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  1. My first ever Valentines day and fishing show weekend, two birds one stone
  2. I think sound matters except in the Canal way to much back round sound.
  3. In a weird way do agree in some areas, I don't consider Trump a Republican, What I have trouble with is when the left will not give him some slack when he is trying to negotiate with China on trade, and the Right will not call him out for having illegals "4:50 in the video" on the payroll when he calls for a border wall.
  4. Booth sides already put up some fence "But some 700 miles of border fencing had already been completed along the country's nearly 2,000-mile border with Mexico, much of it during Barack Obama's presidency, as part of the Secure Fence Act of 2006, which was signed by George W. Bush."
  5. To give some perspective on how much scent works there are certain areas in Alaska that if you are caught in possession of herring oil you will be looking at major fines
  6. Good ? also interesting how loud the Canal is underwater
  7. Ness thanks for sharingAnyone who thinks the Republican Party is too far right is just out of touch. The Republican Party is too far LEFT. I think you missed the ?, the question is why total hate or total unconditional love for Trump, where is the middle ground??
  8. Al most
  9. My friends either love or hate Trump, there seems to be no middle ground, how did we become so polarized??
  10. I am a big diver and I have never seen bass just sitting they are always on the move.
  11. Seawall heights would required to be 4 feet by 2035 and 5 feet by 2050, under a proposal in a study by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The increased heights would protect coastal communities from an expected two feet of sea level rise over the next 50 years and at least of foot of potential storm surge, officials said
  12. Thanks for sharing Dan "7 FT" yiks
  13. Think of it this way a striper or salmon swim thousands of miles back to spawning grounds, and how do they do it "SMELL" so yes scent matters.
  14. very informative