own and without the stress of a boat in strange waters. Sometimes you can find tarpon in the tidal pools. Caught my first tarpon in a tidal pool all by myself. Hope you have a blast! We did. PS, it was stinking humid and hot both trips!
  10. Yep! The reel is clean.
  11. Sale pending.
  12. OK, plus shipping Will use FedEx so that it reaches you in a timely manner. Check your PM's.
  13. Price reduced to $300 plus shipping.
  14. Price reduced to $350.
  15. Price reduced $325 plus shipping.