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  1. This ones easy go Pats, Just picked this one up for the man cave
  2. nice
  3. This year I will focus on weather along with fishing reports to make sure we all get back safe. Top three lures for me to fish the water column. 1. Top water, 8 in Heddon Spook, white or green/white 2. Subsurface, 9 in B/P jointed single hook for trolling for blue fish "if they show up" 3. Jigging, Cape Cod Ava Straight Jig with Snag and Mung weed guard (a must) 1.5 oz or 2.5 oz Cape Cod Style AV St
  4. Fox News from today "we have a choice we can fight them there or here?" "I would rather we fight them there"
  5. White works for me
  6. The Federal Aviation Administration’s air traffic controllers are among the 420,000 federal employees who have been deemed essential and ordered to work without pay. What say you??
  7. Did anyone see the new Jerry Jones boat??
  8. Not sure why but one of my favorite things to do is look at fishing boats, am I alone in this??
  9. "defeating an ideology." You are right this is the goal, it has little to do with geography, prayers for the fallen.
  10. Sad to say time to repower my boat, just dropped off the down payment
  11. "Sometimes the best boats don't even last a day." this is what gets me in trouble
  12. 30 years, thank you for your service.
  13. I drove by a VA Hospital and the sign said "Inside these walls lies the price of freedom" Lets leave it at that.
  14. nice
  15. Jay what happened to your brown trout?
  16. Food for thought thanks for sharing