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  1. From a crab story to gauging each other’s heights….buncha rooners
  2. Great story! Nice addition to your canine collection!
  3. thing called brick seek will help Ya…some stores clearance different than others. Type in the item, or the SKU and it will give You a radius of stores that have that item, how many, and cost.
  4. Seemingly he uses them on occasion
  5. The perfect postured bird flip ….now that was funneh
  6. one way to protect your tools from thieves
  7. Even weirder someone took note
  8. Search up Navien….never did one personally, but had seen a functional set up of 5 zones. Basically it’s an insta hot on demand boiler like the rennai water heaters. Lots of btu options, large, and small. about the same $ as a regular standing boiler
  9. Mike my sincere condolences.
  10. Soy Vay or soy aminos for marinade ROASTED garlic too….
  11. Nope…he was bar hopping in filthy
  12. you were sposed to be mah partner here…we would have stomped those m***** f****** out always on top of a perverdiversion
  13. Oh….option 3 is my choice….
  14. Concrete holds up fine…problem is with most masons is they don’t jitterbug the cream to the top, and in a year the gravel starts to show through. another detail they forget to leave out, is sealing that concrete…simple process that adds YEARS to the life of said work…almost like sealing grout….