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  1. coming from the ice hole who couldn’t land SOMEONE else’s fish from the ice hole
  2. Juans prolly not old enough to remember records... and yeah...I do...the little stamps of your choices...
  3. What? You mean right in front of him...instead of hiding behind a key board tryna be funny! Its all good you fellas have fun...may the sea robins be with you!
  4. If anything...an opportunity to meet 7 numbers is on my list....but even he’s not coming
  5. Sorry for myself? i should have read the ****** thing, but as per our text the night before,...was never told to be hush...that’s where you went wrong...not I. Sweetheart
  6. Hey. Eff you...I’m part Russian too...makes me a pollock with half an education
  7. mah bad Pete...didn’t realize there was a wait list.... i will wipe the sol train wreck tracks off your back next go around.
  8. < is a BIG bitch...and a dick to boot....have fun fellas to think I SLAVED to stuff these things for the trip...whoa is me
  9. Change of plans
  10. ******* Marsha
  11. Since when does anyone follow directions here....thanks Sir...you’ve clarified things
  12. NVM....Eric..the spot is yours...want me to pay for Ya too? I’m out
  13. Aight....luv to stay here and chat with you wahoos...see ya Friday
  14. You’re not? Grrrrrr....who da **** will put up with my ****