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  1. It's been a while since I posted, but many of you may remember my faithful companion, Shadow. She was at some of the earliest SOL Flings with me, and she was always by my side. I put her to rest on Saturday AM. She was a great dog.
  2. From the album Untitled Album

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  4. What is the world coming to?!
  5. Stick with the photography....
  6. ...and that's one to grow on!
  7. Fluke are predatory. I've seen a fluke blitz. Magic carpets flying out of the water. It was nuts. Tom
  8. Right Line Speed. I'm sure to stay home now....
  9. I liked the first episode albeit for some dangerous maneuvers by a few of the boat captains. After watching shows 2 & 3, though, I think it might be better suited for MTV! It's like a soap opera. Would love it if there was some instruction. Something educational about it. E.g., it would've been nice to see the chef demonstrate how he removes the bass' bones, forming that incredible body cavity. Or if Paul showed which fly he was throwing to immitate the rain bait. Watching "Matt" go off on some guy, talking about beating him up, etc., was really whacky. We don't need that on a fishing show, do we? Especially from a grown man (what, 45-50 ys old?). Not sure if it's poor editing, but do the guides really chase blitzes and diving birds all day? Doesn't seem like there's a lot of skill involved in that. What about picking bass off structure when they're not showing?
  10. Hold your rod while chunking..... Some of the biggest bass I've caught on meat have "nibbled" like crabs! You'd never know you had a fish if you had it dead-sticked. Tom
  11. Damn spiders!
  12. Here's the best dog that's ever roamed God's green earth. 9 1/2 year old Shadow....
  13. I thought the show was entertaining. The scenery was great and the blitz footage was remarkable. I also enjoyed the glimpses of the individual guides, their personalities, etc. I will continue to watch. Unfortunately, this show might just reinforce and perpetuate the dangerous tactics, bad habits and poor manners we hate to see out on the water. Did you see how tight some of those boats got to shore? Is it really safe to be a boat-and-a-half distance from other boats in choppy water? How about the scene with the angler gently removing a hook and then carelessly tossing the bass up in the air back into the drink? I think those moments, captured on video, will set a bad example for the novice fishermen who are in search of similar blitz conditions.