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  1. Sounds good.. let me know when you’re in town
  2. Retired Kayak fisherman spending winters now in the Fort Myers area , looking for anyone who wants to fish. I’ve fished in a hobie for about 8 yrs now . I’ve been fishing mostly ESTERO BAY but willing to travel to new areas. Ready when you are ..
  3. Thinking of picking up a penn battle 3 DX 2500. Does anyone know what type of gears are in it ? (What material are they made of ? ) thanks
  4. Holding your spot when fishing for tog can be very beneficial. If the current isn’t too strong I will drop an anchor to hold the spot. I use old window weights so if I get snagged I just cut the rope. But also I’ve tog fished with just using my drive to hold the spot.
  5. In the market for a new pair of prescription sunglasses.. I did some homework and the cost of a prescription progressive Costa sunglasses is in the neighborhood of $800-$900.. Was a little sticker shock to say the least.. Anybody know of any deals on Costa prescription sunglasses . ( coupon code ) Or any other brands somebody might’ve have had success with ?
  6. I’m in the Fort Myers area .. Seasonal
  7. Badtothebugs....thanks...I see we’re cut from the same we could fish together some day?
  8. Thanks DRUMFISH...ALL IT TAKES IS THE RIGHT BAIT ... tight lines all
  9. Wow ..over 100 views and no help..maybe no one fishes with mullet ? Lol
  10. New to the area.. SW Florida.. lookin for a stout 7ft /7.6 spinning rod to pitch live mullet under docks and structure.. any ideas.. I’m fish from my hobie Pro Angler.. thanks
  11. I’ll take it full asking $ 175 shipped to Long Island zip 11566
  12. In one of the pictures of the spool there seems to be marks on the top of the spool... Is it just the photo or is there actual marks .. thanks
  13. Good luck with your sale...have the same yak..thinking of adding do you like your setup ? Estimated cost ? Thanks
  14. great cart won’t be disappointed