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  1. This comment is a laugh because every time I go to the canal I see boats fishing as far as the cribbin. Last year saw one boat reeling in a umbrella rig right in front ACoE office window ,no enforcement on this.
  2. The Monument river was a famous fishing resort before Grover Cleveland started fishing there. So the canal being over exploited is not new, it's just the Cape was harder to get to in 1840.
  3. Here is a good online review of coolers one of the better ones was a Coleman.
  4. Menemsha would be your best bet.
  5. Must be a bunch of Rhoddy guys.
  6. Ya but, all the poison ivy is gone.
  7. The Cape Cod Bay side of the Cape will give more access.
  8. Like there is not enough squirrels. And it took effort to put up???
  9. They are by law build a latter over the obstruction to the public byway.
  10. People love the 704s check the reel forum.
  11. Griffin Patriot vise, I have cam version which holds hooks up to 8/0 and 5oz jigs. The cam maybe discontinued check fleabay.
  12. Nickel is cheaper than chrome. But look at the wear and tear pocket change takes.
  13. Did anyone see the Quabbin overflowing into the Swift river??