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  1. B4loran...thanks for your help..which Series reel are you using?
  2. Thanks for the help..keep it my flukin is done no deeper the 35 ft....1/2 oz—2oz...bucktails..15lb braid .. I also use the tsunami rods ... I just checked on the rods you suggest ... The heaviest only goes up to 7 ounces ?? Does it handle with 10 ounces ?? Thanks
  3. What rods and reel would you suggest?? Line ??? What’s the weight range ?
  4. Planning on fishing the nantucket shoals for year ( 1st time)... charters are out for me because I don’t know anyone who would make the thinking 2 day trip on the HELEN H...Would like to bring my own gear...what do you suggest .. all advice appreciated ... ( rod, reel, line ) thanks
  5. Friend made me a 9 ft rod years ago...don’t recall the diameter of the first guide...but looking to match with a DIAWA BG REEL...thinkin 4000...4500..5000..range ? Any help ?
  6. Don’t think I ever used that drive on the surf....don’t drag yak out of water ever...put cart on in the water..
  7. Hobie replaced parts due to it was still under warranty.. nothing broke..but the internal parts were worn away ..
  8. Reverse can come in handy.. no doubt...but I think the bigger draw back with hobie reverse is the drive itself....depending on how much you fish...I find the older non reverse drive holds up reverse drive wore out after one full season ... for me I’d go with non reverse
  9. Closing down trade...thanks for the chance SOL
  10. Did the reel sell ?