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  1. Maine Guide you lived in Mass, why is Mass Health so cheap?? and it covers everything, I don't have it but my sister does she pays little to nothing? is there a difference between Obama Care and Mass health??
  2. Found my missing chunk bait in an unplugged freezer, good lord the smell, any how my first bass usually is taken around the 3rd week of April
  3. Thanks for sharing
  4. I saw this one coming a mile away 'What's with @FoxNews?': Trump fumes after Bernie Sanders town hall"
  5. Nothing worse than a weak hook
  6. Quite the listthanks for sharing
  7. At 3 AM tough to beat a 9 inch black sluggo
  8. All good stuff thanks for sharing
  9. Taking a break from rigging lobster traps, that said what is your order of importance regarding a lure? 1, Action 2, Color 3, Scent 4, Size for me 1,3,4,2 What say you??
  10. Part two, he is not my cup of tea but he is fun to watch
  11. When we have big blue fish around a single tail hook can't be beat
  12. Here you go, It was not bad, but I was hoping for a little more back and fourth from the Fox people but it was fun to watch