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  1. For every 10 out there on the hotness scale, there's always a guy sick of putting up with her chit.
  2. You're cruisin for a bruisin, kid.
  3. Simms G3. On my 11th year. Few pin holes. I probably wear then close to 150 days a year.
  4. Alex is one of a kind but Adam Ondra is the best rock climber who's ever lived. "It took four years of preparation and seven visits to Norway, but Czech rock climber Adam Ondra has finally completed what is thought to be the hardest climb in the world. The 24-year-old achieved the 45-meter ascent at Hanshelleren cave in Flatanger in just 20 minutes on Monday. Ondra believes the climb to be the first that can be classified as a "9c" -- which would make it the world's hardest single rope-length climb."
  5. Was named the hardest-hitting heavyweight of all time.
  6. Boa's look like beach sands wet dream.
  7. Not a ton of it but it's in parts I can see falling apart by the laces. I usually do a good rinse down with fresh water. I scrubbed them last night with more fresh water but the rust remains, any suggestions? Would a dab of WD40 work? It's worse then it looks. Thanks in advance.
  8. I partly covered this in another thread. I was laid off in late 2018, well my whole department was when they outsourced our jobs to India. Mid 2019 till 2020 I was in school earning a few healthcare certifications. Like I said in another thread, I was not allowed to have taxable income during my schooling or they could pull me from the programs Upon completing them, work was difficult to find as this was during COVID. I had 2 offers, entry level which were rescinded due to company cutbacks and furloughs. In April 2020 I got an email from the DOL saying I was eligible for the Pandemic Unemployment Benefits. (PUA). I've never been on benefits like this before, this is the reason for my post. You don't know me or the first thing about me, douche bag.
  9. Same, sore arm for about 2 hours. I was fine by evening.
  10. Are you implying all healthcare workers kept their jobs?
  11. It's all good Bigfish. I was working in healthcare/pharma. In 2018 My job was outsourced to India. I heard about the state schooling and that they'd pay me go to school, or anyone for that matter as long as you could show proof you're unemployed. (The equivalent of unemployment). I took 4 courses in multiple healthcare cert programs. When school ended Covid happened shortly after. Any jobs I thought I had a shot at, were furloughed. As things got worse, the PUA helped me pay the rent, bills etc.
  12. I was in school on a grant from the state, therefore I could not have any taxable income since school was being paid for by the sate.
  13. Sorry we all couldn't be gainfully employed like yourself during a pandemic.
  14. 40, It's the simplest things sometimes. I'm in a buddy's backyard relaxing at the pool. His little kids ask me to throw them in the deep end for fun. Next day I have a shoulder impingement and I'm in physical therapy for the next 3 months and a cortisone shot later.