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  1. When the champ is the draw, A Mexican on a Mexican holiday weekend, yes you have to undeniably beat the champ. I think last night was an exception being it was such a one sided fight. Oh, and Adelaide Bird should have her tits cut off and be barred for life for her scoring on Canelo - GGG 1. She had that scorecard filled out before the fight even started.
  2. Maybe he should have stuck with tainted beef.
  3. Without a doubt, and I don't care what any scorecard says. He won both fights against Canelo.
  4. Can't argue there. It's probably why Jake Paul can hand pick every opponent.
  5. I don't see the point in a GGG trilogy, G is 40, he should fight Charlo or Andrade and retire. Canelo just lost and will have a rematch. It's just stupid to do a rematch. This fight wasn't competetive enough to warrant one. Bivol had a more difficult time in previous fights.
  6. What's funny is, before Bivol he hinted towards wanting to fight some heavy weights.
  7. He stomped Kovalev, but I think his reach exceeded his grasp last night.
  8. Got beat like he stole something.
  9. I've been to his house 4x already this week. No sign of him or the mobile work truck.
  10. Thanks Gotcow.
  11. Sorry Z, I should have said roof. I had 2 dents. One on the hood and one on the roof. The roof has the hole.
  12. Almost certain no.
  13. It sounds like I don't have a leg to stand on. I paid him to do an amateur attempt, which he did; he made no promises and from what it sounds like, did not mislead me whatsoever. And without very clear documentation to show he worsened the damage or anything to prove the transaction even took place, I might as well accept it and move on, as nobody will take this seriously as a legal case. I'll just have to ignore it as it's in a very inconspicuous place and by no means worth the five hundred someone would charge to properly pull and fix it for a 21 year old truck. Let it be a lesson that with body work, you absolutely get what you pay for. My brother sent me a text just now saying after he saw it, it's an eye sore but he's pretty confident he can put some JB Weld steel putty and some Toyota touch up paint, to at least ensure the hole is closed up. I'll keep you guys on my radar as this progresses. Thank you all for your input. -Joe
  14. That was my intentions when I went to his house today. It all happened so fast it didn't occur to me at the time to grab as much info as possible.
  15. My heart told me to beat him within an inch of his life if I found him. My sense said that'll get me no where. I'm out 80$, I'll live and learn from that. To actually get it fixed, if any of you guys could even spitball, hundreds, thousands? It doesn't have to be perfect, it wasn't to begin with. I'm on limited means ever since I was diagnosed with a disability last year, so at the time when I found him sounded reasonable (the 80$).