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  1. Ally I too never met your brother but knew John from his posts here on SOL.I always enjoyed his posts and his passion for fishing.I havnt posted in awhile but when I saw this I just had to say Im sorry to hear John passed away.He will be missed.Sorry for your loss and its our loss too.
  2. Years ago I remember a member in Hawaii posting he used a Penn 4/0 to cast for big fish.I read the reel wasn't one of your first choices but for the price of the Penn compared to some of the other reels it might be worth looking into.GOOD LUCK.
  3. Inch by inch the antigun liberals are taking our rights away.The Safe Act made us felons overnight.
  4. Carl was a great guy.We would buy his plugs(copy of Atom Striper swiper)on the beach back in the day of the big bluefish blitzes
  5. Years ago I would try to teach a person how to use a spinning reel but with the comments you get back I just smile now and keep my distance.
  6. I cannot see how this person shot himself in the hand.If you pull the tabs your palm is not in front of the muzzle.Also most people when they eject a round from the chamber they take care that the round dosnt hit the floor and lands on a soft spot. They also visually check to see where the round lands.
  7. Me too.BeachBob looking good.
  8. Hopkins Shorty with amber plastic swim tail.
  9. When you can count the clicks you know you are reeling the right speed with certain plugs.Have used a 706 since they came out, Crack 300 and now a VS 250.I still use the 706 about 25% of the time..The main reason I bought the VS was because of the sand getting into the 706 and making it like a "coffee grinder".when standing in the wash and having waves splash all over the 706.You will not go wrong if you bought a 706.
  10. You can check a thread started by Bernie12 7/28/13 "New England Clam Chowder" in Cooking Your Catch forum.Receipe and lots of comments on making your own.
  11. Thanks guys.Both rifles have the ribbed triggers.
  12. At first I thought here we go with another statement not keeping firearms in the home.Was I surprised.Very good article and I hope it gets many reads.
  13. What site did you on to find out which serial # were on the recall list.I have two,one made in 1967 and the other made in the early eighties.Havnt had a problem with either one.
  14. Looks good.I have the same safe,thanks for the idea.
  15. All good posts.Dont forget the BEER.