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  1. I think the problem is the Vanish. I still don't understand why the stuff is still sold.
  2. I am saying clearly that all violence that occurred in Columbia was initiated by a group of white, right wing agitators.
  3. Here in Columbia, the crowd was peaceful until a guy in a Maga hat stepped into the middle of it and started yelling "****". Then another guy tagged a building with "NO $2 BLM. the corporation". That's when the stuff started flying. Oddly, the police cars set on fire were spray painted the same color as the tag- red. But draw your own conclusions.
  4. My point exactly. Brian is a highly compensated moderator. These privileges should be limited only to those who deserve them.
  5. I think I speak for everyone when I say it would be fine if he just pm'ed it to you. I'll take your word.
  6. I don't fish enough for trout to really comment, but I have taken half a dozen trips with a "trout guy" and we have consistently piddled around at the bottom of the tide as we waited for it to start moving. My earliest trips with him were over 20 years ago and we did not have the modern popping cork system with the wire and clackers and 18" leader. We used weighted popping corks with slip rigs to drop baits six to eight feet down. Points, bars and deep banks were what he looked for.
  7. I use Fireline for its manageability. I had an 8 year old in the front yard Monday learning how to cast with 4# Fireline. No problem. Best of luck doing that with the softer lines. Spiderwire hasn't been mentioned yet, which is interesting, because only a few years ago it was quite popular as a result of the Skinner effect.
  8. Trout tend to be more active in the middle of the tide when the flow is highest.
  9. I'll take lot 1 for asking. Is a uspsmo good?
  10. Revenge for what? Or is this statement an example of transference, where you ascribe your worst qualities to your enemy, thereby avoiding addressing them yourself. A considerable amount of political revenge did occur in the dismantling of apparatus that would have warned and prepared the country for this. That's on your side.
  11. While I am not fond of Ultralight versions, there are good fiberglass blanks available in about every other category. They aren't glamorous nor do they feature the latest technology, but they do their jobs and can take a little abuse. I like my mb1083, but I had an mb901-E that was really sweet. I also have a Seeker P754 that is very good for 1/8-1/2 or so. My buddies are so-so about the Seeker, but really liked the Lamis.
  12. I've been around. I mostly stay in the main forum. I thought I would help vice out real quick as he is doing what I do. As you look at the water, you will see flat, oily spots in the twinkles of the waves. It is easier to do in darkness, and they will appear and disappear somewhat, but after a while you will see the places they set up regularly. Those flat spots are where you will find the fish.
  13. Your money spot is that black band under your lure in the first picture.
  14. Old school was buying an Ugly Stik blank to wrap as an eel rod.
  15. Which it is why it is important to drink enough that you have to drop your waders every hour.