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  1. 1 hour ago, TopStriperAngler said:


    Had that on list but the ODM technique worked with a combo of duct tape and rubber pads for getting the nonslip grip and I guess hands alone produced more than enough torque. Did you ever use a strap wrench on a stuck rod? Just curious for future reference like. 

    Yes I have used this in the past on my two piece tuna spinning rods . Works great 

  2. 3 hours ago, 01hooked said:

    Hi new here, wondering about the eye slot position on the pikie high slot vs mid slot. would the high eye slot get the plug to dig deeper as opposed to the mid slot? Any replies are greatly appreciated. 

    You want the high slot for plugs that go down . The low slot is better for surface plugs like a Danny . If you look at a Danny pichney you will see he used a low slot pikie #3 , unfortunately you can’t buy that style lip only the high 

  3. 41 mins ago, R.R. Bridge Fisher said:

    Is that chartreuse with silver? I like that color scheme 

    The top is silver .. bottom is white and chartreuse “jersey killer”

  4. 29 mins ago, mikejd said:

    65 is to heavy. I would say nothing over 50 and I like what Jeffahh is recommending at 20 to 30 so you can down size the lead.

    Iv been doing this for a very long time . If you are targeting 50+ pound tiles 65 pound line is what you want . For kittens yeah lighter line . 20 pound line will brake in a real tile trust me . 

  5. Stick with 65# braid to reduce drag . For sinkers flat banks work best , do not use cannon balls you will tangle the whole boat , they will roll as you drift the canyon walls and wipe out guys next to you . Worst thing about tilefishing is the tangles , guys using electric reels usually are the main cause 

  6. 1 min ago, mikejd said:

    2-3 lbs is on the lighter side. I have done about 10 of these trips and we almost always end up in the 4-5 lb range. Last trip 5 would not hold. This trip started with 3 lbs for a few hours.

    2-3 pounds are the standard sized weights used tile fishing .. I always carry a few 5lb sinkers for when the current is screaming. Iv been file fishing for many years and have only used 5’s a handful of times . 

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