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  1. Haycreekrambler, Red dots from what i know, were on their earlier small builds and i think the newer batch of smalls for maple. I hope some one who knows Bobby can ask him about his maple Donny's, I'd really appreciate it!! Bubs
  2. SC, I was a little confused and thanks for the reply! Bubs
  3. Thank you for the reply's gentlemen! I just weighed a bunch of Donny Sr's with unmarked diver and swimmer lips. They all weighed a little heavier then 3 1/2 oz's. How ever I did find a very early one (swimmer) i have that weighed around 4 1/4 oz, that has no paint marking on lip and a more contoured body then the newer swimmer above it. If SC has a pic of the 4 1/4 oz he mentioned i'd appreciate it, because I'm thinking that maybe the maple Donny's were all early runs and weren't marked. Bubs .
  4. Hi Wood and thanks for the reply, want to mention that the fins are also carved, not that it might matter. Thanks again, Bubs
  5. I'd like to know the weights of maple BM Donny Sr and Jr's if possible?? I have several Jrs with either a red dot or red line on lip and they all weigh around 3 oz!! I'm thinking maple ones should weigh around 4oz. TIA Bubs
  6. Thank you choggieman and SOL for this opportunity!! Bubs
  7. I'll take the maple Donny Jr with POMO ASAP,if that works? Bubs
  8. Looks like a full size!. As Tim mentioned about the weight, the owner put the weight on or maybe Bob it did on some. I'm no pro who knows and just trying to help! Bubs
  9. Pic of a used Hahn i found! I think owner might of put the weight on himself. Thank you for info/ nice pics and hope all is well Charley!! Bubs
  10. Closing, Thank you SOL!! Bubs
  11. I'd do the same as Reel1in offered with a check. $45+5= $50, other wise it wouldn't be fair to Reel1in. You both could also put $45 cash in a card sent in an envelope to speed things up like other people have done! Let me know, Thanks,Bubs
  12. Closing, and thank you SOL!! Bubs
  13. Top Dredge green Mack sold to Reel1in! Thanks, Bubs
  14. Black/Olive Dredge is still available! Please see that I don't do PP as mentioned at the top. Thanks Bubs
  15. Sale pending to Rel1in-Green mackeral. Bubs