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  1. He was in Trump's corner from day one, articulate and convincing advocate for Donald, what happened and who will be next to follow?
  2. Great pics
  3. As Republicans we can do better than Trump
  4. Still my favorite 5 inch
  5. Any squid reports out there, word is the Canal still has some, what have you guys heard??
  6. We have had squid in the CCB years past but this year the short fin squid numbers have been insane, while at the East end of the Canal getting ready to launch my boat on Wednesday there were a group of people fishing squid and killing it at 9 AM in the morning, the question is have you guys seen the squid in these numbers before??
  7. Some of the message is good but the messenger sucks.
  8. Good advise
  9. This year I will focus on weather along with fishing reports to make sure we all get back safe. Top three lures for me to fish the water column. 1. Top water, 8 in Heddon Spook, white or green/white 2. Subsurface, 9 in B/P jointed single hook for trolling for blue fish "if they show up" 3. Jigging, Cape Cod Ava Straight Jig with Snag and Mung weed guard (a must) 1.5 oz or 2.5 oz Cape Cod Style AV St
  10. Is he saying what most Republicans think?
  11. "who will be next to follow?" my money is on Mattis or Kelly.
  12. "If he believes it, he is not in his right mind." You answered your own question, now what??
  13. With a strong economy going into 2020 it will be less about the wallet and more about core values.
  14. My friend explained that you vote from where you are in life, example a 25 year old may be more inclined to be concerned with student loan debt and climate change than say some one in there 40s who just lost there job and has just a high school education and is concerned about paying there mortgage, is it really where you are in life that really determines how you vote and for who??
  15. RJ are you sure you want to go down that road??"Hi was hired by Trump"
  16. Trump should be judged on the issues, this is a good call on his part, well done
  17. Farmers Hit Back as USDA Chief Sonny Perdue Mocks Those Harmed by Trump Trade War as 'Whiners' "He doesn't understand what farmers are dealing with, and he's the head of the Department of Agriculture. He's supposed to be working for farmers." Farmers facing record bankruptcy and collapsing incomes due to President Donald Trump's escalating trade war with China were not amused by U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue's joke about their economic pain during an event in Minnesota last week. "I had a farmer tell me this in Pennsylvania," Perdue told an audience of thousands of farmers gathered in a barn near Morgan, Minnesota. "What do you call two farmers in a basement? A whine cellar."
  18. Trump's biggest challenge is not print media its youtube, what say you??
  19. Will there be anyone left??
  20. "Trump said on Sunday that "there's something going on at Fox" and that his "worst polls have always been from Fox." Do you guys believe this?? "Trump has recently ramped up his war with the network that has long been his ally and is said to be afraid that it isn't loyal enough to him." Food for thought??
  21. I guess the real question is do they need to be "loyal"??