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  1. Now wait a minute Sir You survived Vietnam...36 hours without power.. Getting soft on us?
  2. These Yams and food never seem to disappoint!
  3. We talking prosciutto, and provolone, roasted reds, or ham and velveeta?
  4. Bastids...now I’m hungry ...AGAM
  5. Wow...cough...welcome aboard..cough cough
  6. Yes! You’ve got quite the Dorothy Hamill spin moves!
  7. Are they installed and running yet? so what..they’re sold...
  8. So what kinda sammiches should be expected? asking for a friend...
  9. Beast
  10. Pricise10 the storm that never shows
  11. It’s Raiders place...of course it does!
  12. Not utilizing the duct work that’s already there steeerike 1
  13. Almost