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  1. sold. check your pm's we'll work on a pickup location
  2. Your lucky day. I have factory 1087 purchased new , very clean might have a rub or three. Guides ,grips, reel seat and blank are all in very good condition. I'm looking for $200 pick up / meet up, shipping is not an option.
  3. Lurp66, this is a Jsnake want to buy and only he gets to purchase the rods offered in this thread. You would need to start a new WTB requesting a FSC for yourself, and I'll respond to you there.
  4. After further revue my description above is right on. Very good condition with a rub or three.
  5. Factory rod purchased new , very clean might have a rub or two. Guides ,grips, reel seat and blank are all in very good condition. I'm looking for $200 pick up / meet up. Pics up later this morning.
  6. Any interest in a FSC 1087? That's the 3/4 - 4 oz version, mine is hanging collecting dust.
  7. Perfect, thanks for the pics. I'll take the rod. Shoot me a PM to discuss pickup.
  8. Ok let me know on the rod. This weekend is good.
  9. Is the Suzuki rod the version with the split rear grip and double foot guides? If so i'll take it for $180 pick-up or meet-up. I'm in the Tinton Falls area. Cash or paypal works
  10. Yes Oct 14th works, shoot me a PM and we can discuss details.
  11. Just checked and I have the key and 4 oval adapters, racks are 21.5" end to end. I'm in monmouth county can meet around parkway exit 109 or 105, Asbury rest area etc
  12. Have this used pair sitting collecting dust. They function well and I have a key and a set of 4 oval adapters for your rack. I recall hitting them with some touchup paint at some point in the past. Looking for $40 and willing to meet up somewhere for the sale. Thanks
  13. I did and eliminated the shipping charge but was still paying the $20 for handling. Did choosing the free ship eliminate the handling charge for you? Total with free ship should be 195 + tax $209.24
  14. I'm trying to buy the Suzuki 9' 6 and also seeing separate shipping and handling charges? Rod $195 + 20 handling + 20.20 shipping + 15.58 tax= 250.78
  15. should be in the manual under tightening the chain. Door open 1/4" of play in middle of rail. Door closed some droop will occur and is normal. Sounds like you're good to go.
  16. Everything is there manual, schematic, reg card, tool, shims.
  17. No thanks, Will let it ride for now.
  18. Up for sale is a Penn Torque 5 bailed in excellent condition spooled with 40lb Sufix 832. I purchased this new and it's been sitting unused, needs to go. There is a rub or two near the reel foot but the reel is very clean. Comes with the box, paperwork and tool. Recent sales here on SOL seem to range from $350-$400 shipped. I'm asking $385 shipped to you. Check or paypal works. Thanks
  19. I can do $175 picked up. Check your pm's, thanks Alex.
  20. Dropping the price in the spirit of cyber Monday. $200 shipped to you, any form of payment works. Reel is new and boxed up ready to go. Thanks
  21. Have a new Maxel Hybrid 20 that has been sitting and needs to go. I bought this new and never even got around to putting line on it. Includes box ,tool, pouch and paperwork. I'll let it go for $225 plus $8 shipping priority mail. Reel is all boxed up and ready to go. Paypal is best. Thanks.
  22. I have a used pair of Yakima racks with locks and key. I bought a new larger pair and these are sitting collecting dust. I'll let them go for $30 if we can meet up, I'm in monmouth county.
  23. it's listed under my user name. central jersey
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