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  1. Left for my honeymoon with my wife on the Krispy Kreme Doughnut Lear jet.
  2. Tag lists it as a Grundens LH 99 Blue/Grn 2XL Full Zip Fleece/PVC jacket code at bottom of tag is LH99BXXL. Brand new in bag with tags never worn. I really like it, my preference would be to trade for a similar new one in XL. If not an option, I would sell it for $95 shipped money order. Seem to list for about $120 from what I have seen. Not trying to break any rules, just havent posted a pic in so long forgot how, if anyone wants to me to send them a pic from my Iphone let me know, or you can look it up on Grundens.
  3. I have a Grundens 2XL full zip hoodie PVC lined lower half that is new in package with labels, dark blue, won at DU banquet last year and wasnt able to exchange for XL. If interested you can PM me your cell and I can send you a picture and if still interested Ill come up with a price. Or if you happen to have an XL would trade for that!
  4. I will take it for asking price. Let me know how you would like to be paid.
  5. Go to Wal Mart and buy the cheapest box of shotgun shells they have with size 8 shot and pry the shell open. Should be able to get more than you need for about $6.
  6. I have gotten my moneys worth almost every year I have had it.
  7. Would shipping to 27949 zip code be an option assuming I pay shipping? I know they are bulky but I dont think weight would be an issue.
  8. If it doesnt work out with BigFischer Ill take the bucktails for asking price.
  9. Oh Please!! At least make a credible argument if you are going to start that crap! Obama, Reid, Feinstein, Pelosi, and Schumer would tax and ban guns and ammo. into oblivion if they could and you know it!! Ammo supplies will not loosen up for the next 3 years until Obama is gone. I hate to turn this thread into something that might get booted to the political graffiti, but your annoying whining and half truths finally got the better of me. Good night Obama-ite. I cant stand to read any more of your drivel.
  10. Bump for great looking jigs, you dont happen to have any 3 oz like that do you?
  11. Ill take the braid harness and belt for asking price.
  12. If you still have a sheet of the red left, I will take one sheet please. Wont be back online until late tomorrow night to see your reply and send Paypal if you have them. Thanks.
  13. Wait until ICD 10 for some coding fun.