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  1. Yours for 35.00 shipped.
  2. Emblem is intact. I’ll take a bunch when I get back from Florida. I’m here until the 31st. sold to fishnorthshore.
  3. 50.00 shipped is a very fair price.
  4. Closed.
  5. Bump. Great deal here.
  6. 50.00 shipped for the Goo-Goo.
  7. One of a few. 60.00 shipped.
  8. Nope
  9. 50.00 shipped. In very good condition.
  10. Yours. Thank you.
  11. Up for sale, brand new never seen the water RM Smith jointed. She’s a beauty. Hate to see her go. $40.00 shipped.
  12. Sold to madfish. thank you.
  13. New never seen the water. Paid 50.00 for them plus shipping. Looking for 50.00 plus 6.00 to ship. New, bought these from Ryan himself, hate to let them go, but I have no choice.
  14. 2 Beachmasters. New never fished. 50.00 shipped