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  1. First of all I would like to say that whatever advice that Jeff270 posted should be taken as a kayak fishing LAW....Read all his advice again and you will be above the most. As far as fishing in crazy conditions....only experience in conditions that you wouldn't think about going out in will make you more comfortable in your next trip out..... but always be prepared with all the right gear that will make it a safe trip. Here is a short, poor quality video from a trip that I just got back from in Panama. The conditions for the week were equal to this or worse. have trust in your kayak and balance , through experience and you won't even worry about the conditions. Plus, add on fighting a small tuna or any fish for 15 minutes in conditions like this and you will get the rush like nothing else. Danny V
  2. I think it's time for you to leave the site !! There isn't one catching report that make you happy.....Just stick to the lounge and don't even read the fishing reports thread....every one upsets you. There is nothing better for me than reading reports that guys are catching.......You want the ocean and bays to be only yours and have all the fish to yourself. DV
  3. I just found out that I had a cancellation for a kayak trip to Panama....The dates are , leaving from JFK on June 4th and returning, June 11th.. I have been one this trip 4 previous times and the fishing, and everything else is great !! The total price for the trip is around 2 grand for everything but flight and tips...They supply Hobie Outbacks and they also have a Pro Angler... It is for 5 full days of fishing....We arrive in Panama City (PTY) late morning on June 4th...stay one night in Panama City and get picked up the following morning for a 5 hour van ride and then get on a boat for a 90 minute ride to a kayak camp set up along the coast.... If interested, you can check out Panama kayak adventure....to see pictures of the remote lodge and everything else. There will be no surf launches...a boat picks us up on the beach with the kayaks already loaded and then a short boat ride to the fishing grounds....usually less than a 10 minute ride....You can expect to catch tuna, rooster fish, cubera snapper, mahi and about 20 other species.....Even if you are not a kayak fisherman, you will be able to fish from the boat after we all get in the water. Right now we have 3 guys and looking for a 4th. Thanks Danny V
  4. The end of June through November is usually the rainy season there.....not that the fishing is any worse but the lodge doesn't stay open for those months....Anytime from January through late June is the better months, but they book the dates pretty quick, so book early if interested . Danny V
  5. All I ever bring with me is a waterproof Simms waist pouch....It clasps in the back and it is right in my lap. If it doesn't fit in that pouch...I don't need it...Phone, rag, and any extra lures I might need for the day. Keep it simple !! Danny V
  6. Not sure what you consider "heavy"...but at 62 years old, my Revo's are around 80 lbs. each. Not sure if I had anything heavier, I would be able to lift them over my head and put them on top of my Outback....especially after two spine surgeries a few years back... Putting one on is pretty easy, but a couple of 2x4's with carpet attached to them is my way of putting two kayaks on. Not sure if I would be able to lift them onto anything higher than my Outback.
  7. It looks like they moved the south side camera so that you can see more of Turtle Cove and the road coming down. If you look, you can still see the 2 pill boxes that were there that they moved. I wonder if they are going to place them somewhere in the area and keep them ??
  8. I did very well a couple of weeks ago. before this cold snap...haven't been there since the 18th.....great numbers and a few real good ones.
  9. I must confess that after being a member here on SOL for many, many years.....I have never looked at the "Tackle Collectors" section. I am pretty much a "Kayak only" fisherman and my bag of lures consists ,mostly of jig heads, small plastics and a few different diving plugs in the spring. But seeing "Russ Anderson's" name come up as I was scrolling to the NJ Fishing section.....I had to stop and read all about a friend that I have know for close to 15 years from the very early days of the Jamaica Bay Kayak fishing tournaments. Not only did Russ have a great influence on me with his knowledge of Jamaica Bay, but getting to fish with him and have a chance to sit with him at the campsite at the tournaments and hear his stories.....was always a treat for everyone around the coolers !! His plugs are not only AMAZING, but every single one of them are of museum quality and meant to be displayed in a glass case to be admired by all . Wishing nothing but the best for you Russ and hopefully the next time I see you on the bay....while you are doing a "little" 10 mile trip and I am still trying to catch a bass........you will stop by and have a cold one with me to talk about the "old days" !!! Danny V
  10. I have made 4 trips with my kayak so far in the past 3 weeks......twice in Red Bank in the Navesink and twice in the Shrewsbury river. Wound up with about 3 dozen keepers each trip. 4 drop lines with chicken legs and added a few snappers along the way. Always a great time ! Danny V
  11. I just watched this video, which was about 10 minutes long before I edited it down to just over a minute. This was from a kayak fishing trip in Alaska in Sept. of 2011.....We were taken on a boat out of Ketchikan and the guide had a camp set up about 3 hours south of Ketchikan. All the tents and large cooking tent was set up for us when we got there and it was an amazing 6 days of catching, drinking and eating. This was the largest halibut of close to 100 landed in the week along with plenty of ling cod, salmon and every other species around. I didn't catch this one but I was taking the video...sorry for the upside down camera work for a few seconds, but trying to not get in the way and trying to paddle with the camera in my mouth......well, you understand !! LOL My friends laughing after the halibut was in the kayak is worth watching the video.......all the large halibut were released and we usually only kept one or two small fish each day that would just be enough for dinner.
