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  1. Sight fishing is pretty much the epitome of striper fishing. Like stalking big game on the Serengeti (I don’t hunt lol) Sitting with a beer in your hand and heaving a 6 ounce piece of mackerel at the canal is one extreme (I’d rather be doing house chores), blind casting a fly is fun (better than a great day at work), but sight fishing is the bomb (most fun you can have with your clothes on!) Finding your prey, matching the hatch, perfect presentation, spirited hook up, epic battle in skinny water and a successful release of an unharmed fish.... priceless!
  2. Definitely do it yourself! It’s a great winter project, it won’t cost you much at all (maybe $40 for supplies) and when you are down you can say “I wrapped that rod!” Mark the existing guide position, the guide orientation to locate the spline before unwrapping the old guides. If you can tie a fly you can wrap a rod. Good luck
  3. Maybe it’s because the beaches haven’t been as crowded because of covid??
  4. Try Sierra trading post. Lots of good deals if you can find the right size
  5. I am a proficient caster and catch my share of stripers blind casting into current and in the surf. Having trouble getting fish to eat on the flats while sight fishing in shallow water Any suggestion on fly pattern to use and presentation? Crab patterns? Just cast in the vicinity and twitch? Slow retrieve? i hear lobster patterns work well. I don’t tie anything that complicated. Where can you get lobster pattern flies? Has anyone used freshwater crawfish soft baits? Seems they are similar in size and would be very lifelike. Lots of questions!! Thx for any help. Just want to get a couple of fish to turn and take instead of darting away from my fly!!
  6. A Roj. Why don’t you spear hunt squirrels and ill buy you a bag of bird seed to feed the gulls. Killing a striper when the stocks are dangerously low to feed a seagull? That’s just wrong in my opinion
  7. Yeah I love mine. They get some iffy reviews but mine have been rock solid for hundreds of outings in the salt. Pretty much indestructible
  8. I have an Orvis Mach V with a spare spool. I love this reel (I have four of them!!) I have had 9 and 10wt lines on them. They hold 200-250yds of backing. Let me know if interested.
  9. Hey slip and slide. How are your anger management sessions going? Accepting my culpability? Get a life pal. I have done a lot more good in my life thus far, I am sure than you could ever achieve in your lifetime. Happy to compare notes should you wish. I am trying to understand a problem with fishery management and you resort to your critique of any and all recreational fisherman of which ii am one. Maybe you have massacred a few too many stripers yourself and now feel the need to overcompensate because of your guilty conscience. By the way it was you who on June 24 chastised all fishermen for “putting the beat down on fish and killing the babies”. Time to increase your medications and seek more intense counseling. McLean has a good program for individuals suffering with antisocial personality disorders. Good luck with that. On the other hand, thank you to all who have provided details about the problem and illustrating for me in a logical fashion the reasons for the present situation without resorting to angered rhetoric. Appreciate the info.
  10. Thank you everyone who has chimed in on this subject. I was not aware how many components have led to the present situation. Hopefully if we realize we are “all” part of the problem we can “all” work together to assure the healthy return of the striper population.
  11. Wow. Gang up on the guy who is trying to understand the situation. Maybe I’m naive and care enough about the fishery to be careful about the way I fish and catch and release. Yes I have looked online. I now realize it is a shared issue. Then again I don’t throw a whole bunker on a 7/0 hook and wait till the striper swallows it to set the hook. As I only fly fish, I’ll admit, I was not aware the guys with the meat sticks at the canal are fighting fish to exhaustion and are a big part of the problem. It has also been noted “online” that the commercial fishery mismanagement has contributed to the problem as well. So you can call me “blind”, “uninformed” or a “killer of babies” as another poster has done. It’s easy to accuse and deflect the blame. Maybe we are all part of the problem and if we work together we can improve the situation. That would require some degree of intelligence and cooperation and perhaps a little less childhood “name calling”.
  12. So you don’t fish anymore in the name of conservation? I’m sure it is multifactorial but calling people who fish recreationally as “putting the beat down on the poor fish and killing babies” is a bit over the top. Tell you what, ill keep fishing and practice careful catch and release. I’d be surprised if a single fish I have caught has perished. You should definitely not fish anymore since your conscience is bothering you and you are so concerned about the babies. lol
  13. Hello all, It seems general concensus is that numbers of fish and size of fish are both down Over the past few years. I have always assumed the decreases have been due to overfishing and mismanagement. There is a fellow on the fly fishing forum who claims it has nothing to do with commercial overfishing but rather because of “recreational” overfishing. I fly fish and never keep my catch except for maybe 1 fish every couple of years if we are having a gathering of friends. I catch a lot of fish and land them quickly and handle them safely and return them quickly. Does anyone support the theory of rec fishing as a cause in the downturn in size and numbers? Why would they not allow commercial fishing for stripers in the canal if recreational fishing h was the problem??
  14. Slip n slide. I’d like to see the statistics on recreational fisherman causing the demise of the striper fishery. It’s hard to believe that recreational fishermen (and women!) practicing catch and release are destroying the striper fishery as compared with large scale commercial overfishing. I’d love to see the facts if you can provide them. Otherwise you are simply presenting your “opinion” as compared with what you commented was my “opinion”. So send me the data please. I’ll look for data that supports my “opinion” as well. Funny that mass div of fish and game shut down commercial striper fishing in the canal. It would seem if the recreational fishermen were the problem, they’d shut down rec fishing and allow the commercial guys to clear out the canal. Strange??
  15. Try Sierra Trading Post. They have a starter 8wt set up. Rod, reel, backing, line for $69! He can practice with the included line then you can throw a better quality line on the reel and he’ll be casting like Lefty Kreh! Just turned my 14 yo onto fly fishing. Hooked a schoolie on his FIRST cast. He’s hooked!!