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  1. I was collecting jointeds back then and when i saw how sweet they looked, i had to buy all three. Bubs
  2. Thank's Kev, I paid way north of 35 for these (lol) when he had them at SD, i think in 2011 or12 and appreciate your reply! Bubs
  3. Thank's for the reply eelbasher and i didn't know he's still building! I forgot to mentioned these lures are 9 and 9 1/2'' long. Bubs
  4. Picked these up from Billy's table, when he did Surf Day years ago. Supposedly limited editions and thinking on trading or selling one! Pencil is what i think he called the Emgred Death Machine. TIA Bubs
  5. Thanks Nomad92 for nailing it and Roy!! Bubs
  6. Has any one seen or have a signed 7'' Wade with a Z lip, in new condition or or used?? Bubs
  7. I have this Antique side winder reel with just a trade mark and a patent year and date stamped on the brass side piece(1897) and a T on the other side brass. I tried searching and it might have been Charles Lehmann. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks BubsBubs
  8. Thank you Ivan (sending PM) and SOL for this opportunity, I appreciated it!! Bubs
  9. Looking to fund for a lure I've been looking for a few years and a rare opportunity has arisen recently with a short window!! Which is why I've been doing the cash picked up only sales and this is another one! 2019, new, and sweet GRS for $130.00 picked up ASAP please in Oceanport N.J. If you have questions or like more pics, please ask. Thanks, Bubs
  10. I'll let you know if i do thanks!! Bubs
  11. Called the friend to let him know and told me he found it with some line still on, at the beach in Sandy Hook about 30 years ago!! Bubs
  12. Good call Kev and than you and thank you everyone for your help verifying also!! Bubs
  13. I also think it was made in north Jersey for some reason.
  14. Hi Kev, I believe it is older then Pt Jude and Bill's and appreciate your help!! Bubs
  15. Asking for a bud and appreciate any help, no signature or mark for builder and nothing on lip. Thanks Bubs