  12. The first time I went to Christmas Island (1200 mile south of Hawaii) on a kayak fishing trip, we ate out at a "restaurant", which was just a hut on the side of a dirt road one night. We brought some of the fish caught that day, and they had a bunch of Mantis shrimp that the local fisherman caught that day. They cooked them a couple different ways and from what I remember they were very good . It was interesting watching how they would find a small hole in the very shallow water and dig for them and poke sticks in the hole to draw them out. Danny V
  13. We didn't keep anything that was that big, because we didn't have access to any ice.....so we just kept the smaller ones that was enough for lunch and dinner...but, yes.....even the smaller ones had to be "clubbed" after being gaffed......but everyone landed was an adventure !! LOL
  14. We estimated that one to be close to 100 lbs. The temps were in the mid 50's most days for the two trips to Alaska I have been on....both trips were late August and early September..guessing the water temps were about the same.
  15. Not in NY or the sound......but plenty of times in NJ......Keep it simple, a few drop lines, a scoop net and a small anchor off the bow..... Always a fun time !! Danny V
  16. It kills me to see people with fish finders, rod holders, camera mounts and anything else you add to both side of a kayak.............KEEP ONE SIDE BARE OF EVERYTHING AND THAT IS THE SIDE YOU PRACTICE GETTING BACK IN ON..........Rant over..............Practice on slow fishing days, before you land.....in water over your head.......Don't be a "knucklehead".....LOL....And if the gear I need, doesn't fit in a waterproof belt pouch attached to my waist....I will never need it.....no milk crates with tackle boxes...and nothing in the the rear of the kayak...Less is more !!! Danny V
  17. If you think that someone opened a store, promoting kayak fishing in the ocean with a sit inside kayak.....you are sadly mistaken, or maybe I don't know of the company or people that you are talking about........When the guys I mentioned, opened their store and promoted kayak fishing....it was with a sit on top kayak for the ocean and bays ......and having the proper gear to do so. Danny V
  18. I have been kayak fishing for over 15 years.....when I started, there were only a handful of guys that bought kayaks....set up for fishing.....thanks to Jon Shein and Joe Cambria........I have kayak fished all over this side of the world and I just want to say one thing.......there are guys that fish from a kayak and then there are guys that are kayak fisherman........There are too many guys that see posts of guys in kayaks ...go out and buy one and go fish..............They have no clue that a kayak is only the start of being a kayak fisherman........I have spent more money on the proper clothes to wear for every season and every type of conditions you can think of......and there are just too many people that don't even consider the right gear. Sorry for the rant...to answer your question....YES...there are many kayaks that are designed to be in the ocean......but my point is.....if you don't have the right gear....you should not be even in a lake, no less the ocean or bay in the kayak. Every year there are too many stories of things like this.......but like any other sport or hobby......if you don't have the right gear.....you are risking your life. Danny V
  19. I just went through a few hours of cursing and drinking.......but got it done. I replaced 2 drive cables, an idler cable and 2 new sprockets........it wasn't easy finding the cables or the sprockets and had to go through 2 different companies.......but was able to get the shipped and delivered in a few days.......Like it was said....there are several great YouTube videos that are without a doubt.......very much needed to view before and during the process..... Danny V
  20. I read online that there was someone at that lodge yesterday that fought and landed a black marlin.....6 hour battle and estimated weight of 600 lbs. !!! Took him for a 15 mile ride !! LOL.. Congrats to that guy !! Danny V
  21. Not at all.....Panama kayak adventure......is the name....you can check them out with weekly reports on Facebook........it has nothing to do with Los Buzos lodge.......Where we take the boat from to get to the lodge, is right next to Los Buzos........The lodge I go to is much more remote and we never have to launch and land land the kayaks from the surf...the boat pulls up on the beach and we are off the boat and in the kayaks fishing in 5 minutes......
  22. I was on that trip with Cheech last year....like he said...we took a boat from in front of that lodge and headed north to another kayak fishing lodge.....about an hour away by boat. at our lodge we all had our Hobies already on the mothership boat and went out every day with it...at no extra charge. It is a much more remote lodge, but the food and everything was amazing. I have been on that trip 4 times in the past 6 years and every trip the fishing was amazing.... Not sure if I will going back this year, due to work....but the owner of the lodge has a spot waiting for me if I can free up the time. Glad that you got to experience a trip like that....great pictures and great catching !! Danny V
  23. There was no way that I would be able to drag this buck out of the woods alone.......I towed this guy back down river a half of a mile to save myself from having a 3 hour drag through the woods and having a heart attack !! LOL....It still was an adventure....but by far......... the biggest thing that was in my Hobie...besides my fat A$$.........LOL Danny V
  24. Last year....almost to the day...in Christmas Island (1200 miles, south of Hawaii)........came upon busting tuna from the kayak...using a Trevala rod and a Daiwa Lexa 400 reel.....90 minute battle and at a complete stand still for almost an hour....but got it done......no scales there to weigh it, but estimated at between 80 and 90 lbs...... My arms still hurt !! LOL Danny V
  25. Here is a sting ray from a recent kayak trip to Panama......It was my first drop of the morning jigging.......and after 90 minutes, I finally got it to the kayak...... estimated weight was over 100 lbs... Danny V