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  1. The tubes are 7” on the canyon and precision and 8” on the bag with the striper on it
  2. Thanks for the offer, I’m not looking to ship. I can meet you somewhere half way if that works for you
  3. I have 3 surf bags that I no longer use. I have switched to using a belt. asking $60.00 each/make an offer. located 08759 thanks
  4. Pier, is there something specific about the helix 7 that is a pain?
  5. I can see how that’s possible, it has a ton of features. I’m sure the side scan is very helpful.
  6. Onthefly, very nice, thanks. Nice job on the build. Is the pole weighted on the bottom? I guess to use you just release the cord on the cam lock and the pole free falls? Looks like a nice alternative and a good winter project, thanks
  7. Thanks for the reply’s, I may try a small anchor. Like everyone said the connivence of pressing a button is cool, but the trade of is weight. Another consideration is fishing tight spots with low hanging branches and having the top of the pole get hung up. Maybe I’ll fish next year without it and keep track of how many times I could have really used it. Besides, for me, one of the best things about a kayak is nothing mechanical to fail. After years of boat ownership the lack of maintenance and fuel costs are well worth it. Michael, I have a helix with the side scan that I can’t wait to use, should help me learn a few lakes a lot quicker, so the helix is the only thing that can actually not work while I’m out on the water. Thanks again for the reply’s. Merry Christmas
  8. How many have a power pole and do you think it’s worth the investment. I just picked up my atak 120. I’ll be installing a fish finder and the other accessory I’m thinking about is a power pole. I’ll be fishing mostly freshwater lakes and reservoirs, but I do plan on fishing the Delaware when I can. I think it’ll be beneficial in moving water but I also see it being useful when it’s windy to work a section of water. Thanks
  9. Anyone have some quality freshwater tackle they’d like to trade? thanks
  10. Thanks db…good advice, I’m not far behind you in age. The blade size I have now seems to be ok, but I don’t have a lot to compare it to. I’m leaning towards the carbon because of the weight. I haven’t ventured into the salt yet, but I hope to change that next season, but I’ll start in the bay. I had a good year wading in the back, but there were a few days/nights I wish I had the kayak. I’ve got some time, there are plenty of choices. thanks
  11. Thanks cheech…I take good care of my stuff and don’t abuse it. The lightness and the ability to adjust to any length is going to be cool to use this coming season…thanks for everyone’s input
  12. Thanks diesel…I’m going carbon for sure, thanks
  13. Thanks db, I will be paddling an atak 120, I currently have an aqua bound, which I’ve had for about 5 years. Nothing wrong with that paddle other than the weight. I’ve been reading that for kayaks with a wide beam a bigger blade is better. Thanks for the heads up about sales after New Years. I doubt I’ll be paddling until spring so I have some time. It would be great to be able to go to a show and compare paddles. Hopefully they start up again.