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  1. Trusty and Rowley issued a joint statement in which they said they were resigning from the legal team entirely.
  2. I watched the guy defending Trump on Fox and friends at 9AM this morning, yikes
  3. Now you know why a good percentage of Republicans will never vote for him no matter what
  4. Today's report lots of marks in CCB in deeper water 50ft, fished some shoreline for 20 mins, I caught nothing, But my lobster traps are in
  5. It's all about the percentages of which some Republicans will always vote for Trump some will never vote for him and the majority are waiting to see what happens. My take on it is the special council investigating Trump might be what's needed to push support to another Republican and if that happens Republican will win in 2024
  6. Thanks for sharing Jim food for thought Interesting numbers today, 25 percent of the GOP will always vote for Trump, 25 percent will never vote for him, and 50 percent are open minded to all candidates, so I see a dark house trying to capture that 75 percent, but the problem is there might be to many of them for now
  7. " He has taken the lead on rebuilding the nation’s space program. The National Space Council, a group of experts that advises the president on space policy, disbanded in 1993. But Trump and Pence brought it back in 2017. In addition to spearheading an eventual mission to Mars, Pence has championed $8 billion in new funding for Space Force—an extraplanetary military unit. At press time, Congress was deadlocked over the idea and funding for the command."
  8. Jim with Trump looking like multiple felony's in the near future heading his way who does that leave???
  9. I agree with you that the front runners are dead, but who does that leave???
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