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  1. i was there last year for the first time. For poor man's shorefishing, I should have explored the east area but there doesn't seem to be much unless you look really hard. I ended up fishing mostly in Bahia Honda park and the tiny islands before Big Key with bait and caught lots of reef fish, they're strong ones like the hogfish and jacks. Most people on boats are under the 7 mile bridge fishing for tarpon.
  2. I use big hammer and and other 4-5" swimbait plastics, white with appropriate jig head RatLtraps 1/2oz and 3/4oz kastmaster white or yellow bucktails with worm ends, we call hairraisers 1/2 oz and 3/4 oz shallow minnow plugs like X-rap
  3. san diego in august? that's red hot tuna season on the boats. i'll be there
  4. i saw that on facebook. the article said the bobcat was actually fishing the shallows and grabbed the shark. then the cameraman spooked the cat who left the shark.
  5. Quantum Boca. I have an older one. The one piece handle, strong drag, and magnetic bail all are great for this type of fishing. There is a little line twist after a while though.
  6. For the beach? Get a 9 foot spinning rod and a 3000-4000 sized spinning reel with 15# mono line. Tie on a 1 oz swimbait and toss it about 20 yards into the troughs diagonally from beach and reel in steady. do it all morning or evening. be careful of the waves.
  7. they are the small (indigenous or invasive?) crabs that only grow to that small size. they have a beveled shape like a little tart pastry. haha. i don't know the species. the stripers are like this this time of year before the bait fish arrives if they ever arrive. on the beach the stripers are going for sand crabs so a hairraiser fished the same way will get you them.
  8. and this year when there is a drought and no flow of the rivers from the mountains
  9. a small keeper striper at a pier, hopping my swimbait for halibut. the belly was full of small crabs.
  10. there's spear fishing dudes down there. you can get some advice from them
  11. i was one of the guys wearing these early on. Sadly I've been forgetting to wear them or even using sun block. anyways I have the ones you can buy at sports basement. And I have a full brim hat that has one built in.
  12. if there's pollution from red tide or after a rain storm, I won't eat them.
  13. its sold and shipped. i don't know how to close threads after a sale or non-sale. mods please close
  14. dear mods please close this thread. my item is no longer for sale.
  15. From what I remember, the original crank case chassis (C5 Magx 6600) was probably warped by the big fish. I replaced it with the crank chassis of a C5 Magx 5600. Later I found that after casting the instant auto reverse doesn't engage and I cannot reel in the line. I can tighten the drag, I can press down the clutch, the reel handle spins, the line guide worm shaft works works properly but the spool won't spin with the handle cranking. I might have assembled the parts incorrectly when I routinely clean and lube the reel but usually I know what I am doing. Anyways, I might just end this sale, figure things out and perhaps relist.