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  1. Sorry for the late pick, was building a shed all day.
  2. I'll take the Seahawks!
  3. I'll take the Patriots!!
  4. CQ p-Green Bay Firinne - Green Bay LBI SurfRat BrokenHook-New England JM13 JM131 CHIEF500 - BENGALS, Glub=Packers DMcLeod-New England robraz-PACKERS g2h-PACKERS
  5. payment sent John.
  6. i'm in, let's see if i remember this pay-pal stuff.
  7. worst game I've seen them play in quite a while.
  8. Sorry about taking so long. You had stated not to ship them while you were on vacation, and I totally forgot after that. My error. I believe I more than made up for it. You bought 5 plugs for 80.00 and I sent you 10 plugs, an extra 5 for your wait. I've never stiffed a person in my life, not my way. Just completely forgot. I rarely ever go on here anymore. My apologies.
  9. Yes, I got it yesterday, I was away camping. I'll get the plugs out to you in the next day or so. Thanks again.
  10. 60.00 picked up. I'm in mass.