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  1. I M in!
  2. I have a set of 32 flies that I can put into a Plano box for you for $30 shipped to you. I will PM photos. Frank in Norfolk
  3. I am interested in the 7' rod...Will you take $100? Also...I don't do Paypal...but will send a check and you can ship when cleared.
  4. How many pieces is the 3 wt?
  5. What other fly tackle are you looking for? I am interested..
  6. Interested....can do $75 shipped to 23505.
  7. Interested....Please send photo
  8. My starter vise (I still have it) was this Super II vise...has 3 sets of jaws and cost me under $20. You can fine these at Bass Pro or Hook and Hackle...Great way to start with little investment.....as you see...I still use mine for tying jigs.
  9. From the album cheap rotary vise?

  10. I use this method often...it holds up as well as powder coating....I use both methods...the clear coat spray paint method is not crappy paint...I fish my jigs and they are long lasting and productive...
  11. To cover bad paint jobs....I used spray paint (white base coat, floresant top coat-like airbrush with a clear coat finish). F
  12. Where in NC are you located Salty dawn?
  13. I took it off and sold it. See above.
  14. Nice set up....