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  1. "Liberalism" No, Capitalism Yes, I have to admit it is a good time to be a capitalist
  2. "Taking money from a man that earned it by the threat of, or use of force-and giving it to a man that did not earn it. is always wrong, and it is never ever right". Food for thought thanks for sharing but some things don't add up I get that the price of boat trailers jumped 35 percent, but why does my neighbors house increase by $75,000 in two months?? What is going on??
  3. I get why small to moderate prices have jumped but why high priced houses?? why??
  4. Give it up Little, Trump will never risk being a two time loser to Sleepy Joe, now Pence is some one who can beat the Dems
  5. "Nobody wants to work when the government tit pays more". Good point
  6. "orange man" is old news, thank god ? is will Pence be able to fix the mess?
  7. "Anyone here notice their tax bill going up?" This is what scares me the most House prices
  8. One of the Strawberry farms had a help wanted, They should take your advise "better import some more refugees and alien immigrants to do the jobs Americans won’t do"
  9. I don't mind the signs but not my Table pad, just crazy
  10. 5 inch ABB bait, Crossover lure mimics sand eels, silver sides, baby squid
  11. Stopped at Red Top Bait/Tackle heading off Cape, Sign in window Help Wanted, Every where I look all I see is Help Wanted, I sit down for a bite to eat at the local burger shop, my place mat is an employee application form it's getting ridiculous, is it this bad where you are??
  12. Any one with a schoolie report??
  13. The sad part is SOL members fell for the Stop the Steal money scam check boxes, sad stuff