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  1. The reel has been sold! Thanks Ebb Tide!
  2. Ebb Tide. I accept your offer. Message to follow.
  3. This reel is back up for sale. $150 shipped in the U.S.
  4. Sold! Chicaneries, I will contact you about payment and shipping.
  5. I will drop the price to $150 shipped in the U.S. (I may not be able ship before sometime next week.)
  6. Thanks but I need the cash!
  7. Century also makes a nice 4 piece 10 rod and five or six piece (I forget) 12.5 foot rod as well.
  8. Charkbait makes a four piece nine surf rod. I just bought the heaviest conventional version. I have not had a fish it yet but it is nice rod. Charkbait is easy to find online.
  9. I am dropping the price to $160 shipped).
  10. New in the Box. I bought two of these a while back and I only need one. Asking $175 shipped.
  11. Unused and made in Sweden. I bought them about 14 years ago but I need to raise some money for a handgun purchase. $170 apiece or $330 for the pair. Price includes shipping within the U.S.