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  1. I use rod building syringes and mix by volume..
  2. yes I would like to buy the wood
  3. Interested in the wood thanks
  4. Had a piece of wire go right through my hand .
  5. I use a two tube as a belt bag to carry two large 5 oz plugs
  6. Few deep swimmers
  7. Cow bass on one of my eely plugs
  8. Few I just wired up
  9. McMaster -Carr
  10. Thanks ! The Jr is 6 inch and 2 -3/4 oz .. it gets down 15 + feet and holds in current
  11. Most salmon for sale is farm raised . That stuff sucks .. wild king salmon is fantastic..
  12. Just make sure you cut them correctly
  13. I build all my plugs to take cut hooks . Split rings will often fail and I do not like the hooks hanging very low off the plug ..
  14. Thanks man ! The JR pulled some real nice fish this spring
  15. Few I just finished.. still need to tie some flags for them …..