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  1. Tough morning yesterday. Drifting macs near the point. Marked lots of fish in very specific depth, very hard to stay in that zone with all the boats, current and wind. Got 1 keeper size bass and some smaller. Didn't find any activity around the corner to PHill.
  2. Thank you all for replies and info. We decided to stay closer to home. This looks like a great area after perusing google earth. Maybe next year.
  3. Hi all, We are considering a week long rental in the Groton Long Point area and was looking for some local advice/knowledge. We would likely bring our 30'CC (I would bring it from MA South Shore) for the week. Are there good areas for fishing/family exploring in the area? Looks pretty cool with Fishers Island and the Block close by. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  4. Bayside can be productive for schoolies. If you're looking for food, Montanos in NTruro is awesome for take out...
  5. Back around 98/99 began surfcasting RP and area. We had no idea what we were doing, wearing bathing suits and ready to go with swimming plugs. Drove out to the point about 3:30am on an early June new moon and saw some guys at the Traps. We wandered over. The group was from Jersey and they were nice enough to show us what a hi lo rig was. They pointed to the sand and there were live sand eels everywhere on the exposed bar. Simply put one on each hook, got in line, made a cast, and hooked up. Incredible morning that we repeated the next day. Multiple bass of 40" and more, literally hit as soon as the bait hit the water. Never had another day like those in the surf... Big thanks to those guys, never got their names, but they showed us not just the technique, but also the etiquette.
  6. Reel Deal Charters or Schooney in Truro. Beth Ann out of PTown.
  7. Came over yesterday about 7am hoping early June bass. Started around Ranger station and made my way down past Peaked Hill. Mackerel boats working, tons of macs, no sign of bass. Birds working on sand eels being pushed up by macs. Poked around for a bit, no signs of any bass. Worked back to the point, saw Rich in the Beth Ann headed where we had been - maybe he found some. No signs of bass anywhere. Decided to try fishing ledge for bottom fish, couldn't get clams past the macs, ended up back of Marshfield for haddock. good dinner.
  8. Always use the Gamakatsu Circle Octopus like Zak, but they are offset and now will be illegal. Need to find a good in line circle.
  9. Fairway on Rt 6 in Orleans was always good with the family.
  10. Bad Mojo, hard to say but likely larger rec. Went out today, not pleasant. Saw a school come through, no love for us.. rough.
  11. Was out today off the bank. Lost 2. Try again tomorrow...