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  1. Jay I think it has nothing to do with what the Dems are doing "not much"
  2. Food for thought, thanks for sharing
  3. 6 Independent voters 4 days ago,
  4. nice
  5. Fished lower Cape with a friend for Togs, nothing caught
  6. Thanks for sharing all, I will see what I can find for a video
  7. Gary only one thing left to say
  8. thanks
  9. Good advise, it was relatively normal until the dictator stuff came up.
  10. I did not think they existed until my fishing partner said the other day "It would be a good thing if they did away with our current form of government and made Trump a dictator" "I was speechless" You wounder how many more think this way?
  11. The scary part is there is more of these than you think?
  12. Doing a little multi species from shore 10/19, will report back
  13. Bullred44 to me an independent is someone willing to take the heat and say "I like some of the things Trump does and I dislike some of the things Trump does" what say you??