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  1. OK my spring freshwater fishing is in the books time to hit the beach today
  2. One of them has over "He is 2nd from the left" 150,000 subscribers on the Net
  3. Giving a schoolie go today wish me luck
  4. "I have seen the NIH documentation on viruses collected," That takes Q clearance
  5. Amazon jus delivered 3 fly reels
  6. "Over a virus stockpiled by the NIH in china" This is a Q talking point Still my favorite new Q drop "Trump is still in charge he has just taken the form of Joe Biden"Yiks
  7. There goes that argument "Beginning in March, the coronavirus outbreak upended the presidential and statewide primary calendar, leading many states to not only change the date of their elections, but also change how they conducted those elections. Some states consolidated the number of in-person polling locations on election day -- often due to the difficulty of recruiting poll workers, who tend to be older Americans more susceptible to the most dire consequences of the virus. Other states conducted primarily all-mail elections. There were some that proactively sent applications to vote by mail to registered voters. And some states loosened restrictions around who qualified to cast an absentee mail ballot and what voters needed to provide in order to do so."
  8. Nice Squid are in
  9. More bad news for Sidney"A new forensic audit found “no evidence of tampering or hacking” in voting machines in Maricopa County, Arizona, county officials announced Tuesday, offering more proof last November’s presidential election was not stolen from former President Donald Trump despite baseless claims from his allies in Arizona and across the country.
  10. J I do give you credit for getting your money back
  12. "Isn't she actually admitting to slandering Dominion, in a defamation suit brought against her? Why would she do that?" Good ? this ones for Brian