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  1. What bites a pogie this cleanly? Shark? This is a single clean bite... too big for a bluefish I think...
  2. Good striper water right there in tight. Have been huge schools of pogies not far from beach in past couple weeks, although didnt see any yesterday. Bass and Tuna have been crushing them.
  3. Ptown pogies getting whacked by bass, minke whale, and something that took 90% of a pogie in one large clean bite...
  4. Tuna of Marshfield and Scituate slamming the pogies. 30' of water!!
  5. Made my first trip in my new (to me) boat this morning. Foggy, chilly but otherwise nice morning. Got into macs quickly, some huge ones, and filled the well. Tried drifting them down on the backside, nothing. then back around the point there were birds and a small fleet, marked lots of macs, but didn't see any bass or catch anything. Good to get the boat out and get familiar with the new electronics and radar.
  6. Shimano Tekota level wind with braided line on 7' custom graphite rod from CMS..
  7. I have OTW issues dating back to 2003, maybe earlier. Come pick them up and they are yours. Decent condition. PM me.
  8. Julius is the flagship, they have it most days. Green, Haze, Doppleganger, AlterEgo, Hurricane all good. Lights On is one of my favorites,.
  9. Before I recycle maybe 15 years of OTW magazines, thought I would check here to see if anyone wants them... If so I will get them together for pickup. Not sure how many years, but its alot...
  10. i wondered if that was squidding.
  11. So for the last 4 nights there has been a boat off of Cold Storage Beach in N Truro with a spot light shining on something. They arrive after dark and seem to be there until 2 or 3 in the morning. Anyone have a clue what they are doing? Really bright light..
  12. Lights On is one of my favorites...
  13. Two years ago we landed our first bluefin, 55". After cutting loins into strips I set the belly flap in basement fridge. we all ate the loins raw for about 6 days, delicious. then i remembered the belly flap and took it out. As I cut it into strips there was oil everywhere. after removing skin i sliced into pieces and it was incredible. My 12 year old daughter asked why we were eating the other meat when we had this... Each day it got better. That and striper sashimi are the best..
  14. Picked up a good mask/snorkel combo at SS Divers and am just back from 8 days on Grand Cayman. Awesome!