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  1. Peter all you need is a 6 inch bit for most plugs , start on one end then turn the blue and do the other side , meet in the middle
  2. Mackerel giant pikie
  3. Pair of Donny’s and a chicken scratch pikie
  4. 0A337469-8052-4341-8F83-00F2C0DE9ADB.MOV
  5. Jet squid
  6. I I’ll have to get one to you
  7. you have obviously never fished one
  8. I only sell a few dozen every season thats why they are hard to come buy
  9. Im the builder of those plugs . Im not one of these guys who just started building and is selling pretty paint . I only sell 4 styles of plugs and every design is tested for a few seasons on its fish catching ability .. I have been building for over ten years and have had many fish in the 40's caught on my plugs the biggest being 52# ..
  10. Are the lips on the Pikies hand made ?
  11. Pikies look like bass master .
  12. East end Lou use to post on the lure building forum