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  1. Good afternoon folks, I decided to take apart my emblem pro to give it a tune up, now I can’t put it back together correctly. There’s a little metal piece I’m assuming set the bail once you press the bail set button. Is anyone familiar with this reel? I can post up pics. Better yet, if there’s someone here I can send the reel to, to get it professionally serviced and put back together correctly, I’d rather go that route. thanks in advance.
  2. Dam, this thread is still going. hope you guys are all well!
  3. g2h

    Plug ID

    Life is good. I’ll have to pop in and say hello
  4. Nearly mint Penn 550SSG. Made in the USA! 68.50 shipped.
  5. g2h

    Plug ID

    Does anyone know who made this plug?
  6. You’re right. Most of the lots are 7 or more plugs, used the same description for this lot. my apologies. I’m located in Mass.
  7. Cape Cod tackle. great pencil. I’ll weigh it when I get home.
  8. No. My prices are extremely fair. the 8.50 is to ship priority.
  9. I closed them because I didn’t want the same buyers buying additional lots and me having to repackage everything I had already done. Lots 1-4 are back up
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