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  1. It’s like giving Fred Flintstone a Ferrari
  2. And that’s all you’ll get outta these sweethearts
  3. It is Belmo...so most of the comments apply
  4. I’m not reading all that...hopefully one of you mentioned these...but there are ones that have a micro switch to change the light spectrums..from warm to day light...these are a 5... well Belmo..20 minute swap, and draw minimal. They are dimmable. I install these all the time.
  5. Steve and Ed’s....or Trappeys, Red Devil... youre welcome
  6. Error 411.... just posting period...
  7. The votes are tallied, and it’s unanimous....
  8. Whaaaatt?
  9. Get well soon Vic
  10. And why does no one like this doood? He writes valid stuff sometimes
  11. That’s Gringlish...
  12. Perfect..it’s 4 pm...the liquor stores are open for another 6 hours
  13. Shut it off and reboot it...