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    I need saltwater to live
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    Ladies let your body flow Ill put a chill up your spine like an eskimo
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    investor, franchisee owner,

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  1. Del was taken by helicopter from The Westerly Hospital, to Rhode Island Hospital, I talked to his wife for a moment this a.m., she was on her way there.. Thats all I know
  2. Misha the bag is yours, just p.m me the details k, its in good shape I ve dunked it I fell with it Ive swan with it, its just one belt loop that needs to be sewn back on the bag, the top part of the right belt loop
  3. Bruce we can meet up and the jacket is yours, should fit, ya, Im close to the same size pm me Bruce in RI is first on the jacket,,,
  4. Sorry no pics of the bag, jacket is an Immerson Reasearch, also comes with a wind mask, jacket has all rubber gaskets, wrist neck and belt
  5. one belt loop needs repair,,,,,, 35.00 no shipping you pick up also surf jacket.. 50.00 you pick up and try it on
  6. Thats a tear jerker, Dear Lord , please bless the family and friends, and take care of them during this time of mourning
  7. Get a notebook and start documenting everything!!!!, Im in the same boat right now
  8. Lets of phone calls to some older pros today, Bledsoe come home
  9. This infomercial is on all the time, they put a million dollar marketing plan behind it, Did they ever use sluggos, not much different. I wonder if they will hit it big with this plastc bait, I thought the wieghted eye thing was kinda neat, other than that I would put a sluggo or surfhog against it any day.
  10. Bad night for RHM and a bad day for me, 2nd time towed in this season by safe sea, new carb and mechanic waiting for us at the dock, I am going to drink for the rest of the day and watch the Celtics tonight.
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