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  1. That you missed the invite?
  2. Mere dusting compared to Buffalo…
  3. Isn’t snow glorious! In Jases area!
  4. Not for long…relax
  5. They’re Ads! that pop up…in the way….. just tap em…
  6. Some days can’t even log in with “pop ups” ads in the way
  7. Show up in whatever you want….always a good time hanging out with these knuckleheads from here. You in?
  8. Don’t invite this guy then
  9. And a fire pit for weekdays
  10. Remind me to not read any of the OPs stuff …
  11. Take this fight elsewhere Mokes…
  12. Así que saliste a tomar un refrigerio, porque querías y eras demasiado perezoso para hacer algo en casa... Supongo que un dólar extra no te matará. better?
  13. Bif veggytable Soup….
  14. So ya go out to grab a snack, cuz ya wanted to, and were too lazy to make something at home…I guess an extra buck wont kill you