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  1. What are you asking for it
  2. I’m trying to grow my collection
  3. Back off Tim !
  4. If so I’ll take it send my your info
  5. So your asking $150 $
  6. Thanks Jamie love the stuff your doing , great work
  7. Some recent stuff .
  8. Pikie # 3 lip , you will need to bend the bottom of the lip a bit to make it a diver ..And a big lead slug center ...You might consider moving the front hook up a touch
  9. No it’s called work
  10. Yes very interested
  11. Looking for Fixter Giant Sequoia lures
  12. Peter all you need is a 6 inch bit for most plugs , start on one end then turn the blue and do the other side , meet in the middle
  13. Mackerel giant pikie
  14. Pair of Donny’s and a chicken scratch pikie