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  1. Bait the hook, set it....
  2. Youre asking tool advice from a bunch of tools?
  3. . page 28, already? Hot topic of the day. I gotta get out more often. da ***** with the rabbit tard?
  4. And yet, you come here for advice. I hope by page 10 you get to the bottom of this bro. If not forward me the info.
  5. Weekend bumparoo,
  6. Last transmission i got was " knock it off...it aint ****** funny" wtf? Eff all y'all
  7. Snyper , No major collision as where airbags have been deployed, or frame damage. Truck has all original panels, except the bumper skins which the front was bumped by someone while truck was parked. And the back is original, but had a parking lot bump, from another fine driver who bumped and left. The skin is slightly loose on the driver side, and will need a plastic retainer. Its not falling off, just loose.Recall on ignition switch has been done, and common service has been done by a respectable mechanic, fluids,brakes tires. If you have ever dealt with Chrysler Jeep, at least the few by me, you would never bring your car there ever again. They suck. The truck for the most is turnkey, spare tire the chrome has peeled off the wheel, and need a new valve stem...other than that its road ready.
  8. **** did i say that outloud?
  9. That would entail having to catch said fish
  10. Giants fans...you should all burn your jerseys or whatever you wear prouldly. Took my kid and several of his friends to the game yesterday, tailgated, laughed it up, and was psyched to see the game...Nope, not a yoooge pro sports fan, and even now, less than i started. How many times were they within the 20? And couldnt capitalize? They suck...and my guess is they will continue to.. Lmao, and slams the Sports Forum door
  11. Monday nudge ttt
  12. I'll second that. Its a great rod, Contemplating a second one, ya know, for back up goin for the coin toss!
  13. Fify
  14. another failed success story. Wth is wrong that being on top of the world isnt enough?