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  1. He's the defending champ.
  2. Hope it's not like yesterdays single file snoozer.
  3. That Bush race was a snoozer. Single file racing for pretty much the whole race. I don't see today being any different.
  4. Nexflix bought the Zac Efron movie about him. Not sure when its being released. He looks so close to the real thing.
  5. Exactly my thoughts.
  6. Mick, I haven't talked to him in a while. He lives in salt Lake City. Last I heard from him, as far as I know it was only the oil. So GW pharma, german pharma company got FDA approval for their CBD drug.... GW Pharmaceuticals PLC said it plans to charge about $32,500 per patient annually in the U.S. for its new treatment for rare forms of epilepsy, the first prescription drug derived from the marijuana plant.
  7. I'm not sure to be honest. Often enough where he wasn't cleared to work as a truck driver and was on disability because of the epilepsy. Probably a few times a month?
  8. Acreage Holdings, a medical cannabis company that operates in 11 states, says that last week, CBS, which broadcasts the Super Bowl, rejected an ad it had submitted to run during the game. The network told the cannabis company that the ad was “not consistent with the network’s advertising policies.” In an email to Vox, CBS said it does “not currently accept cannabis-related advertising.”
  9. I mentioned yesterday I have an uncle that uses i for arthritis. A friend of mine who has epilepsy has now been seizure free for 8 months using it. LOTS of fake chit out there though/snake oil. I'd only trust stuff with lab reports available.
  10. I have an uncle taking CBD oil for the pain and inflammation, he swears by it.
  11. I literally just watched Z's video prior to reading this thread. Turns out i'm guilty of not even casting to my own potential.
  12. Broner got lit up and still thinks he won.
  13. I went to the one in 99. Sounded cool on paper, someone lit my tent and belongings on fire the second day. This is what it actually looked like.
  14. I remember this night pretty vividly, I was fishing and only about 20 feet from her when she was discovered. The Star-LedgerA local police detective climbs down into the rocks where the body of a woman was discovered on the jetty, November 1. A Jamaica-based lottery scam promising a $2.5 million windfall cost Ann Mowle her entire life savings of $248,000 before the 72-year-old grandmother from Monroe decided she had enough. Mowle donated her clothes to charity, left her beloved toy poodle Molly at a dog groomers and drove to Spring Lake on Oct. 31. A pair of fishermen found her body on the edge of a jetty at the Worthington Avenue beach the next day. Investigators determined Mowle's death was a suicide. Mowle's family blames the vicious year-long con for the path to despair that ended on that Spring Lake beach. The money she had set aside to travel in her retirement and help her grandchildren with college costs was gone. Attempts to recover the funds with the help of authorities only led to embarrassment. In Mowle's final months, she became a recluse -- too afraid to leave her apartment and miss the phone call that would finally provide a return of her lost money. "You're not talking about a gullible person," said her daughter JoAnn Trivisonno, of Virginia. "You're taking about a fearless woman. If this could happen to her, it could happen to anyone." Mowle, a college graduate who raised three children as a single working parent, received the first letter promising a $2.5 million jackpot in October 2006. To collect, she had to pay $18,000 in fees, which Mowle sent. From there, the scam spiraled out of control with a barrage of phone calls from the con-artists who duped her into sending more cash.