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  1. These were always my most productive in Ptown and Truro. Haven't been on the beach in a few years and I don't think Yozuri makes these anymore. Crystal minnow and Tobimaru.
  2. RRBF, I like that system. Thanks for the photos.
  3. Really, why is that?
  4. Wondering how you organize soft plastic baits. I have Hogy, RonZ, Fin S Fish, Hurley, Shankas and more. All in various colors and sizes, along with all the assorted jig heads. Do you keep them in the plastic bags or organize them in boxes? Trying to figure out the most efficient method.
  5. Thinking starting with winter flounder in and around harbor as well as early haddock. Schoolie bass on light tackle in and around rivers. Learn to fish more around Boston harbor as well instead of always heading for PTown...
  6. Sitting here with snow on the ground amid a pandemic, I have been thinking a lot about the upcoming season and what I might do differently this year. I fish from a 30'CC out of Scituate and the last couple of years I have had the tuna bug so badly that I wasted a lot of the summer on unproductive and frustrating trips for rec size tuna in the Stellwagen/Ptown area. It wasn't until late September that we had success finding rec fish on/around the bank and PTown, other than a trip to Crab Ledge in August. Now I know I could have spent more time covering ground further east, and could have gone to Chatham more, becoming a better tuna fisherman, but that's not the point of this thread... As I reflect on the last couple seasons, I realize I have lost the enjoyment of fishing for other species that was once so enjoyable. Even in the midst of a bass frenzy, I'm thinking about tuna... This tuna obsession can be a problem! Also, during the pandemic, I have done significantly more cooking and have learned a lot and sparked an interest in different preparations of fish. So this season I am planning a new approach to focus on catching personal bests (including first time catches) of as many species as I can, Black Sea Bass, Fluke, Winter Flounder, Tautog, Striped Bass, Bluefish, as well as various ground fish including trying for halibut. Possibly run a trip or two south of MV, or even vineyard sound. I think by targeting different varieties and learning different areas and tactics, it will bring back the enjoyment I used to have prior to the tuna sickness... Will hopefully provide different species for new preparations in the kitchen as well. Doesn't mean I won't find myself off Chatham at some point or October tuna hunting, but from April through August I hope to focus elsewhere. Wondering if anyone else has undertaken a similar therapy or has any suggestions for me or want to relate their story? I don't trailer the boat so I am somewhat limited in range from Scituate (and time, hard to get full morning to night passes very often). I may get slip along the south cape (Falmouth) for a week or two at some point as well. Any suggestions for tracking progress, different species and tactics, or general locations much appreciated.
  7. I have a fishing question if thats ok? Wondering what you guys use for top water bass fishing around the race? I have always fished soft plastics (fin s fish, ronz, hurley) but never really used any top water plugs. Ideas?
  8. Surfcasting for bass with bait (sand eels, seaworms, chunks) I used Gamakatsu 7/0 circle octopus on hi/lo rigs. These were offset hooks and no longer legal to use. I have used them for probably 10-15 years with great success, only problem is they do gut hook more than I expected. Didn't seem to matter if I caught dogfish, skate, bluefish or fluke. Never noticed that I was missing fish. Haven't surf casted for a few years, but would now go with the same inline version if I do. Fishing live eels the same. Never had an issue. From the boat, I now use the Gamakatsu 7/0 in line circles for bass/blues etc. when chunking or live lining, including eels. No difference, maybe a few fewer gut hooks. I had used the offset for as long as I can remember. For tuna, we live line with crimped on 8/0 Gamakatsu 4X Inline circles. Have used them for 5 years and I don't think we have ever failed to hook up. We lose them for other failures -- usually our incompetence -- but can't remember failing to hook up on a bite. We do NOT target giants, our sweet spot is the large rec fish 60-72". Have not tried circles for cod/haddock/groundfish as I am lazy and buy pre-tied rigs with traditional hooks. Maybe I will this year.
  9. Tough morning yesterday. Drifting macs near the point. Marked lots of fish in very specific depth, very hard to stay in that zone with all the boats, current and wind. Got 1 keeper size bass and some smaller. Didn't find any activity around the corner to PHill.
  10. Thank you all for replies and info. We decided to stay closer to home. This looks like a great area after perusing google earth. Maybe next year.
  11. Hi all, We are considering a week long rental in the Groton Long Point area and was looking for some local advice/knowledge. We would likely bring our 30'CC (I would bring it from MA South Shore) for the week. Are there good areas for fishing/family exploring in the area? Looks pretty cool with Fishers Island and the Block close by. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  12. Bayside can be productive for schoolies. If you're looking for food, Montanos in NTruro is awesome for take out...