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  1. Yes I have used this in the past on my two piece tuna spinning rods . Works great
  2. Magic tails makes a high quality Bucktail
  3. You want the high slot for plugs that go down . The low slot is better for surface plugs like a Danny . If you look at a Danny pichney you will see he used a low slot pikie #3 , unfortunately you can’t buy that style lip only the high
  4. I have the 2hp grizzly , going strong for over 15 years
  5. Wonder who started the slim craze
  6. The top is silver .. bottom is white and chartreuse “jersey killer”
  7. Like I said earlier, iv done many trips over the last 20 years and iv only had to go to 5 pound lead a hand full of times . 2 lb is the standard size we use
  8. Iv been doing this for a very long time . If you are targeting 50+ pound tiles 65 pound line is what you want . For kittens yeah lighter line . 20 pound line will brake in a real tile trust me .
  9. Thanks man . This plug took me a few years to get it right ..
  10. Stick with 65# braid to reduce drag . For sinkers flat banks work best , do not use cannon balls you will tangle the whole boat , they will roll as you drift the canyon walls and wipe out guys next to you . Worst thing about tilefishing is the tangles , guys using electric reels usually are the main cause
  11. 2-3 pounds are the standard sized weights used tile fishing .. I always carry a few 5lb sinkers for when the current is screaming. Iv been file fishing for many years and have only used 5’s a handful of times .
  12. Very old picture from when Jeff was running the boat . I believe I got this one on a butterflied bunker
  13. For party boat I use 8 ft rods for both bait and jigging . Best advice I can offer is to bring your own fresh bait . Fluke strips , salmon strips ,while small whiting etc
  14. Few deep pikies I’m about to wire up
  15. I fish a 250 on my 11 ft rods and a 200 on the 10’s
  16. It’s a one man operation. He makes all the lips and weights himself .. plus he’s been busy doing shows as well
  17. Thanks! They swim just under the surface and will get a few feet down with a quicker retrieve..
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