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  1. My kind of report!
  2. Post it in your local market place on facelessbook...or google up auto wreckers
  3. I knew I liked this guy for a reason
  4. And some wonder why his noggin is so large....
  5. A standard requirement for posting here on a 24/7 basis
  6. Multi personalities here add to the allure...no?
  7. He may be lactating by Friday..
  8. Let’s not get carried away now
  9. Thanks Bob! Items received in stellar condition lock it down
  10. I always bring goodies when visiting! Stuffed cherry poppers too?
  11. You need some lead fumes in your diet to straighten you up...it’s only been ...3? Years this is in the making!
  12. Dayuuuum....luckily no one got hurt! When can we come by and initial your concrete?
  13. The novelty wears off fast doesn’t it?
  14. Fake news...