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  1. The compass is a excel ant kayak. In fact,The compass has a few advantages over the outback. Reverse drive is not all its cracked up to be.
  2. A good friend of mine works full time at Viking in west palm beach installing them.
  3. You think it will float him?
  4. They arent bearings like you think. No metal involved. They are roller bearings made from thin carbon straws. They are impervious to salt water.
  5. You sure you want a H bar in the surf. Think wipe out with kayak tumbling sideways all the way into the beach.
  6. I think the gt drive is the closest they got to perfection. The jury is still out on the 180 drive as they havent been out long enough.
  7. We discussed this back in the day before click and go. About 5% off those old boats with the knobs developed cracks and where replaced. Since click and go its been almost non existent. Maybe two or three since click and go. All replaced for free within warranty. Out of warranty is not warranty. Thats called goodwill.
  8. Hobie doesnt use that against customers. Some companies do.No one can say what there warranty policy will be. The fact that it says kayak must be returned to factory is a killer for anyone who doesnt live close by. I had Maine built boat develop a problem while I was living in Florida. The company in Maine said boat needed to be brought to Maine for warranty.
  9. Void if you modify the hull. A rod holder or fish finder is a modification
  10. There has been a chineese made one for a couple years now that hasnt taken off. I wonder wether this is the chineese made drive stuck in a US made hull? Maybe Riddler can get one and beat the crap out of it and report.
  11. Yes its a common misconception because of all the dummies who take their kids to Disney in July. Stay near the beach and its not hot. At least no hotter then Nj.
  12. That is a fiberglass one. They dont build them anymore all plastic now.
  13. You can engrave your name, address , and phone number into the polyethylene aka Hobie serial numbers with a ten dollar engraving pen.
  14. Actually in my area of Fort Pierce bugs are as rare as sea gulls. I dont own any pants. I have 88 pair of board shorts.
  15. Like I said Im not aware of anyone ever getting a new seat and drive when receiving a hull replacement. If you are aware please post or PM me the persons name and contact info because id like to verify it happened.