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  1. Yes I have used this in the past on my two piece tuna spinning rods . Works great
  2. Magic tails makes a high quality Bucktail
  3. You want the high slot for plugs that go down . The low slot is better for surface plugs like a Danny . If you look at a Danny pichney you will see he used a low slot pikie #3 , unfortunately you can’t buy that style lip only the high
  4. I have the 2hp grizzly , going strong for over 15 years
  5. Wonder who started the slim craze
  6. The top is silver .. bottom is white and chartreuse “jersey killer”
  7. Like I said earlier, iv done many trips over the last 20 years and iv only had to go to 5 pound lead a hand full of times . 2 lb is the standard size we use
  8. Iv been doing this for a very long time . If you are targeting 50+ pound tiles 65 pound line is what you want . For kittens yeah lighter line . 20 pound line will brake in a real tile trust me .
  9. Thanks man . This plug took me a few years to get it right ..
  10. Stick with 65# braid to reduce drag . For sinkers flat banks work best , do not use cannon balls you will tangle the whole boat , they will roll as you drift the canyon walls and wipe out guys next to you . Worst thing about tilefishing is the tangles , guys using electric reels usually are the main cause
  11. 2-3 pounds are the standard sized weights used tile fishing .. I always carry a few 5lb sinkers for when the current is screaming. Iv been file fishing for many years and have only used 5’s a handful of times .
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