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  1. Just got back. Bluefish Bluefish Bluefish.. one puppy. I did see a few other puppies caught but not many.
  2. Ok Just like Cape Cod then.
  3. Hey guys go or no go at night on Island? What time do you have to be off and get on?
  4. both cast nets will be with me. Cant pass up free bait..
  5. Great guys thanks. Yes I have a 4wd. Like I said fished Carova last 12 years early October. Job situation has changed and we are thinking further south and a little later in October. Thinking the 17 of Oct to the 31.
  6. We are usually the second week of Oct. up on the northern beaches. Some years we hit the big one some years we don't. Thinking about going south for a change. How are the NPS accesses while you are down? Any suggestion on houses near the access points? Thanks for suggestion
  7. So Im looking for some feed back on Mid to late October on the island. Stayed there a few years ago for a few days( last year before permits). Seem to be a ghost town. Loved it. What fish are caught there at that time? We Just caught Spot and Black drum. I think the big drum are still to the north then,but I may be wrong. Also is anything closed as far as beach access normally this time of year? Just starting to look for houses to rent now.. Thanks
  8. Great to see.. Makes me wish for October.. Great pics and play by play
  9. Smell is a big draw back of Milorganite I use it on my greens when I aerate in fall. I also put it down over the ice on some greens in late spring to get some black color on the ice to break it up.. Did I mention the smell??? WoW.. But to be expected for what it is.. After a rain is 10x worse... Cheap and it works.
  10. done
  11. I know ya missed me.. ha ha
  12. Well That was a chore.. resign back in.. password changes emails rechange password...but not that anyone cares.. but Im back..
  13. Im ready for this stuff to melt up here too.. Gonna take awhile.. Betting it will be in woods till June here easy... Get m worm!!
  14. No costco near me... Damn thats pretty cheap
  15. Off shore I would talk to Jeff Ross on the Obsession. Great Fisherman. He is in mexico for the winter fishing sailfish.. Inshore have fished with a few down there. None I would recommend. Only tried 3 separate boats for inshore over the years. Gave up on inshore captains. Last guy we fished a half day trip...We caught on none keeper flounder...LOL.... Im sure there are better captains but im over it.