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  1. Maybe they will bring back the 3m and 4m blanks back at a reasonable price .
  2. An easy out is not going to work on such a small screw. Just drill out and retap .
  3. 2-1/2″ Wood Hen Eggs Item #FFE200 Wood Hen Eggs 2-1/2" tall x 1-3/4" wide Egg has flat bottom for standing Sold in packs of: Choose an option1525100 1 5 25 100 QTY 1 2+ PER PACK $18.00 A person can get a bag of 25 for the price above online.
  4. I use 7/0 for smaller eels, the bass still hit them..
  5. That quota used to be filled in a week or two.
  6. Every time there is a New Manager at Scusset it's the same thing ,he wants to close the lot at night just like the other State parks. They did it after 911 for a while.
  7. Thanks I would have never thought of that. I was starting to scramble to find this battery. Like flyrad said these cannot be had at Lowes.
  8. What are the batteries that work with this light? Mine did not come with batteries.
  9. The Cape Cod spinner and a sea worm was a old school trolling lure.
  10. With a cluster of flowers like those shone it looks like a cherry.
  11. Lamiglas has the proto type rods on their website on closeout.
  12. What are everyones thought on the Opal Surf twohanded rods for use for beach albies? Since there only two sizes the 10WT and the 12WT. Which one would be best?
  13. Crazy colors on that brown lower right.
  14. You can find cheap eggs here.
  15. I bought some on line, they were from NJ.