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  1. Can’t help but wonder how these party boat big fish are being released. A big fish needs to be revived. Sometimes it takes a long time. Hope they ain’t just tossing them overboard.
  2. The link below is to an webcam setup on an Osprey nest in the Hamptons. It’s pretty damn cool. The nest is special because when the Ospreys head south in the fall, a pair bald eagles take it over for the winter. Apparently the Ospreys run the eagles off when they return. Click the link and scroll to bottom
  3. What up man? Believe it or not I’ve been seeing Substance on shelves by me on LI. What are they getting for the Grimm up there? Prices at the brewery are in line with every other brewery.
  4. Guess when they opened the new brewery they stopped most of their distribution. Good luck with the house man. Been there and still broke.
  5. I like those TH labels ☝️☝️☝️ Work has been bringing me past Grimm a lot lately.
  6. Good bird this AM, NY opener. 23lbs on the Boga.
  7. This stuffs nice. Really nice. Good brewery.
  8. Good beer.
  9. What’s up? Dolphins pulled off a miracle. Grimm doesn’t distribute all that much anymore, but you can grab cans anytime in their new brewery. Think they are working out the kinks still, but def churning out some good brews. Sand city is killin it
  10. Watching the Giants blow their draft pick.
  11. I fish them like ya would porgies and sea bass. Hi/low rig, small strong hooks. I usually rig top hook a little higher than usual. Light sinker. I mostly use clam. Finding them is hardest part, cover ground. If they are there, they eat.
  12. Triggers LOVE them
  13. For Medicinal use only? Hope your feeling better buddy!
  14. Lucky enough to get my hands on some Treehouse recently. This, is so damn good.
  15. I