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  1. I really hope it does not go the distance and GGG knocks out that 2 time doper. any other thoughts?
  2. I need a job.
  3. Me either. I'd avoid pink fish, lots of better options. This!
  4. What happened next, Rivera claims, is blocked from his memory, something he said happens when he gets upset or angry. The next thing he recalled, he told investigators, was being in his car and finding a headphone earpiece in his lap that did not belong to him. That prompted him to open his trunk, where he saw the woman in workout clothes, bleeding from the head and motionless.
  5. Yeah that came out too small.
  6. The boyfriend was 100 miles away at his construction job. His brother was travelling somewhere with his fiance. The reason she was there was to dog sit while the house was empty, is my understanding. Both the boyfriend and brother were already dismissed as suspects by the FBI weeks ago. There's so many strange loopholes in this story.
  7. Poor 4Runner That's a nice 3rd gen.
  8. Rub yourself with dryer sheets. I know some people who swear by it. Nothing masks your scent better, and you'll smell fresh all day
  9. Sorry to hear Terry! My father and step father were big train buffs. From what I remember the gauge is where the value is. If these were O gauge, not the HO gauge you mentioned they would be far more valuable.
  10. I emailed Tim yesterday, it's down temporarily for now.
  11. They cancelled the Bassmaster series tournament on the Chesapeake this weekend. Imagine doing 80pmh in a bass boat and you dont see a tree trunk until it's too late.
  12. I remember in my 20's, even 30's rarely having a bad day on a head boat. a few here and there, yeah but that didn't mean the blues weren't around, they just didn't seem to be biting. A buddy of mine and I would always go out on the Queen Mary out of Pt Pleasant. ALL summer long you could have a good chance at scoring big blues. I follow the boat on FB now and its almost embarrassing. The only thing they can post daily pictures of are Ling and Seabass. I don't know how those boats are surviving. $70 a person, $7 rod rental. I might be naive as I've never gone out for Ling and Seabass but it is worth the $100 + day? Once you figure in travel, gas, lunch, tip?
  13. Rubber band it on?
  14. What do you sharpies do? I've tried everything and I don't want to buy new ones, other expenses need to come first. Stockingfoot, right neoprene booty seems to be the area. I've turned them inside out and used the rubbing alcohol method for leaks. Found one or 2 small pinholes and patched them up. Filled the waders up past the knee with the hose and didn't see a drop come out of anywhere? I have no idea what to try next. One soaked foot is getting annoying. Thanks in advance.