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  1. We lived on Collard Greens when I was growing up. They were trimmed and cleaned then put into a big pot, covered with water, and literally 'cooked to death'. The only flavoring used was several pieces of salt pork. Eating involved pepper sauce, accompanied by cornbread to soak up the 'pot likker'. C2
  2. I use pancakes for everytime that I would use bread. You can add just about anything to put in, or on one. I will vary the menu at times by adding cornmeal and making 'corn cakes'. C2
  3. I have surfed fished with an Ambassador 6 Star Steelhead rod for years with excellent results. It is presently spiral wrapped and will cast 3 to 4oz weights out of sight. I have pulled some rather large fish over the bar with it. C2
  4. If it snapped during your static deflection test; it is a bad blank. Better to have it snapped during testing than when hooked to the fish of your lifetime. It happens. Get another blank! C2
  5. Don't even ask! I make up 100 during the 'off' season and usually manage; through attrition(and friends ), to deplete the entire stock in one season. If you ain't losing them; you ain't fishing them! C2
  6. This is what I call the C2 Halffast Guide Spacing Method. It probably differs from any of the standard guide spacing schemes. First; bend the whole blank over until the tip is at 90 degrees to determine the flex point and spine(yes; spine!) I wrap using the flex my reference. My running guides are all the same size either equidistant or progressively spaced. I also transition the; what else?, the Transition guides to this point. This works with both spiral and spinning rods. Don't ask me about conventional guides-on-top because I'ven t done any in many years! It works for me! Belmo says it like it is! C2
  7. There are many vendors that sell rodbuilding kits. Google! These kits contain all that you'll need to complete the job. C2
  8. Beanie-Weenies with saltines; washed down with some cola! C2
  9. Do a Google on Alabama Rig. They took an Umbrella Rig to freshwater and won a tournament on it. I have used a three-legged rig with jigs for some years. They call a three-legged Alabama Rig used for casting a Finesse Rig. A Search on this Forum will provide much info. C2
  10. Albino; one with a white head and white sparse hair with red thread wrap! C2
  11. The 6500C3 will work fine for throwing plugs in freshwater. I use mine for plugging for bass on a short rod then put it on a long rod and surf fish with it! C2
  12. I have both AFAW and Team Alabama Rods which are 'dual rung'. Both have that 'funny-looking backwards collector guide on them. C2
  13. X3 on Belmo's advice! A kit has all the required matched components. It makes life easier. C2
  14. You beat me to it; CharlieK. I had to go into my tackle box to take a look at it when the light came on. Lots of fish caught on that lure and copies. It was also called a Crippled Minnow. Thanks C2
  15. Lots of surf fly fishing opportunities from Dauphin Island AL to Panama City FL There's a person who goes with the username of ChrisV who works at a tackle store in Orange Beach AL who regularly fly fishes the surf. He can steer you in the right direction. Of course; I fly fish, but over in Florida. C2