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  1. At this point, if someone mentions act of terror, Muslim is the default culprit IMO
  2. Yeah, if you read everything he actually said, it's not all so bad. Problem is people are taking a snippet out and blowing it up too much
  3. Im surprised at all the angst against the Pope. I dont find what he said in its full context and the environment he was in to be all so insulting. The hate and anger here is pretty strong. No one and nothing is perfect, but there is much dedication to helping people from the Pope and the Catholic religion as a whole
  4. Oh, then I was thinking the wrong thing. I thought access to the phone would let them figure out what avenues were used for encrypting information. When browsing websites, there are things you can do to be incognito sorta, you can have a VPN, get your IP changed all kinds of stuff to not allow tracing. i also thought when a bank web site has a secure web address that said bank is using a form of encryption. I thought there are many forms of encryption. So getting access o the phone was just going to let them know what types of encryption were used to then go to the next step and see what information was transmitted by finding a way to decode said encryption
  5. OH wow, I didnt realize there was a whole thing behind this
  6. But what does getting access to the phone alone do to help see what the encrypted information that was sent? I feel this cant just be about looking at browsing history and cookies
  7. I assumed it was the ones that are working their asses off for **** pay at a **** job to keep their families fed and have a roof over their head.
  8. Pope was in a bad spot. What is he supposed to say while in Mexico?
  9. I said desperate. Those avenues might not cut it. I'm not saying it's right, but I can't say I wouldn't try the same if I was that desperate. I'd do anything for my family
  10. Heh, that's pretty funny. I would say not all illegals are the same tho. I do think there are some desperate people willing to do anything to help their family and who's only intentions are to work hard and provide for their family and do their part for the county as a whole. The issue is there are a ton who are the exact opposite...
  11. Maybe, but then they could advise for no one to ever be accepted again. I guess there is some sort of limit on this. Sounds really vague
  12. I think it's like how some web sites use encryption for information sent to and form them, while others dont. These terrorists used encrypted lines of communication.
  13. Yes but I think the 10 password limit is a separate layer on top of the encryption.I think if they were guess the password, they would still then have to break the encryption used. Maybe I'm wrong, but this is not just about getting into the phone and looking at browsing history and cookies. Information sent over the internet can be encrypted itself. That's a separate thing on top of the password for a phone.
  14. That's where there is confusion, it seems they are not asking apple to break the encryption, but the system that guards the encryption from breaking attempts... I dunno, **** is kinda complicated for me
  15. This one is tough. Seems the system will delete all info if a break in is tried. Should the Fed be allowed to ask that that very system be bypassed so they can try to break the encryption themselves?