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  1. Bump. Adding 2 new/ clean condition BM mini needles to the pencils up top (only), 2 for 1, your choice of 1 pencil and 1 mini for either a Jr herring Donny/ Sr Rainbow Donny in new clean condition. Bubs .
  2. Would you have a nib Twisted Smokey Joe flap tail or whistle?
  3. Thank you, will do the same. Bubs
  4. Sorry, pass on the darter, let's just agree on my lg pinkish for your rainbow for now? Bubs
  5. Which one of the two do you want sent?
  6. I didn't see your picks while I was sending last reply (lol)! Which two do you like of top 4 (not interested in Cowboy), I can hold one and repost. Will do the rainbow. bubs
  7. Still would like to picks of rain bow and what top two Lg Dannys were you interested in?
  8. I'd do 2/2, but i have both sizes of top ones (checked just now), also have a similar signed cowboy. Did find a nip lg Danny like your top Donny if that works for the darter? Would like to see better pic of both also plese.
  9. Pics.
  10. Hey bud they are all large will take pics.
  11. All are new clean old stock with minimal BM blems/stored. Flat bottom pencils are around 3oz/ 8''. Lg Danny divers around 3oz/7.5", would like to do 1/1 for herring or rainbow Donny Sr/JR in same condition as mine TIA Bubs
  12. Which old stock package. crappy pic of 2, (just trying to help). Bub
  13. Whose small scaled on right?? Bubs
  14. Let's do it, thanks for pics and sending PM! Bubs
  15. I'll do it if both are in new condition without major problems (collecting). Bubs